Are online Betting sites legal in Australia? Yes, online sports betting sites are perfectly legal in Australia. In this article, we’ll aim to provide a comprehensive guide on how and why betting sites are regulated in Australia by the Gambling Regulation Act. All legal betting sites in Australia must be fully licenced and be assured, we only review and compare these types of legal sites for our readers.

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Important Australian Betting Laws📢

Australian laws relating to betting online may seem complicated but we’ll aim to summarise the most important factors in this section. This will include important betting laws relating to sign up bonuses, live online betting, advertising rules and online casinos.

Betting Sign Up Bonuses Law

Enticing sign up bonuses or offers are a thing of the past in Australia. A few years ago, betting sites were able to offer new customers a sign up bonus, such as matching their initial deposit with bonus bets. However, Australian law has now stepped in to ensure this tactic is now considered illegal. So if you see a sign up bonus, it’s most likely not allowed or the betting site is acting in an illegal way.

Live Betting Law

Live betting refers to the process of placing bets on a sport or race as the live-action unfolds. Placing live bets can be of great advantage for punters as the odds fluctuate more often. However, Australian law prohibits placing live bets without speaking to a betting operator or support member. Betting sites are allowed to display live betting odds and a variety of markets. But the difference between normal and live betting is that customers must call their betting site to place a bet instead. Usually, this will involve talking to a real person and quoting a customer number or ID.

Betting Advertising Law

In terms of Australian betting advertising laws, it’s illegal for sports betting websites without a gambling licence to advertise their gambling services. There are also laws about when and how TV advertising can take place. For example, betting ads can’t be shown around the times of 6am to 8:30am or 4pm to 7pm. This is the peak viewing time for young children and Australian law is protecting youth from being influenced at an early age. In the future, we can see these types of betting advertising rules also applying to the online space, such as YouTube ads. In addition, betting sites are not allowed to advertise any betting products surrounding casino games, sign up offers or in-play betting.

Online Casinos Law

Visiting a Casino in real life is a common part of life in Australia but online casinos is a totally different matter. Online casinos that use real money in Australia have been banned since 2017. As a result, betting sites cannot offer popular casino games such as blackjack, roulette or slot machines. However, it’s important to note that this ban only applies to games that are played using real money. For example, mobile apps that offer casino games with fake money are fine to download in Australia. However, if you find a website that’s using real money, it’s 100% illegal and you should steer clear.

FAQs About Legal Betting Sites

Is online gambling legal in Australia?

Online gambling is perfectly legal in Australia but we still recommend double-checking the operator’s legalities. Their website should offer a terms and conditions page as well as a privacy policy. It’s ideal to read through these pages to gather an understanding of how they operate. We also recommend visiting the ACMA website - ( as they list all of the registered and licenced gambling operators in Australia. If they are not listed on this website, they will most likely be an illegal betting site.

Are online casinos legal in Australia?

Online casinos that use real money are illegal in Australia. If you find a site that is offering a variety of casino games with real money, it is advisable to avoid any type of sites that offer this service to Australians. Some of the games to look out for are slot machines, blackjack and poker. However, real-life casinos are perfectly suitable and a very common feature of everyday life down under.

What online gambling is legal in Australia?

In Australia, sports betting and racing are the most common legal online gambling Australia methods. There are also unique betting markets surrounding entertainment, TV and politics that are considered legal as well. The majority of legal betting sites in Australia will offer these types of online gambling markets and this is perfectly fine. However, if you're using a site that offers casino games with real money, it’s most certainly illegal.

Is live betting legal in Australia?

Live betting in Australia can be considered illegal but there are circumstances where betting sites can stretch the rules. For example, some betting sites allow you to bet on a live race until it reaches over a certain distance. But in general, Australia has tried to ban online in-play betting via a bookmaker’s website or betting apps. As a result, customers must pick up the phone and place a bet with an operator. This procedure is perfectly legal.

Are sign up bonuses legal in Australia?

In Australia, sign up bonuses or welcome offers are not allowed. This wasn’t the case a few years ago as bookies could easily create exciting offers to attract new customers. However, Australian regulation has stamped out this tactic and if you see a sign up bonus at the moment, it’s most likely too good to be true.

Is sports betting legal in all Australian states?

The simple answer to the question “is sports betting legal in australia” - is yes, sports betting is legal in all Australian states. However, it’s important to note that each state can have different rules and regulations. So it’s advisable to look up the state gambling commission website to view the current laws surrounding sports betting. South Australia is also known as arguably the strictest state in the country in terms of online betting and as such, we advise South Australian’s to be aware of any new laws.

Which Australian betting sites are illegal?

If a betting site doesn’t have an Australian betting licence, then they are considered illegal. As a result, they are unable to offer gambling services to Australian residents.

Are Australian betting sites safe?

We definitely believe that all Australian betting sites are safe as generally, they follow the rules and make sure customers are provided with a secure platform. All Australian bookmakers must have an official licence, which is usually performed in the Northern Territory via The Northern Territory Racing Commission.