BPAY Betting Sites in Australia

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About BPAY Betting Sites

BPAY is a widely accepted payment system in Australia that can be used to pay for a variety of common items. This can include taxes, car registration, driver’s licence and more. Payments are made via a person’s bank account and will be transferred to an organisation using their biller code.

While there isn’t a decided mobile app for BPAY payments, it’s widely available on a Bank’s mobile app. The process will depend on which bank you’re a member of. But in general, it should be an easy and quick process of transferring money via a mobile app.

At the moment, there are four main betting sites that have BPAY deposit options available and they’re all Australian owned. By signing up to these Aussie owned and operated betting sites, you are helping the Australian economy grow. It’s always good to support local businesses and you can generally find some very unique features that can’t be offered by the bigger International companies.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Bpay Betting Sites

There are pros and cons of using any payment method and let’s discuss what you can expect by using BPAY.

👍 Bpay Betting Sites Advantages:

  • Popular option in Australia: BPAY isn’t just used for betting sites, it’s one of the most widely used payment methods in Australia. The majority of people would’ve used BPAY to pay their taxes or car registration so it will be a familiar system for most.
  • Safe payment option: As this is a bank to bank transaction, it’s going to be a lot safer and more secure compared to other options.
  • Easy to use: It’s an easy to use system as you only need to enter a couple of details to get started.
  • Australian owned: BPAY has been around for over 20 years and is 100% Aussie owned.

👎 Bpay Betting Sites Disadvantages:

  • Slow payment processing time: The nature of the banking system can mean slower processing time. So you’re going to find that BPAY will provide a slower process time in comparison with instant deposit options. But in general, it will usually only take 1 business day.
  • Not widely accepted for deposits: BPAY is not widely accepted among International and some Australian betting sites.

How to deposit using BPAY Betting Sites

Most banks will then recognise the billing details and display a short description. This is basically to confirm where you’re money is being sent to. Once all the details have been confirmed, you will need to approve the payment.

Quick Summary:

  • Login to your preferred BPAY betting site
  • Navigate to the my account > deposit section
  • Find the biller code and reference number
  • Login to your bank account’s website or mobile app
  • Select pay someone or BPAY payment
  • Enter the bookmaker’s biller code and reference number
  • Enter the deposit amount. Some banks will offer a scheduled date and a description field.
  • Navigate back to the bookmaker’s website or app
  • If they have a BPAY notification system, enter the deposit amount and date
  • After a couple of business days, the payment will clear into your account

BPAY Withdrawals

It’s simply not possible to withdraw money with BPAY due to how it works. BPAY requires a biller code and generally, this is only preferred for business owners, not the general public. Instead, it’s better to use a bank transfer withdrawal option or some sites offer instant withdrawal payment methods like PayPal or Bookmaker card.

Recommended BPAY Betting Sites


PlayUp is Australian owned and operated that offers an easy to use betting experience for their clients. They have a large range of deposit methods, that includes BPAY on their desktop website and mobile app.

At PlayUp, they have a BPAY notification feature and you can use this to advise the team of your payment. You will simply need to enter the deposit amount and the date of payment.

Playup Review

Visit Playup


Having launched in 1998, Boombet is one of the oldest operators in Australia but this doesn’t mean they’re lacking innovation. They rebranded to Boombet in 2021 and continue to offer great new features for their customers.

Boombet Review

Visit Boombet


TopSport is one of the longest-running Australian bookmakers and they’re recommended for keeping your betting on the simple side. They have a great mobile app and a huge range of betting markets for sports / racing.

Topsport Review

Visit Topsport

BPAY Betting Sites Bonuses & Promotions

Betting sites can offer a range of bonuses and promotions to their existing customer base. While Australian regulation prevents sign up bonuses for new customers, it’s still common for Australian bookies to offer a decent range of promotions throughout the year. But the key is, they must be shown to logged-in users.

Unfortunately, there are no promotions and bonuses for using a BPAY deposit in the industry at the moment. Instead, let’s discuss some of the more common bonuses and promotions that you’ll find at the majority of Australian betting sites.

  • Boosted odds: This is one of the more common bonuses offered by betting sites. They’ll give you the opportunity to boost the odds on a bet or they choose to increase the price for a certain bet.
  • Multis: If you enjoy building multi’s then this promotion is for you. Generally, bookies will offer the ability to place a multi bet with the chance of getting money back if one leg fails.
  • Money back offers: This is another common promotion that can be associated with sports and racing. In racing for example, this could include money back if your runner finishes 2nd or 3rd. While in sports, it could mean money back if your team lost a game after leading by a certain margin.
  • Protest payout: Most betting sites now offer protest payout. They will payout if there’s a protest in a race, no matter the result.
  • Owners bonus: Some bookies will offer better odds for Horse Racing owners.

FAQ's About BPay Betting Sites

How long do deposits take?

In general, BPAY deposits will take approximately 1-2 business days and the exact timeframe will depend on the betting site. For example, if there’s been a payment made on the weekend, the payment will usually be in your betting account by Monday or Tuesday.

Is it safe to deposit with BPAY?

All payments are completed in your own bank account with their security systems in place, such as SMS verification. Also, BPAY doesn’t store your personal or account details.

Does BPAY charge fees?

There can be fees associated with using BPAY but this will depend on the provider. A business owner can choose to charge fees for using BPAY as it can be an administration cost for some businesses. However, the majority of Australian betting sites usually offer no fees.

What are other recommended deposit methods?

There is a variety of deposit methods outside of BPAY. In terms of instant deposit options, you’ll generally find most betting sites offer credit / debit card, PayPal and POLi. Meanwhile, it’s very common to find bank transfer options for adding funds.

Can I withdraw with BPAY?

It’s not possible to withdraw money using BPAY via betting sites. The best alternative is to use a bank transfer option to a selected bank account.

Is BPAY Instant?

No, BPAY doesn’t instantly fund a betting account since it’s a bank to bank transfer. Usually, it will take a few business days to clear the payment. So if you’re looking for an instant payment method, there are better options. This includes credit / debit card, PayPal or POLi, for example.

Is BPAY free?

It’s very rare for an Australian betting site to charge fees so it can be considered free to use. However, some organisations will charge fees for paying with BPAY as it requires someone to monitor the payments.