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Great Mobile Offering & Extensive Markets on Offer
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LAUNCHED in 2020
Decent all-around racing offering & a solid platform experience
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Creates it's own great odds & Great Customer Service
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Great Cash-Out Offering & Streaming Offering
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Solid Range of Live Streaming Options & Decent Odds on Offer
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High Betting Limits & Decent Live Betting Service
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Quality Mobile Offering & Betting Market Variety
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LAUNCHED in 2020
Great eSports Offering & Decent Website Experience
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LAUNCHED in 2022
Opening Specials & a Solid Customer Support Offering
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Launched in 2021
Intuitive Desktop Site & Race Streaming on Offer
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Race Streaming and Same Race & Game Multi Options
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Tennis news & Predictions

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Understanding Tennis Betting Odds:

Punters, I feel like this section of the page might be right up your alley! Before we dive into the heart of tennis betting, and how to place a bet, I believe it is crucial to get our heads around tennis betting odds! You see, these numbers, as tricky as they may seem, are our guide to understanding how much cash we stand to win when our tennis betting selections result in winners.

Now, here's the low-down. When we talk about odds on tennis betting sites, we're talking about probability. Odds give us a snapshot of the likelihood of a certain outcome happening in a match or tournament. So, the lower the odds, the higher the chance of that outcome, and vice versa.

But remember, high odds mean higher potential winnings, so it's always a bit of a balancing act between risk and reward. And that's where having a tennis betting strategy comes into play! By using the best tennis betting tips and strategies, this can help us to make informed decisions and hopefully turn those odds in our favour.

Whether you're betting on Bet365 tennis markets, or exploring another tennis betting site, and their markets on offer, I believe that knowing your way around odds can make a world of difference to your online tennis betting experience! So, take a moment, study those numbers, and step into the tennis betting scene for the Australian Open or any other tournament with confidence!

How to Place a Tennis Bet Online:

G'day punters! Ever wondered how to place a tennis bet online? Fear not, your resident, self-proclaimed, ‘tennis betting expert’ is here to guide you through the process!

Firstly, you've got to pick the right online tennis betting site from the heap. I'm not pulling your leg when I say this is a crucial part of the process, so take your time, there's no rush! And if you need a nudge in the right direction, well then, our comprehensive reviews of different Aussiebetting sites are a brilliant place to start. They'll help guide your decision, ensuring you find the platform that ticks all your boxes!

Next, you'll need to create an account with your chosen tennis betting site. This usually involves providing some basic information about yourself, so make sure to have your details handy. Don't forget to take advantage of any opening specials on offer!

Once your account is set up, navigate to the 'Tennis' section of the site, and this is typically located in the ‘Sports’ section. You'll find an array of tennis betting options available, from outright tournament winners to individual match bets. Don't be afraid to explore and see what tickles your fancy!

However, before you dive in to the actual betting side of things, I strongly recommend you consider a tennis betting strategy of sorts! Trust me, based on my experience, having a game plan in place can make all the difference. And with that in mind – you can find plenty of tennis betting tips and strategies on our site, and on this review page, all designed with an intention to help you make informed decisions and hopefully snag some winners!

Simply click on your chosen market, enter your stake, and hit 'Place Bet', and I have found this process to be much the same whether through a tennis betting app, or a tennis betting website.

All right, now for the main event – placing your bet! Simply select the market you've got your eye on, input your stake, and give that 'Place Bet' button a firm tap. Whether you're in the zone with a tennis betting app or browsing a tennis betting website, the process remains pretty much the same, so don't be shy, give it a try!

And just like that, you’re a part of the thrilling world of tennis betting, how good is that? But just remember, it is crucial to always bet wisely, and most importantly, you need to savour the experience! Good luck and happy punting!

Tennis Betting Markets & Types of Bets:

All right, fellow punters, now that you are across how to place a tennis bet, let's chat about tennis betting markets and the types of bets you can place on these tennis betting sites in Australia.I believe that understanding this can really up your game when it comes to online tennis betting, so let's dive right in!

Betting Markets Available on Tennis Betting Sites:

  • Set markets
  • Total markets
  • Game markets
  • Player markets
  • Future markets
  • Margin markets
  • Double markets
  • Outright markets
  • Handicap markets
  • Over/Under markets
  • Correct Score markets

Bet Types Available on Tennis Betting Sites:

  • Single bets
  • Multi bets
  • Same-Game-Multi bets
  • System bets (doubles, trebles, etc.)

And I will also note here that as you explore tennis betting apps and websites, you'll see that there's a whole range of other betting options available as well. So, make use of those tennis betting tips, go with your gut, and may the best bet win! Remember, it's all in good fun, so bet responsibly and enjoy the ride!

Features of Top Tennis Betting Sites:

Now, let's dive into the makings of top-notch tennis betting sites in Australia, shall we? As your trusty tennis betting expert, I've picked out a few features that I reckon truly elevate the online tennis betting experience, so, follow along and let us explore this further!

  • Cracking Tennis Betting Odds: First up, I believe that any top-drawer tennis betting site should serve up stellar tennis betting odds. You're after the best bang for your buck with your bets, yeah? That's exactly what I've got my eyes peeled for in my reviews of different tennis betting sites!
  • Diversity in Betting Markets: You know what they say - variety is the spice of life, and that rings true for tennis betting as well! From match bets to handicap punting, the best tennis betting sites should offer a broad selection of options for us keen tennis punters.
  • Stream Like a Pro: One of the big bonuses of betting with giants like Bet365 tennis, for example, is their first-class live streaming service. Just log in, pick the match you fancy, and watch it on your desktop or mobile. Just remember, you'll need a funded account or a bet on the tennis match to enjoy high-quality streaming and nifty commentary.
  • Live Tennis Betting: I believe that a top-tier tennis betting site should be able to offer live betting options for all those adrenaline junkies out there! This allows you to place your bets in real-time as the match unfolds.Just remember though, due to Australian law, you'll have to place these bets via a phone call instead of via a tennis betting app or site.
  • Multi Insurance: Close but no cigar on your tennis multi bet? Well, no dramas as multi-insurance offers can certainly take the edge off! This little feature gives you a shot at getting your stake back if your multi bet misses by just one leg. Depending on the bookie, you might get a cash refund or a free bet as a result.
  • Enhanced Odds & Multi Boosts: A heap of tennis betting sites are now offering enhanced odds and multi boosts on a regular basis. And as your self-proclaimed tennis betting expert, I reckon this is certainly something to look out for when deciding on the best tennis betting site for you!
  • User-Friendly Tennis Betting Apps: A slick and user-friendly tennis betting app can be a game-changer! Placing bets on the fly, particularly during high-octane events like the Aussie Open, adds an extra dash of excitement.
  • Top-Shelf Customer Support: Finally, but no less important, is top-notch customer service. Having a dedicated and responsive team on a tennis betting site can make all the difference, trust me on that!

So, with these tips in your kit bag, remember that the goal is to find the best fit for your online tennis betting adventures! Have a squiz at some of the different MyBettingAustralia reviews, and before you know it, you'll be deep into the best tennis betting sites Australia can offer. Cheers, and here's to some cracking punting!

Aussie Tennis Betting Sites with Decent Tennis Betting Apps:

Fancy placing your bets on the move? Keen on finding an online tennis betting site with a top-notch mobile app? If that's a yes, then I've got you covered! Have a gander at my handpicked list of the top 7 tennis betting sites in Australia that boast top-tier mobile apps!

PlayUp App Australia

When it comes to top-tier tennis betting apps, PlayUp app got it sorted! Its user-friendly design and streamlined navigation make it a cinch to place your tennis bets. It's definitely a tick in all my boxes!

TopSport App Australia

TopSport app update has helped for this bookmaker to truly up their game! It's zippy, intuitive, and lets you browse your tennis betting options without a hitch.

PalmerBet App Australia

PalmerBet app is another one that's had a major facelift. It's now faster, more user-friendly, making it a contender for one of the best tennis betting apps in Australia, at least in my opinion!

BoomBet App Australia

BoomBet app makes online tennis betting a breeze with its intuitive and speedy platform. You'll be browsing through your tennis betting options in no time!

PickleBet App Australia

PickleBet is consistently upping their app game, focusing on making eSports betting, as well as sports and tennis betting an easy process for all you punters out there!

BlueBet App Australia

BlueBet's mobile app keeps it simple and efficient. Its modern design helps you find what you need pronto, especially when those tennis betting odds are too good to pass up!

GetSetBet App Australia

GetSetBet's app is a real winner in my eyes! It's neat, user-friendly and comes with a design that enhances your navigation experience as you explore the differenttennis betting options on offer.

Tennis Betting Advice & Gameplan:

Alrighty then, let's up the ante on your online tennis betting game! Here's my 'ripper' list of tennis betting tips and strategies that might help you when it comes to your next punt on a tennis match:

  • Absorb Those Tennis Betting Tips: Keep a sharp eye for the best tennis betting tips! They're sprinkled across many tennis betting sites, particularly during major events like the Australian Open. Don't let them slip through your fingers, as I have always found they can help to positively inform betting decisions!
  • Know Your Odds: Getting a solid grip on tennis betting odds is a must in my opinion! This helps you pin down the best tennis bets, ensuring you get a more than decent return on your bet!
  • Craft Your Strategy: Developing a bespoke tennis betting strategy could be your ace serve! This might zoom in on specific bet types or even zero in on particular tournaments. And as your self-proclaimed tennis betting expert, I've noticed that a savvy move can be backing the underdogs in the initial rounds - sometimes, they come up with the goods and really reward the punt!
  • Leverage Tennis Betting Apps & Offers: Make the most of the best tennis betting app features! Their flexibility lets you adapt to changing odds or new tips. And don't forget those tempting promotional offers – they're there to give your bets a little extra edge!
  • Bet Mindfully: Keep it savvy, mate. Remember, tennis betting should be a game of strategy, not just luck. Treat each bet as a thought-out move, not just a wild toss. Stay cool and bet responsibly!

Now, with these tricks of the trade, you're all set to step up your tennis betting game. Good luck, and enjoy the game!

Popular Tennis Betting Tournaments:

In the world of tennis betting, there are certain tournaments that serve as the high stakes playground for both the players and punters alike. These contests are where I have found that tennis betting sitessee a lot of action. And with that in mind, take a  look at the list I have compiled below of different tennis tournaments that I personally enjoy following, and punting on:

  • Grand Slam Tournaments: These four events - the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open, are the mecca for tennis betting! Bettors from Australia and around the globe eagerly anticipate the tennis betting odds and strategies that revolve around these competitions.
  • ATP & WTA Finals: The ATP and WTA finals are the grand culmination of the professional tennis season, hosting the top eight players and doubles teams. I have found that these elite showdowns are a hub for best tennis betting tips and strategies.
  • Davis Cup & Fed Cup: Known as the ‘World Cup of tennis’, these events draw a significant number of punters interested in the unique international team format.
  • Olympic Tennis: Part of the Summer Olympics since 1988, the prestige associated with an Olympic medal keeps the betting action high on all tennis betting sites, including Aussie ones.
  • Masters 1000 Tournaments (ATP) & Premier Events (WTA): These events are a step below the Grand Slams in terms of ranking but maybe not in terms of betting action! They draw the game's top players, thus providing great tennis betting odds and opportunities throughout the year.

So, whether you're using the best tennis betting app or checking out the latest tennis betting odds online, these prime tournaments are perfect for testing your strategies and enjoying top-notch tennis action. It's all part of the thrill of tennis betting!

Tennis Betting Odds & Grand Slam Details:

As your resident tennis betting expert, I reckon it’s time we dive deeper into the core of tennis betting – the Grand Slams and the odds that come with them! Now, whether you're browsing through various tennis betting sites in Australia or warming up your preferred tennis betting app, I have found that having a grasp on the odds and the nitty-gritty of the Grand Slams can really upgrade your punting game.

Taking a closer look, the odds I'm about to lay out are direct from PlayUp, easily one of my top-rated online tennis betting sites that Australia has to offer! Whether you're a novice just starting with tennis betting or a seasoned pro, I reckon PlayUp really delivers! They serve up extensive coverage of all the Grand Slams, combined with competitive tennis betting odds that are sure to add an extra dash of thrill to the game!

And with this in mind, in this review we are going to zero in on futures bets - the odds for outright victory in the various Grand Slams throughout the year. I'll be bringing you the odds for the top six contenders in each tournament, giving us a glimpse of the possible outcomes. This way, we can strategise beyond just the immediate matches and start thinking about who's going to lift the grand slam trophy in the end!

As we strategise, it's important to remember that the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the year, has already taken place back in January. Therefore, our focus will be on the remaining tournaments and the exciting opportunities they present for tennis betting!

So, without further ado, let's dive into the fascinating world of Grand Slams, and the odds that come along with it all. Ready, set, serve!

Men’s & Women’s French Open [28th May – 11th June 2023]:

Men’s Tennis PlayerPlayUp OddsWomen’s Tennis PlayerPlayUp Odds
Carlos Alcaraz$2.30IgaSwiatek$1.70
Novak Djokovic$2.75ArynaSabalenka$7.50
Holger Rune$2.75BarboraKrejcikova$13.00
Stefanos Tsitsipas$10.00Ons Jabeur$14.00
Jannik Sinner$13.00Elena Rybakina$15.00
Casper Ruud$17.00Paula Badosa$21.00

Men’s & Women’s Wimbledon [3rd July – 16th July 2023]:

Men’s Tennis PlayerPlayUp OddsWomen’s Tennis PlayerPlayUp Odds
Novak Djokovic$2.10IgaSwiatek$4.25
Carlos Alcaraz$4.50ArynaSabalenka$5.00
Daniil Medvedev$7.00Elena Rybakina$5.00
Matteo Berrettini$8.00Ons Jabeur$9.00
Rafael Nadal$10.00Cori Gauff$13.00
Jannik Sinner$12.00Caroline Garcia$15.00

Men’s & Women’s US Open [28th August – 10th September 2023]:

Men’s Tennis PlayerPlayUp OddsWomen’s Tennis PlayerPlayUp Odds
Novak Djokovic$2.40IgaSwiatek$3.40
Carlos Alcaraz$3.50ArynaSabalenka$7.00
Daniil Medvedev$3.75Caroline Garcia$10.00
Nick Kyrgios$8.00Cori Gauff$10.00
Jannik Sinner$8.00Ons Jabeur$10.00
Rafael Nadal$10.00Maria Sakkari$15.00

Alright! Now that we've gone through these odds, I think we are geared up with a richer understanding of the possible results, or more so the potential favourites, in the upcoming Grand Slams. Remember, in the landscape of tennis betting, especially when navigating the top tennis betting sites in Australia, knowledge is your ace serve!

Equipped with this insight, these odds can truly become your secret weapon, guiding your tennis betting strategy and enabling you to place your bets more confidently.With the perfect mix of insight, a solid grasp of the odds, and maybe a sprinkle of beginner's luck, you could find yourself backing the next Grand Slam champion. And so, here's to a successful season of punting and thrilling tennis action ahead!

Tennis Betting Sites Promotions & Offers:

Before we hit the court, it's crucial to understand that down under, in Australia, it's not lawful to promote online tennis betting site promotions and bonuses to those who haven't signed up yet.

While there are tennis betting sites galore, dishing out promotions and bonuses, it's not within the rules for me to spill the beans on who's got what. The good news is, once you've signed up and become a member, you can discover these offers in the 'promotions' section of their platform!

And even though I can't directly list the promos and bonuses that each of our top-notch tennis betting sites in Australia flaunts, I can nevertheless still serve up a rundown of the types of promos you could stumble upon once you are part of the club! Have a gander:

Promotion/Offer:What it means:
Welcome BonusA tasty little incentive to get new punters to sign up. Usually, this comes in the form of bet credits or bonus points once you've completed your registration.
Deposit MatchJust as it sounds, the tennis betting site will match your deposit up to a certain value.
Early Payouts/Cash OutsSome tennis betting sites might offer early payouts on tennis matches. For example, if the player you backed goes two sets ahead, the site might pay out your bet early, even if that player eventually loses the match.
Bonus Bet OffersIn certain scenarios, a tennis betting site may offer to refund your stake if a specific event occurs during a match. For example, if you bet on a player to win, and they lose in a fifth-set tiebreak, you might get your stake back.This could also be part of a multi-bet promo - if one leg of your multi loses, you might get your money back in bonus bet form.
Free BetsExactly what it sounds like - a bet you can place for free! The size and conditions of these bets can vary from site to site.
Boosted OddsFor specific high-profile matches or tournaments, tennis betting sites may offer enhanced or boosted odds on particular markets. As well, there will often be a tennis multi boost offer out there for punters to explore.

Remember, as always, to check the terms and conditions of any promotion to ensure you're getting a fair shot. And who knows, with the right mix of betting strategy, a top-notch tennis betting app, and a bit of good old Aussie luck, you might be on to a winner!

New Online Tennis Betting Sites in Australia:

Here in the land down under, we're mad about our tennis and our tennis betting! However, I have always found that the world of online tennis betting is as fiercely competitive as the Aussie Open itself! High taxes and the costs of setting up shop can put a dampener on foreign operators looking to serve up their betting services to us Aussies.

Moreover, I have found that homegrown tennis betting sites often find themselves in a bit of a rally against more seasoned bookmakers, trying to return serve in this hotly contested industry. As a result, we've seen fewer new players making their debut on the Australian tennis betting scene in recent times.

Nevertheless, there's no need to throw a racket! I have personally found that a select few tennis betting sites have still managed to ace their entrance over the past few years! These bookies are proving to be more than just wildcards, making waves in the tennis betting world and even giving the likes of Bet365 tennis a run for their money. So, without further ado, let's delve into a rundown of these emerging tennis betting sites in Australia and some notable features they bring to the baseline:

Online Tennis Betting Site [& Date Founded]:Notable Features as a New Entrant:
MidasBet [2022]Respectable opening deals & a robust customer service offering
BoomBet [2021]Reliable customer support & appealing odds for racing
GetSetBet [2021]User-friendly desktop interface with available race live streaming
WinnersBet [2020]Comprehensive racing selection & a solid user experience
PlayUp [2019]Decent mobile platform & commendable customer support services
PickleBet [2017]Impressive eSports selection paired with a user-friendly experience

Pro Tips for Punting on Tennis Betting Sites:

Stay safe while punting! Placing bets and adding funds to your account can be simple, but it's crucial to understand your selected tennis betting market and check out odds across various tennis betting sites in Australia to maximise your returns! 

While promotional offers can be a great boost, it's equally important to manage your betting budget effectively to keep your online tennis betting experience enjoyable and controlled. After all, tennis betting should be fun, but only when it's done responsibly!

FAQs about Tennis Betting Sites in Australia

I have found that there are heaps of top-notch tennis betting sites out there, but if you want my personal option, well then, I would say the Bet365 tennis offering is quite impressive, and I am also a big fan of PlayUp!

I think there are quite a few decent Aussie tennis betting apps out there, and I wrote about some on this page above. For me, I quite like the PlayUp app, the PalmerBet app and the BlueBet app, but there are plenty decent options to choose from, so don’t just stop there!

You bet! I have always found online tennis betting to be an exciting way to follow the game. Just hop onto a reputable tennis betting site and you're good to go!

My best tennis betting tip? Stick to a sound tennis betting strategy that aligns with your knowledge of the sport and the players involved

There are loads of top tennis betting sites in Australia, but if you had to ask for a name of my favourites, well then, I would say the Bet365 tennis offering has impressed me in the past, and I also think PlayUp and UniBet have a solid range in this space!

I have found that various online tennis betting sites, like PlayUp, for example, offer some decent tennis match predictions and tips on their platforms. These sites often employ tennis betting experts who provide insights on match outcomes and potential winners. Happy punting!