BetRoyale Review 2023

Solid Betting Experience Combined with Seamless Visual Appeal
Great App!
  • Betting Variety
  • Banking Options
  • Mobile experience
  • Betting Experience
  • Customer Support
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Notable BetRoyale Features:

  • Platform Aesthetics
  • Multi Betting Offering
  • Multi Betting
  • Platform Aesthetics
  • International Betting Odds
  • No Live Betting
  • No Phone Support
  • Slow Loading Times
By:Lachlan Malek

BetRoyale Uncovered - An In-Depth Look at this Aussie Bookmaker:

Welcome to my BetRoyale review, where I'll be taking a close look at what BetRoyale, a noteworthy newcomer to the Aussie bookmaking landscape, has to offer.Whether you're a seasoned bettor or just starting out, this comprehensive exploration of Bet Royale is designed to give you all the insights you need. So, grab a cuppa and join me as we take a closer look at BetRoyale, a promising new player in the Aussie betting market!

BetRoyale Profile

Website: BetRoyale Pty Ltd
Year Founded: 2023Address/Headquarters: Melbourne, Victoria
License and Regulation: Licensed and regulatedbythe Victorian Gambling and Casino Control CommissionSponsorship Deals: N/A
Features: Solid Multi Betting Offering along with a Pleasant Platform DesignBanking Options: Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer
App Devices: Yes, available on Apple iOS and Android devicesOdds Providers: BetRoyale
Contact Information:
Email Support ([email protected])
Live Chat Function (via BetRoyale app or website)

BetRoyale Australia – Taking A Deeper Look into this New Aussie Bookmaker:

Okay, punters! Let's dive into the BetRoyale bookmaker and see what they have on offer!To start with, I have found that navigating their website or app is a breeze, which is a big plus in my book. The BetRoyale platform combines style with functionality, ensuring a fairly seamless betting experience for their users.

And when it comes to the horse racing side of things in specific, I have found that BetRoyale provides a pretty solid betting environment! They might not have live streaming or in-depth form guides, but their betting options are robust, and I think this goes a long way with punters. Also, I will note here that I have found the odds offered with BetRoyale Australia to befairly competitive, offering punters a good range of choices in races and markets.

Moving over to sports betting, I think Bet Royale does an alright job here. While they could do with enhancing the sports and betting markets they have on offer in this space, I will say it is great to see that they have added excitement to the mix with their same-game-multi betting feature! And although BetRoyale currently doesn’t offer live betting, for a newcomer in the bookmaking world, this isn't a major setback in my view.

As for the banking side of things, I have found that BetRoyale keeps things simple and straightforward. They offer the standard credit or debit card methods for deposits, and bank transfers for withdrawals. And from my experience, BetRoyale’s withdrawal process is efficient, usually seeing funds land in your personal bank account within 1-3 business days.

Moreover, regarding customer support, BetRoyale has set up a solid system. Whether you need help or have questions, their live chat and email support, operational from 8 am to midnight, provide prompt and effective assistance. And while they don't have phone support, I think their existing support options here are sufficient for most needs.

So, to conclude this BetRoyale review, as a new player in the market, I think BetRoyale has made a pretty commendable start. There are areas for improvement, sure, but overall, they've established a strong foundation. Curious about what BetRoyale has to offer? Click here to discover more about Bet Royale bookmaker!

Examining BetRoyale's Pros and Cons:

BetRoyale has recently emerged as a fairly noteworthy competitor in the Australian betting market. Like any bookmaker, though, they have their advantages and areas for improvement. Here's my perspective on what sets BetRoyale apart and the aspects they could enhance:

👍BetRoyale's Strong Points:

  • Multi Betting: A major highlight at BetRoyale is their multi betting offering, which includes both same-race-multi and same-game-multi betting options, offering punters the excitement of combining multiple bets within a single race or game into one consolidated bet!
  • Sleek Platform: The aesthetics of the BetRoyale platform are impressive. It's visually appealing and user-friendly, enhancing the overall betting experience.
  • Competitive International Odds: BetRoyaleoffers their users some fairly competitive international betting odds when it comes to race betting, and this is always good to see!

👎Where BetRoyale Could Improve:

  • No Live Betting: One area BetRoyale falls short in is live betting. This feature, sought after for its dynamic and engaging nature, is currently missing from their offerings.
  • Absence of Phone Support: For those who prefer phone conversations for customer support, BetRoyale's lack of this option might be a downside.
  • Slow Loading Times: Another point of concern is the slower loading times on their platform, specifically when you first fire up the BetRoyale app.

👨‍⚖️BetRoyale Verdict:

To sum up, I think BetRoyale Australia has made a commendable start in the Aussie betting scene. They've introduced some appealing features like Multi Betting and a visually attractive platform. However, the addition of live betting, phone support, and improved site performance could go a long way!

Delving into BetRoyale's Key Rankings:

Betting Variety ⭐⭐⭐

BetRoyale offers a solid range of betting options, and with features like same-race-multi and same-game-multi betting, I think it really adds to the appeal. However, there is certainly room for even more diversity in sports betting at BetRoyale Australia to further enhance the excitement!

Platform Experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The BetRoyale website and app both have prettydecent user-friendliness. Their intuitive design and hassle-free navigation make for a seamless betting experience – just what punters look for! However, I will note that I have found loading times to be poor at times on the BetRoyale app.

Customer Support ⭐⭐⭐

Although BetRoyale lacks phone support, their live chat is top-notch. They're prompt and helpful, always available to assist, which is a significant advantage when you need support!

Banking Options ⭐⭐⭐

At BetRoyale, the standard banking methods like credit/debit cards and bank transfers are available. I'm hopeful BetRoyale will expand their banking methods in the future though, adding more convenience for punters!

Payout Speed ⭐⭐⭐⭐

BetRoyale performs pretty well with their payout times if you ask me! BetRoyale process winnings fairly quickly, usually taking between 1-3 business days to land in your account.

Security ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

When it comes to security, BetRoyale does a fine job! They take the protection of your personal information seriously, allowing you to bet with confidence and security.

BetRoyale Australia – Personal Highlights:

During my comprehensive review of BetRoyale, exploring both their website and app, I've pinpointed some standout features that really caught my eye. So, with that in mind, let’s now dive into these key aspects:

BetRoyale Platform Aesthetics:

First impressions are crucial, and in my eyes, BetRoyale nails it with their visually stunning platform. The design is a nice mix of modern elegance and user-friendliness. I particularly liked the colour scheme, layout, and graphics, which all blend together to create an inviting atmosphere.

And as someone who appreciates a bit of style in a betting platform, the aesthetic appeal of BetRoyale was a significant factor for me. The design isn’t just about looks; it also simplifies navigation. And while loading times can be a touch slow at times, for those like me who value a betting platform that's both visually pleasing and functional, I do think BetRoyale's interface is definitely worth a look!

BetRoyale's Multi Betting Features:

One aspect I believe that enhances the BetRoyale betting experience is their inclusion of same-game-multi betting for sports and same-race-multi betting for horse racing. These features bring an added layer of thrill and strategy, catering to both sports enthusiasts and horse racing fans.

I personally think these innovative betting options really elevate BetRoyale Australia's offerings, giving punters diverse ways to engage and boost their chances of winning. So, if you're on the lookout for a betting platform that offers versatile betting options, well then, I think BetRoyale’s multi betting choices are something you should definitely explore! Click on the image below to get cracking!

BetRoyale Australia- How To

G'day, punters! Thinking about hopping on board with BetRoyale? Well, you've come to the right place! I've put together a straightforward guide to walk you through a couple of the essential steps at BetRoyale. Let’s dive in!

Signing Up with BetRoyale:

Eager to start your betting journey with BetRoyale in Australia? It's super easy! Just follow these steps to sign up with BetRoyale Australia:

  1. Head over to the BetRoyale website at or grab the Bet Royale app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Spot the ‘Sign Up’ button, which you'll typically find in the top right corner of the homepage, and give it a click.
  3. Enter your key details like your name, email, and a username of your choosing.
  4. After entering all your information, click the ‘Create My Account’ button.
  5. Next, you'll be prompted to verify your account. Follow the steps provided for account verification.
  6. Once verified, you’ll have the option to set a deposit limit for your account. Choose to opt in or out according to your preference.
  7. Finally, confirm these settings, and you're all set to start your betting journey with BetRoyale!

Congrats, punters! You are now all set to start exploring the wide range of betting options at BetRoyale Australia! Good luck and enjoy the thrill of betting!

Withdrawing from BetRoyale:

Managed to score a win with BetRoyale? Here's how to withdraw your earnings from Bet Royale:

  1. Go to the ‘My Account’ section, which you can find on or through the Bet Royale app. It’s often located in the bottom left-hand menu on the website or in the top right-hand corner on the app.
  2. Once in your account, find and click on the ‘Withdrawal’ option.
  3. Enter the necessary banking details, as BetRoyale primarily processes withdrawals via bank transfers.
  4. Decide the amount you want to withdraw from your BetRoyale balance.
  5. Double-check your details, then confirm your withdrawal.

After confirming your withdrawal request, a bit of patience is needed while BetRoyale processes it, which could take anywhere from a few hours up to a few days. And remember, punters, happy punting, and always bet responsibly with BetRoyale!

BetRoyale Sports Betting Offering:

Moving on, punters,let us take a look at the sports betting scene at BetRoyale. Having thoroughly checked out both the BetRoyale website and app, I’m ready to share my insights on their sports betting options!

BetRoyale currently offers a selection of 9 different sports for punters to bet on. From footy to tennis, I have found that BetRoyale has a range that should appeal to a variety of sports fans out there. However, it would definitely be good to see this number of sports rise in the future!

And in digging a bit deeper, I have also found that BetRoyale provides a solid range of competitions and markets for punters to explore. Sure, there is room for expansion here, however, I will note that the inclusion of same-game-multi betting definitely enhances their sports betting experience!

I should also mention that BetRoyale doesn’t currently provide live streaming or live betting. While this may be a downside for some, for a newcomer to the Aussie betting market, it’s not a huge deal-breaker if you ask me.

So, in wrapping up this section of my BetRoyale review, I find that their sports betting offerings are off to a promising start, and I'm keen to see how BetRoyale will evolve in the Aussie sports betting arena! For a closer look and more details, feel free to click on the image below!

BetRoyale Racing Offering:

Now, let's shift focus to the horse racing offerings at BetRoyale. Navigating to the 'Racing' or 'Thoroughbred' section on or through their app is straightforward and user-friendly. Also, once you get there, I have found that finding a specific race is just a few taps away!

And in terms of race information and insights, I think BetRoyale does anok job on their race pages. While an even more detailed form guide would be a fantastic addition, as a new entrant in the market, BetRoyale has done enough for now if you ask me!

Regarding bet types, BetRoyale offers a broad range here, as you can see in the image above. There are the usual win/place bets, and for those looking for something extra, there are exotic bets like exactas, quinellas, trifectas, and first fours. And as well as this, BetRoyale enhances the excitement with same-race-multi betting, perfect for those who enjoy combining bets within a single race for potentially larger wins!

I've also noticed that BetRoyale offers reasonably competitive odds, especially for international race meetings, and for a bookmaker that’s relatively new in Australia, that is certainly good to see!

So, in conclusion here, I have found the BetRoyale racing offering to be quite solid and well-rounded. If you’re interested in horse racing betting, BetRoyale is definitely worth considering!

BetRoyale Australia Markets & Bet Types:

Alright! After exploring both the sports and racing offerings at BetRoyale, it’s time to shift focus to the diverse betting markets and wagering options that BetRoyale presents to its punters:

Betting Markets Available with BetRoyale:

  • Exotic markets
  • Margin markets
  • Handicap markets
  • Odd/Even markets
  • Win/Place markets
  • Player Prop markets
  • Over/Under markets
  • First to Score markets
  • Correct Score markets
  • Double Chance markets
  • Points/Goals/Score markets
  • Quarter/Half/Innings markets

Bet Types Available with BetRoyale:

  • Single bets
  • Multi bets

Examining the BetRoyale App:

Now, let's turn our attention to the BetRoyale app, which I find prettygood, especially considering it’s a new entry in the bookmaking app arena! Available for both iPhone and Android users, you can easily download the BetRoyale app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

In launching the Bet Royale app, you're welcomed by a home screen that's as inviting as a sunny afternoon in the Aussie bush! Take a look at the layout in the image below – it's incredibly user-friendly, ensuring that navigating through the app is as smooth as a drive along the Great Ocean Road! However, I will note here that I have found loading times can, at times, be slow, especially when first firing up the app.

Despite this though, I think the BetRoyale app is super easy to navigate through, and I have not experienced any major app crashing myself, so that is certainly a tick in their favour!

So, in summing up my thoughts on the BetRoyale app, I think BetRoyale Australia has certainly made a solid impression. And if you are curious to explore what Bet Royale has to offer, well then, simply click on the image below to get started and dive into the world of BetRoyale!

BetRoyale Customer Support:

Email Support [8am-12amAEST][email protected]
Live Chat Function [8am-12amAEST]via the BetRoyale app
or website

Effective customer support is crucial in the betting industry, and from what I've seen, BetRoyale does a pretty solid job in this regard! Their support team is available from 8am to 12am daily, ensuring that assistance is always on hand when you need it with BetRoyale Australia.

Delving into specifics, the live chat with BetRoyale is particularly noteworthy. The team is responsive and adept at providing quick, helpful answers. I have found them to be consistently friendly and knowledgeable. Moreover, for situations requiring a document submission, or something like that, Bet Royale's email support is adept at handling more intricate inquiries.

Concluding this part of my BetRoyale review, even though they lack phone support, a slight downside, I think that BetRoyale's customer support is commendable and trustworthy!

BetRoyale Banking & Payment:

Moving on, let’s take a look at the banking options at BetRoyale. My evaluation shows that they’ve efficiently covered the basic banking needs, with potential for more innovative solutions in the future.

For deposits, BetRoyale offers a reliable and mainstream method via credit/debit cards, and when it's time to cash out, bank transfers are the standard option for BetRoyale withdrawals. From my experience, BetRoyale processes withdrawals fairly efficiently, typically transferring funds to your bank account within 1-3 business days.

So, in summing up, I think the offering here is alright, but it is definitely a touch basic, and it would be great to see this new and emerging Bet Royale bookmaker beef up this offering in the near future!

Exploring Promotions & Bonuses at BetRoyale Australia:

I must note here that due to Australian regulations, BetRoyale isn't allowed to display their special promotions publicly until after you log in. However, are you curious about the exclusive offers BetRoyale has for its members? It's easy to find out. Simply click on the image below, log into your BetRoyale account, and all their exclusive promotions and bonuses will be right there for you to explore!

Rolling the Dice with BetRoyale: Are They the Royale Choice?

Wondering if BetRoyale is the right choice for your betting needs? This exploration of BetRoyale is designed to give you a clearer picture of what they offer, aiding you in making an informed decision. But, as with the varied landscapes of Australia, every punter has unique tastes and betting preferences!

What I will say here, is, despite being relatively new to the betting arena, BetRoyale is quickly making a name for itself in the Australian betting world. So, why not take a gamble with BetRoyale and find out if they are indeed the 'Royale Choice' for your betting excitement?

FAQs about BetRoyale Australia:

Have questions about the BetRoyale bookmaker? If so, delve into the FAQs below for some clear and direct answers!

Who Owns BetRoyale?

BetRoyale is owned by BetRoyale Pty Ltd.

Can I place live bets with BetRoyale?

No, unfortunately at the time of writing, users are unable to place live bets with the BetRoyale bookmaker.

Does BetRoyale Australia offer cash-outs?

Currently, BetRoyale Australia does not offer a cash-out feature. This means that once you've placed a bet, you'll need to wait for the event's outcome to determine if your bet is successful.

How easy is it to contact BetRoyale?

Super simple! Whether on the BetRoyale app, or their website, just look for ‘Contact Us’ option and follow the prompts from there! Note this option is typically located toward the bottom of the left side drop-down menu on the BetRoyale website, and in the ‘profile’ section toward the right of your screens on the BetRoyale app.