New Betting Sites in Australia 2023

Are you on a quest to look for the best new betting sites Australia has? Almost every Aussie punter is aware that there are lots of betting sites to pick from. This might make you wonder, “Why should I bet at new betting sites in Australia instead of the established ones?”

Well, we’ve done the job and provided all the details you need to know in this piece. New bookmakers Australia have sprung up recently. Australia's new sportsbooks lack the reputation of their more established competitors. However, top-tier wagering, on the other hand, isn't a matter of experience. It's all about punters' sports wagering options.

These new bookmakers are offering some of the best sports betting deals on the market today. More than 30 sports are included in their schedule, and each game is broadcast in at least a dozen cities. Popular categories to look forward to including Esports and Horseracing. There are also many AFL betting sites and NRL betting sites that are new in the sports betting industry.

There’s a lot to learn about choosing the new betting sites available in Australia. For your convenience, we've compiled a list of Australia's newest online gambling establishments.

New Australian Betting Sites

Betting Site

The Benefits of New Betting Sites

With an increasing number of new betting sites entering the market, Australia's betting environment has become more competitive in recent years. There are a number of things that make new bookies worth checking out, even if they differ significantly from one another.

Check out the benefits of new live betting sites below:

Bonus Offers

The Australian government has made it illegal to advertise betting sign-up incentives, free bets, bonus bets, bet credits, and other sports betting perks.

Due to the stringent nature of these betting bonus rules, no betting offers may be marketed to players who are not already customers. As a consequence, we are unable to provide you with detailed information on the bonuses offered by any Australian betting site. To find out what sports betting bonuses you are eligible for, you must first register with a betting site. For more information, see our page on betting offers/bonuses in Australia.

Greater Value and Attractive Odds 

Several new bookies may flourish in a certain area or sectors that are important to you. For example, many bettors search the internet for the best betting site with the best odds. The more options you have, the more likely it is that you will be able to find opportunities that are either as good as, or better than, the finest possible.

While lots of punters believe new bookmakers don't always provide fantastic value, we think it's worth checking them out. Some of the recommended legal betting sites like  PlayUp and Betdogs offer great and attractive odds. 

Payment Methods

Payment choices are another important factor for many punters, and if you like to use one of the less common deposits and withdrawal methods, it may be especially important for you to find a bookmaker that accepts and supports these methods. In their early phases, the majority of new betting agency do not provide a broad range of payment methods, instead of settling for the most basic alternatives such as credit/debit cards.

However, there are a few new betting sites that appear with some of the more unusual payment options on offer. Whether you prefer to make deposits and withdrawals using an e-wallet or one of the many other payment methods that are now available, it's worth checking out new bookies to see if they provide your preferred deposit and withdrawal options. Here are some of the payment methods available at MyBettingAustralia's recommended betting sites.

Customer Service

Customer service is another facet of sports betting sites that is always developing, and with the greater focus on it nowadays, it is not surprising that new betting sites are regularly stressing it.

It's crucial to know who can help you when picking a website, particularly for newbies who are just starting in the gaming field. Teething troubles are frequent in the early months and years of a bookmaker's life — even the most experienced players have them! – When difficulties do develop, consumers must be able to address them as quickly and simply as possible.

If getting in touch with someone proves to be difficult, there are plenty of other betting sites out there, and potential new customers will have no difficulty walking out the door. It is for this reason that it is not uncommon to come across new online bookmakers in Australia that have a well-developed customer service platform.

Technological Advancement

The launch of new bookmaker betting apps that enhance the entire user experience for the player is an example of technological advancement. The way betting sites function has evolved dramatically as a result of technology improvements and our greater usage of mobile devices. For the bulk of betting companies, the ability to design dependable, functioning applications that enable bettors to accomplish everything they can do on their computers is important.

When it comes to attracting new clients, one of the first things that new sports betting companies in Australia concentrate on is customer care. Making the betting experience as easy for the user as possible is one of the first measures that new sports betting companies in Australia do. As a result, when you join up with a new bookmaker, you will usually be pleasantly surprised by their mobile offering. This is particularly true if you're accustomed to betting with a company whose mobile app isn't very good.

Special Features

Various betting sites also provide various features, and new bookies usually add some of these to differentiate themselves from established rivals with established customer bases. Various technical developments exist.

For example, a blog that gives information on popular sports and methods to wager on them is becoming more widespread.

Unsurprisingly, as they are run by a bookmaker, they aren't usually the greatest source of information to utilize alone. They may be worth examining when paired with other sources.

Pros & Cons of New Betting sites


High-Quality Mobile Apps

Keeping the fact in mind that new building technologies are emerging daily, new betting sites have leverage. They can check out the designs and user experience of established bookies and improve on them.

Hence, they end up developing better betting apps that sync seamlessly with desktop apps. You can play on the go and make deposits using the same payment methods available on your pc. Funds deposited on PC are available on the mobile variants of these bookmakers.

Fewer betting markets

The main downside of new betting sites is the fact that they, most of the time, have fewer betting markets available. The more established bookies have a wide range of betting markets incorporated. While some of the recommended betting sites try to cover most of the available markets, it’s not enough compared to established sites.

Prechecking odds is possible

Looking to scan through famous bookies and pick the best odds? New betting sites are your best bet. They make sure you can easily scan through the available odds. This is mainly because these websites are aware of how punters want to explore their options. It’s common to see websites with great odds presenting them as soon as possible.

Odds are Inferior

New betting sites try to offer very high odds to Aussie punters. However, these betting odds aren’t as great as they seem most times. They only look good on the surface but are still inferior compared to the normal betting odds on other established betting websites. 

Wide Range of Payment methods

Technology keeps advancing and new payment technologies and startups get built. New betting sites can recognize the payment methods with great potential and easily integrate them into their betting sites. Adding these new payment methods to the old available options makes the list of payment methods much. All you have to do is pick the method that suits you best amongst the available options.

Websites are sometimes basic

Another con of new betting sites is that the websites are sometimes too basic. Our research reveals that these new bookmakers Australia focus more on mobile apps. This is based on the belief that more punters use their smartphones to place bets in recent times. Hence, less priority is placed on the website which makes the UI too basic.

Fewer Employees to support you

It’s common for startups and new companies to have a very small number of employees. However, this becomes a great con when the users at the company continue to grow without a corresponding increase in personnel number. The customer support drastically reduces and you’ll probably not get help when you need it drastically.

Established vs New Betting Sites

You might be wondering why you should play at new betting sites instead of established betting sites. Well, this comparison of Established and New Betting Sites should help.

☑️Established Sites🆕New Betting Sites

Older Sites Have Outdated Technology

Established websites have been around and built for a while. It’s impossible to overhaul the technologies that are built on and change to the latest ones. The best most of these betting sites can do is integrate new features. However, this isn’t usually as interesting as the new websites which are built with the latest and most fascinating technologies. 

Better User Experience

New betting sites are built using the latest technologies available on the block. Hence, it’s easier for these betting sites to be optimized for a better user experience. At new betting sites, user experience is optimized using the latest design technologies. 

You are just one of the many customers

Established betting sites have been around for many years and as such have lots of punters betting at the same time. You most likely will not feel like you’re in a community. If you’re a fan of a smaller customer base, established betting sites might not be the best choice for you.

Smaller Customer Database

New betting sites have a smaller customer database. And in most instances, this fosters a great community around the betting site. Moreover, support can easily handle issues that arise on the website since there are lesser number of customers. If these are things you look forward to, you should be at new betting sites instead of established ones. 

Wider Range of Markets

Established betting sites have a wider range of markets to offer punters. These include both new and old markets like Horseracing, esports, fantasy and so many more. Definitely your best bet if you’re looking to explore!

Smaller Range of Markets

Since they are just starting out, new betting sites don’t usually provide a wide range of markets like the established ones. Most new websites try to incorporate as many betting markets as possible but they encounter some limitations. Hence, new betting sites are not the best options if you’re looking to explore.

Great odds

While some new betting sites always offer really attractive odds, established sites offer stable great odds. The odds on established sites are not manipulated in any way to entice you to choose these betting sites. They only provide value to you.

Odds are often Inferior 

While this is not always the case, it happens a lot. New betting sites often offer attractive odds to entice punters. However, these odds are most times not as good as they look. For stable odds, you can’t entirely trust new betting sites to come to the rescue. Established sites are better off here most times even though some new betting sites equally measure up.

How to Choose a New Betting Site?

As a new punter, you'll have a wide range of alternatives to choose from when looking for a new betting site, just as you would if you were just starting out. It's impossible to list all of the aspects that make a betting site unique, but here are a few of the more crucial ones: In this part, we'll go over some of the most important aspects to think about while looking for a new betting site.


If you're going to deposit any of your hard-earned money into your account on the site, you'll want to be sure it's safe and secure, so be cautious while checking out new betting sites. The Northern Territory Racing Commission is often, but not always, the licensing and registration authority for Australian betting sites, along with information on the site's security measures. Instead, there should be an "about" area where you can find out more about the company and be more at ease with disclosing personal information.

Secure and safe systems

Safety and Security is important while using the internet these days. It is crucial to check the safety measures at new betting sites available before picking.

Mobile and App 

Pick bookmakers that have really great mobile applications that make things smoother. This is important if you love to place bets anywhere and anytime.

Variety of sports

Sportsbetting is really thrilling and to keep this going, there must be room to explore. Check for new betting sites that have a wide variety of sports to bet on so you can explore without any limitations.

Variety of betting markets

Take a peek at what's available via the new breed of online bookies as well. Given that new bookies typically suffer from this in comparison to their more established peers, it's a good idea to keep an eye out for this. If you merely want to bet on basic money lines in big leagues, for example, you'll probably find what you need regardless of whatever firm you choose. If you want to wager on a league that isn't as well-known or on a player who isn't as well-known, you may have to go elsewhere.

Bonuses and promos

To check these, you have to sign up at the bookmaker's websites. The signup process is easy and you can sieve out the best new betting sites by checking promos and bonuses.

Customer support

Also, see whether there are any accessible means of contacting customer service. If you choose one of the numerous new Australian online betting companies, you don't want to discover that you can't obtain assistance if you need it. In the early stages of learning anything new, it's common for issues or questions to occur, and this is further worsened by the fact that you're still getting to know the subject. Make sure you can get in contact with the new site if you need to, and that the customer service professionals are able to assist you if you do.

Wide range of payment options

Pay attention to the ways of payment they accept. In terms of the most critical features of a bookmaker, this is a long way down the list. However, you should make sure that whichever method you like to deposit and withdraw is supported. If it isn't, you'll have to choose another betting site or come up with another payment method.

List of Recommended New Betting Sites

New Bookmaker Bonuses & Offers

The easiest method to judge a new betting provider's innovation is by their bonuses. New bookmakers come up with innovative deals that outperform their rivals. They do this to attract new clients, and punters benefit the most. Let's have a look at the new bookmaker bonuses now available and how you may utilize them.

Free Bet Offers

One of the most intriguing promotions offered by new bookmakers is free bet bonuses. As part of their welcome packages, loyalty programs, and reload deposit incentives, the finest betting sites usually provide users with free bets.

With free bets, you use the betting company's money to make a wager. If your bet wins, you'll be able to cash in your winnings. Free bets may be cashed out in the same manner as any other wager, for as with an AUD30 free bet. However, if that bet fails, you don't have to worry about losing anything. You only lost AUD30 in free bets because you were gambling with the bookmaker's money. Moreover, that's not a painful setback.

To demonstrate how free bets operate, here are a few examples we discovered online:

  • Free Bet Offer: Register and Get an AUD10 Free Bet (Min Deposit AUD10, New Customers Only, Minimum Odds 1.5, Stake Can Be Used on 4+ Accumulator Bets, Bonus T&C Apply);
  • Free Bet Bonus: World Cup AUD10 Free Bet (Existing Customers, Min Deposit AUD10, Min Odds 1.8, Offer Valid During FIFA World Cup, T&Cs Apply).

Risk-Free Bets

Aside from the free bets mentioned above, there are also risk-free wagers that may be made. You have nothing to lose by taking advantage of these free bets. As a consequence, if your bet loses, you will get a complete refund.

If you bet AUD200 and lose, the bookmaker will credit your account with the AUD200 in lost free bet credits. As a consequence, you are free to make another wager using the winnings from the free bet. In other words, you haven't lost anything since your football or horse racing betting plan was unsuccessful.

These free bets are perfect if you want to be able to put wagers without feeling rushed. Punters believe they can make more educated predictions when emotions are eliminated from the mix. Free bets with no risk assist them in doing this.

ACCA Boosts

ACCA bonuses are given to players who make accumulator bets with a certain number of options. Combo bets are more likely to pay off as a result of these boosts, which increase the odds of winning.

Consider the following ACCA boost bonus offer to demonstrate how these promotions work:

  • Accumulator Bet Boost: When you place an ACCA bet with five or more selections, your winnings will be increased by 10%. (Min Bet AUD10, Min Odds 1.5 Per Selection, Full T&Cs Apply).

To be eligible for this bet boost offer, you must meet the bonus's terms and conditions. The first and most significant of these requirements is that your wager comprises at least five distinct possibilities. Each of your bets must also have odds of at least 1.50, as well as a minimum investment of AUD10. You must include higher-odds options in order to qualify for the tournament.

If you're a low-budget gambler, ACCA upgrades might make a major impact. Using them may result in increased odds and greater winnings. That is, if you place enough bets on your slip, you may earn a nice profit even with an AUD10 or AUD20 gamble. Even with the smallest wagers, seasoned gamblers may lose a significant amount of money.

Top new betting sites



PlayUp was established in the year 2019 and has made great waves ever since.

  • Top Features: Its top features include a Personalised Client Manager, 24/7 customer service, ‘Playbook’ blog
  • Likes/dislikes: PlayUp covers a reasonable variety of sports like Aussie rules football, cricket, tennis, golf, rugby league, soccer. Also, there’s a betting app for both Android and IOS phones. However, they do not have a wide range of payment methods. Markets are somewhat limited too.



Winnersbet is one of the newest in the betting market. It was established by Da He in 2020.

  • Top Features: Winnersbet top features include a Great website, solid customer service, range of racing markets.
  • Likes/dislikes: Winnersbet provides sports like Australian rules football, rugby league, basketball, soccer, tennis and the payouts are pretty fast. However, they have no betting app.



Betdogs was established in 2019 by the owners of TopSport and is one of the new betting sites with the best betting odds.

  • Top Features: Remarkable features of Betdogs bookie include a mobile website, promotions for members, multiple payment methods, greyhound racing odds.
  • Likes/dislikes: Betdogs provides unique bet types by covering games like Australian Greyhounds, International Greyhounds. However, they have no sports coverage or mobile app. Advanced punters won’t enjoy the simplicity of betting features.



Picklebet has been around since 2017 and is renowned for its exemplary demonstration in the esports betting niche.

  • Top Features: Top features of Picklebet include Focus on esports, a good mobile website and app, helpful customer service team.
  • Likes/dislikes: Picklebet’s esports coverage features FIFA, Dota2, CSGO, Overwatch, League, NBA 2K and its sports coverage includes Australian Rules Football, Rugby League, Cricket, MMA, Tennis, Soccer. However, Picklebet has no live betting available and payment methods are limited.

Overview of new betting sites

When compared to more established bookmakers, new ones offer a plethora of advantages. New bookmakers may lack the track record of more established bookmakers, but they make up for this by providing high-quality bonuses and a large variety of bets.

We never expected to find new betting sites with great sports coverage and peculiar betting types like I did. The bonuses and promotions are also mind-blowing and there’s a lot to enjoy by playing at these sites.

Frequently Asked Questions on New Betting Sites Australia

Which sports are popular with new betting sites?

Popular sports at new betting sites include Australian Rules Football, Rugby League, Cricket, MMA, Tennis, and Soccer.

What is the best new betting site for mobile betting?

PlayUp stands out amongst the new betting apps in Australia with its elite mobile app.

Can new betting sites compete with bigger bookmakers?

New betting sites can compete with big bookmakers in a few areas like better user experience and improved technologies. Especially, with the creation of fascinating betting types.

Do all new betting sites have welcome bonuses?

Most new betting sites in Australia don’t have welcome bonuses because inciting citizens with these is prohibited by law.

Can I deposit in new betting sites with Crypto?

Most of the new betting sites still rely on payment methods like Paypal, POLi, Bpay, credit/debit cards and bank transfers. You can’t make use of crypto yet.