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Hey there, fellow Greyhound enthusiasts, and welcome to the hub of MyBettingAustralia!

Have you ever thought of having a mate who's as obsessed with the tracks as you? Well, you've found one! From the 'Pick of the Day' to the tantalising 'Roughie of the Day', each tip I serve up is a blend of care and expertise, all in the hopes of clinching that win. And if you're in the mood for a multi, well then, say no more - I've got that covered too! Plus, stay tuned for a bonus tip or two – a little extra something to keep things interesting! 

And hey, while we're at it, I plan on offering a sneak peek into some greyhound training titans, and as well, I hope to provide some nifty strategies to hopefully give us punters an edge!

Oh, and by the way, for all my fellow Greyhound aficionados out there, I've sifted through and picked out the best of the best Aussie bookies for us. 

So, with that in mind, are you geared up to conquer the tracks? Let's hit the ground running!

Free Greyhound Betting Tips & Predictions:

Best of the Day

Sandown Park
Race 7
#8 Alpha Zulu

Win: $2.50
Bet Now
Place: $1.40
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Roughie of the DayHobart
Race 10
#5 Wilson
Win: $7.50
Bet Now
Place: $2.05
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Multi of the Day

R7: #4 Bandit Jane
WIN @ $2.20
R9: #5 All For Irish
PLACE @ $1.65
R12: #2 Spring Gonzales
PLACE @ $1.55
Combined Odds: $5.62
Bet Now

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Best of the Day:

Greyhound: #8 Alpha Zulu
Odds: $2.50
Race: Sandown Park, Race 7 [9:07pm AEST]
Trainer: Jason Thompson
Form: 11211

Why it's our pick: After witnessing Alpha Zulu's recent races, I think it's clear this greyhound is a force to be reckoned with! Earning the title of Bendigo Cup champ already speaks volumes about his capabilities. And further to that, I think his last outing at Bendigo was nothing short of stellar, where we saw him storm to a commanding 4-length victory in a Grade 2 Special conditions race, registering a blistering time of 23.49 over 425m!

So, given this performance and his evident pace, I genuinely believe he's positioned well to make a mark in today's race. Alpha Zulu is certainly one I'm backing with confidence, and here's hoping he delivers the goods and gets up for the win!

BoD Selections to Date:
Last 5:
12/10/23 - 19/10/23 Success Rate
Win Rate%
Total Wins
Total Runs

Roughie of the Day:

Greyhound: #5 Wilson
Odds: $7.50 | $2.05
Race: Hobart, Race 10 [10:26pm AEST]
Trainer: Jack Jury
Form: 748454

Why it's our pick: Turning our gaze to Hobart, Wilson stands out as a bit of a dark horse in my view. This greyhound has shown a clear affinity for both the track and the distance. His recent 4th-place finish over 461m here might not have been a win, but it's important to look beyond just the finishing position. Competing against the likes of Ready To Sting, and managing a time of 26.82 in a Grade 5, indicates Wilson's capability.

So, given his track record and the odds on offer, I see value in backing him both for the win and the place. At $7.50 to win and $2.05 to place, Wilson presents an intriguing proposition as our 'Roughie of the Day'. Fingers crossed he surprises a few and gets up there!

Multi of the Day:

20:58 - Dapto, Race 7, #4 Bandit Jane WIN @ $2.20
21:43 - Dapto, Race 9, #5 All For Irish PLACE @ $1.65
22:44 - Sandown Park, Race 12: #2 Spring Gonzales PLACE @ $1.55

Combined Odds: $5.62

Why it's our pick: Kicking things off with Bandit Jane, I've always been impressed with her, especially given she holds the track record for this course and distance. From what I've seen, if she nails that early jump, the race could very well be hers to control. Her win a couple of races back at Dapto was eye-catching, and even though she had a bit of a hiccup at Wentworth Park, I'm not counting her out. That blistering 33.99 time she clocked here can't be ignored. I genuinely feel she's got a massive shot today.

Now, looking at All For Irish, I think he is one of those chasers who just knows this trip. With 9 podium finishes from 30 starts, I believe he's got a knack for making his presence felt. If he secures that early positioning he needs, we could see him placing comfortably. His solid performance two starts back at this very track tells me he's in good form. And even though his most recent race wasn't up to par, I get the vibe he's primed for a comeback. There's just something about his spirit and drive that convinces me!

And finally, I've had my eye on Spring Gonzales for a while now, and I must say, he's been putting on quite the show. Always seeming to find himself in those top spots in recent races, he exudes a consistency that's hard to overlook. His recent third-place finish at this venue particularly caught my attention, signaling that he's in good form. Given his track record and the competition he's up against today, I'm leaning heavily towards him securing a spot among the front runners. Let us hope he gets up for the place!

So, in piecing all this together, I'm feeling pretty bullish about this multi. Fingers crossed, and let's hope my hunches come good!

Bonus Pick for the Day: 

Greyhound: #4 Raging Cooper
Odds: $4.80 | $1.70
Race: Shepparton, Race 11 [2:37pm AEST]
Trainer: Nicole Lummas
Form: 77371

Why it's our pick: Raging Cooper has made quite the impression recently, getting back to some top form, especially with that commendable win over 390m at this very track. That victory, where he outpaced Mad Blast by 2.75 lengths and clocked a nifty 22.62, signals he's in prime form.

Admittedly, the draw might pose a challenge, but given his current momentum, I'm banking on him to navigate it. So, despite the risks, with the form he's showcasing, I believe he's worthy of our 'bonus pick of the day' spotlight. Let's hope he continues to showcase his prowess!

Bonus Gunnedah Multi for the Day:

16:17 - Race 5: #4 Dilly Dilly PLACE @ $1.35
18:31 - Race 11: #6 Midnight Jack PLACE @ $1.40
18:55 - Race 12: #7 Turbo Cash WIN @ $2.00

Combined Odds: $3.78

Why it's our pick: Fresh off a dominant win at this track, Dilly Dilly's pace and form make her a compelling pick for a top spot. Given her recent stride and the competition she's up against, I'm confident in her chances to secure a place.

Next, despite a recent slip at Coonamble, Midnight Jack has shown he's a force to be reckoned with, especially with two consecutive wins there. Jumping from box 6 for the first time, a clean break could see him placing among the top dogs.

And finally, returning from a break, Turbo Cash has previously impressed, especially with his second-place finish at Tamworth. He's got an edge in class, and while a tad more familiar with longer races, I believe he's primed for a win.

So, with these picks in mind, let's gear up for an exciting day at the races and trust in our selections to deliver!

Bonus Exotic Bet - Exacta (Any Order):

Greyhounds: #1 Into Obscurity & #8 Press Start
Race: Shepparton, Race 4
Trainer: Gavin Gledhill & Peter Frost
Form: 53253 & 51

Why it's our pick: For our Exacta pick in Shepparton's Race 4, I have decided to zero in on two standout contenders:

Starting with #1 Into Obscurity, the lad's been showcasing some commendable form. His recent third-place finish here (22.76) proves he's no stranger to hitting the frame. Add to that his history of decent runs from this draw, and it's hard not to see him being a major player. There's a sense he might just get that perfect run, making him a force to be reckoned with!

Then we've got #8 Press Start, fresh off a stellar win from this very box just last week. He triumphed by a whopping 7 lengths over 390m, clocking in at 22.63 - a performance that's hard to overlook. Given his recent show of speed and skill, he's poised to be right up there again.

Pairing these two together, we're looking for a top 2 finish in any order. With their recent forms and evident synergy on this track, this combo feels like a solid bet. Here's to hoping they both bring their A-game and clinch those top spots!

The Winning Formula – Picking Your Greyhound:

Ready to get the inside track on greyhound betting? Let's dig into the key factors and strategies that can turn a guess into an educated bet. Welcome to the art of picking a winning greyhound!

  • Form: When you're sizing up a Greyhound, one of the first things you should look at is its form. Has the dog been tearing up the track recently, or has it been more of a tail-ender? Recent form can give you a solid indication of a Greyhound's current capabilities.
  • Class: Class refers to the level at which a Greyhound has been competing. A jump in class can mean stiffer competition, while a drop can provide a confidence boost to our four-legged friend.
  • Speed: In Greyhound racing, speed can make all the difference. Pay attention to a dog's sectional times and overall race times to gauge its speed. The fastest dogs are usually the ones crossing the finish line first!
  • Track Bias: Every track has its quirks. Some dogs might perform better on certain tracks due to their running style, track conditions, or weather on race day. So, keep an eye on the track!
  • Race History: How has the dog performed in past races? Has it consistently been a strong contender, or does it have a mixed bag of results? A dog's race history can provide insights into its potential future performance.
  • Betting Odds: The odds reflect the public's opinion of a Greyhound's chances. Lower odds indicate a favourite, while higher odds suggest an underdog. However, don't just follow the crowd - look for value bets where you believe a dog has a better chance than the odds imply!
  • Finding the Value Bets: It's all about comparing your assessment of a Greyhound's chances to the odds on offer. If you believe the odds are higher than they should be based on your evaluation, you've potentially found a value bet.

To bring this all together, let's take a gander at an example. Say we have a Greyhound named 'Thunder Bolt', with a recent form of 1123, showing consistency. He's dropping in class, his sectional times are among the fastest, and he's previously performed well at the upcoming track. His race history is impressive, and the odds on offer for a win are generous. Here, based on our strategy, 'Thunder Bolt' appears to be a strong pick, and a possible value bet.

And always remember, there are no guarantees in betting, but understanding these factors can significantly boost your chances. Happy punting, mate!

From the Tracks to Triumph – Australia’s Elite Greyhound Trainers of 2022-2024:

Okay, punters! I'm about to take you on a thrilling journey through the dust and dazzle of Aussie greyhound racing in the 2022-2023 season. From the old guard to the up-and-comers, these top-notch trainers have been wrangling their speedy snags into metro track champs, proving they're more than just a kangaroo short in the top paddock when it comes to the sport. 

So, without further ado, take a look below at a list I have complied of Top Greyhound Trainers' at varying Metropolitan Tracks from 19/10/2022 - 19/10/2023:

Trainer NameTotal Runs%1st’s%2nd’s%3rd’s
Thomas DAILLY76214.83%14.44%12.73%
Mark DELBRIDGE48417.98%15.91%13.22%
Jeffrey BRITTON29717.85%15.82%15.49%
Angela LANGTON31615.19%18.35%16.14%
Jason THOMPSON20523.41%16.59%14.63%

Blimey, isn't that an impressive list of trainers we've got on our hands! I think it’s fair to say that every trainer on this Aussie list has proven their mettle, consistently churning out top-dog performances on the racing circuit. Their expertise and dedication are clear for all to see, but it's important to remember that in the fast-paced, unpredictable world of greyhound racing, there's always more to the story!

So, to all you punters out there, don't just rely on the trainer's name alone. Keep your eyes peeled, do your homework, and factor in all aspects of the race. A great trainer backing a greyhound is a fine sign indeed, but it's not the whole shebang. It's just one part of the puzzle, and the truly savvy bettor knows how to put it all together. Remember, in this game, every detail counts. Be alert, be smart, and good luck out there on the tracks, mates!

Discover Your Winning Edge: Extra Resources for Greyhound Betting:

As they say, the more tools in your shed, the better equipped you'll be! And with that in mind, I want to note that outside the comprehensive content we offer at MyBettingAustralia, there is at least one more additional resource which I reckon might be worth your attention. Let’s take a look!

The Watchdog platform is essentially a free app and website designed for the greyhound enthusiasts out there! It's a comprehensive guide for Aussie greyhound races, complete with form analysis, live race streaming, race replays, and the ability to save your favourite dogs and trainers. I have also found that the expert tips provided over there can be more than useful when it comes to your greyhound betting strategy!

Remember though punters, betting is not just about intuition or luck, but also about proper planning and informed decision-making. And so, with that in mind, I hope that this greyhound resource can be instrumental in improving your betting game!

Exploring Some of Australia's Premier Greyhound Bookmakers:

Alright, punters! Now that you've got the inside scoop on betting strategies and tips, let's dive into an equally important part of the betting world: identifying the top bookmakers for greyhound racing in Australia. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of MyBettingAustralia’s personal favourites when it comes to greyhound betting:

Greyhound Promotions Best Bookmakers

On Your Marks, Get Set, Bet!

As we cross the finish line of this guide, it's time to put all the valuable strategies, insights, and tips to good use. And with that in mind, here at MyBettingAustralia, our goal is to give you the confidence and knowledge to make smart betting decisions. So, dive into our weekly free greyhound betting tips, unpack our strategies, and explore our predictions. Each tip is a new opportunity for you to excel in your betting game.

And remember, punters, every race brings a new chance to win, so, it's time to harness these tools, trust your instincts, and let your betting prowess shine. Ready, set, bet!