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Fixed Odds & Great Customer Support
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Top Features

  • Live Streaming
  • Platform Experience
  • Live Streaming
  • Platform Experience
  • Decent Fixed Racing Odds
  • No Live Betting
  • No Phone Support
  • Lacking Sports Betting Markets
By:Lachlan Malek

Hey punters! There's a new challenger in the Aussie betting circuit, and it's called ChaseBet! This ChaseBet review is all primed to give you a comprehensive lowdown on this rising star. We'll delve into the streamlined user experience on the ChaseBet app, the seamless ChaseBet withdrawal process, how their odds stack up against the competition, plus a whole lot more! So, whether you're a seasoned bettor or just starting out, get ready as we dive deep into what makes ChaseBet stand out in the crowded Aussie betting industry!

Chasebet Profile

Website: Harris Bookmaking Pty Ltd [Damian Harris, CEO & Founder]
Year Founded: 2023Address/Headquarters: Bathurst, New South Wales
License and Regulation: ChaseBet is licensed and regulated by Liquor and Gaming NSW.Sponsorship Deals: None
Features: Live streaming on offer along with decent fixed odds and markets for racing betting.Banking Options: Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer 
App Devices: Yes, available on Apple iOS and Android devicesOdds Providers: ChaseBet
Contact Information:
Email Support ([email protected])
Live Chat Function (via ChaseBet app or website)

ChaseBet: The New Player Worth a Gander:

Now, fellow punters! Let me spill the beans on ChaseBet, the latest addition to our Aussie betting landscape. I stumbled upon ChaseBet Australia a couple months back, and while I initially thought of them as another fish in the sea, a deeper dive had me nodding in appreciation!

First up, signing onto ChaseBet, be it via or the ChaseBet app, was as easy as pie. And in speaking of the ChaseBet app, while it might not be the belle of the ball in terms of looks, it does the job and does it well. Simple, effective, and darn easy to navigate – a trifecta in my book!

Moving on, I think those punters who have a knack for the racing side of things are in for a treat with ChaseBet, a bookie who offers live streaming on select racing events. What a perk! Also, I’ve found that the odds ChaseBet serves up are pretty competitive, and their race selection is decent enough to keep you engaged. 

Further to this, I have found that ChaseBet do a great job in terms of providing a form guide on the different race runners in particular events, and this is great to see, as it is this sort of additional information that can help us punters make a winning move!

As for the sports enthusiasts among us, I would say their offering here is decent, but there's room for some muscle. They've ticked off the essentials, but I reckon there's more to come from ChaseBet in this department.

And in terms of getting your money in and out of ChaseBet, they've also got the basics covered here. You can pop your dollars in using a Credit/Debit card or take the bank transfer route. On the flip side, when it's time to grab your winnings, bank transfer is the go-to option with ChaseBet. They're doing alright in this space, but I reckon they could spice things up by adding a few more options, like PayPal, so fingers crossed it’s on their radar!

Now, diving into ChaseBet's customer support – they've given the old phone line the flick, but have you tried their live chat? Blimey, it's been spot-on in my books! Fast, responsive, and they know their stuff. And if you've got a couple of docs or just a more detailed question? Flick 'em an email, and they're onto it.

So, in pulling all of this together, I do think that ChaseBet has made a solid entrance! They might be the new kid in town, but they've laid down some sturdy groundwork. From their user interface to their odds and support, it's all shaping up nicely. I'm keen to see where they steer the ship next. So, if you're up for a new adventure, click on the image below, and give ChaseBet Australia a whirl to see what's cooking!

Unearthing ChaseBet's Advantages & Drawbacks:

Every newcomer in the Aussie punting game, including ChaseBet, has its own highs and lows. So, let's take a squiz at what I believe are the standout strengths and areas for growth within the ChaseBet offering:

👍ChaseBet Key Advantages:

  • Live Streaming: In my view, one of the standout features of ChaseBet is their live streaming service. It adds that bit of magic for those who love watching the racing action unfold in real-time.
  • Platform Experience: Giving the ChaseBet app or website a whirl, you're in for a surprise. The design might not win beauty contests, but it's straightforward, making the betting journey a breeze!
  • Decent Fixed Racing Odds: When it comes to racing, ChaseBet holds its ground. Their fixed odds are pretty darn competitive, ensuring punters get a fair shake, and that is always good to see!

👎ChaseBet Key Drawbacks: 

  • No Live Betting: Unfortunately, if you're a punter who loves the adrenaline rush of live betting, you'll find this feature missing in the ChaseBet arsenal, and that is a slight knock against their overall offering if you had to ask me.
  • No Phone Support: Fancy sorting things out with a good ol' chinwag over the phone? Well, ChaseBet might leave you a tad disappointed, as they've opted out of offering phone support.
  • Lacking Sports Betting Markets: If you're big on sports betting variety, this might stick out like a sore thumb. ChaseBet, as of now, is a bit lean on their sports betting markets.

👨‍⚖️ChaseBet Summary & Verdict:

Piecing it all together, ChaseBet has made a pretty commendable entry into the Aussie betting landscape in my eyes. Their strengths, like live streaming and a user-friendly platform, certainly give them an edge. However, there are areas, like the absence of live betting and limited sports markets, where they've got some room to grow.

But, with the simplicity of the ChaseBet platform, and the potential I see in the Chase Bet bookmaker, I reckon they're worth a punt. Take a gander, weigh the pros and cons, and see if ChaseBet might just be your next stop in the betting world!

Notable ChaseBet Australia Rankings:

Betting Variety ⭐⭐⭐

ChaseBet, the new kid on the block, offers a decent range of betting options. The racing section stands strong with some pretty competitive odds, though I reckon the sports section could use a bit of bulking up.

Platform Experience⭐⭐⭐⭐

Taking a punt via or the ChaseBet app, I've got to say, it's been a smooth ride! It might not be the flashiest, but it's straightforward, user-friendly, and does the job pretty well.

Customer Support ⭐⭐⭐

ChaseBet might be missing the phone support, but their live chat? Bang on! They're on the ball, always ready to lend a hand when things get a bit tricky. They really make you feel like you're in good hands!

Banking Options ⭐⭐⭐

On the banking front, while ChaseBet covers the basics like Credit/Debit card and bank transfer, I'm hoping they toss in a few more options in the mix. Just to spice things up a touch!

Payout Speed ⭐⭐⭐⭐

When it's time to pocket those winnings from ChaseBet, they don't dilly-dally. Efficient and prompt, they make sure you get your cash without a fuss.

Security ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Safety first, right? ChaseBet nails it in the security department. You can rest easy knowing your details are well-guarded, letting you focus on what's important: enjoying your betting!

Key Features of ChaseBet Australia:

Moving on, punters, during my time exploring ChaseBet, I have personally stumbled upon a couple of features that really stand out. They're a testament to what this fresh-out-of-the-oven bookie is all about. So, let's not muck about and get straight to the juicy bits of what ChaseBet Australia has up its sleeve!

Live Streaming:

One thing's for sure, ChaseBet isn't just sitting in the grandstands. Their live streaming feature really helps to give them an edge in my view, especially amongst the newer bookies out there! It's a game-changer, especially for punters who, like me, love to be in the thick of the action, watching different racing events unfold in real-time. 

It's a feature I reckon is becoming more and more important for bookmakers to consider in today's digital betting age, so with that in mind, it is great to see that ChaseBet has delivered in this regard!

Platform Efficiency & User Experience:

When diving into the ChaseBet website, or giving the ChaseBet app a whirl, it becomes immediately apparent that they've kept things simple but effective. The platform might not win any beauty contests, but by golly, it's functional, responsive, and, for the most part, is devoid of any pesky lags. It's designed for efficiency, ensuring punters can place their bets without a hitch.

So, with that in mind, if you're after a no-nonsense, functional betting platform that gets the job done, then ChaseBet could be your next port of call. They might be the new kids on the block, but if you had to ask me, well I would say that they're making a splash in the right ways!

ChaseBet Australia- How To Guide

G'day there, punters! Thinking about diving into ChaseBet? You're in the right place! This ChaseBet 'How To' guide is complete with all the steps you'll need to tackle ChaseBet Australia. Ready to get started? Let's crack on!

How to Register with ChaseBet?

Keen to kick off your ChaseBet adventure in the land Down Under? Too easy! Let me walk you through the simple sign-up process with ChaseBet:

  1. Hop onto ChaseBet's Official Site: Open your browser and make a beeline for Let's get the ball rolling!
  2. Find the ‘Join’ Button: Easy as pie, it's usually hanging out in the top right corner of the ChaseBet homepage. Give it a click, and you're in the game!
  3. Fill in Your Details: They'll want the usual stuff – email, username, and the like. Once you've filled in the blanks, hit the ‘Next’ button.
  4. Provide Additional Info: At this point you’ll be asked to enter your full name, home address along with some other information. Follow the prompts, enter your details at hit the ‘Create Account’ button.
  5. Verify Your Identity: ChaseBet's all about keeping it above board. If you skipped this bit during registration, no stress! Just head to the ‘My Account’ section on ChaseBet and follow the prompts!

How to Execute a ChaseBet Withdrawal?

Nicely done, cobber! So, you've scored big with ChaseBet and now you're keen to pocket those winnings. Here's your play-by-play on how to make a ChaseBet withdrawal:

  1. Jump into ‘My Account’: Start by heading to the ‘My Account’ section, either via or the ChaseBet app. It's usually up top on the right, or if you're on mobile, check the menu to the left-hand side.
  2. Click on ‘Withdrawal’: Inside your account, you'll spot the ‘Withdraw Funds’ option. Give it a click.
  3. Pop in Your Banking Info: Remember, ChaseBet uses bank transfers for withdrawals, so you'll need your bank details on hand.
  4. Decide on the Amount: Once you've sorted your banking details, decide how much you want to pull out from your ChaseBet stash.
  5. Seal the Deal: Checked everything twice? All set? Confirm your ChaseBet withdrawal and then just chill.
  6. Sit Tight: Leave it to ChaseBet to do their thing. They're usually on the ball, getting things done within a few hours, but sometimes it could take a day or two.

And that's the drill! As breezy as a summer's day in Sydney! Enjoy your ChaseBet winnings and remember to always bet responsibly. Till next time, and may the odds smile upon you!

ChaseBet Sports Betting Offering:

Alright! Let's dive into what ChaseBet's offering when it comes to sports. After taking a proper gander both online and via the ChaseBet app, I'm feeling quite chuffed with what I've found, especially given they're a new kid on the block!

First things first, ChaseBet is not messing about, flaunting a solid selection of 15 different sports for us to get amongst. Whether footy's your jam, you're a tennis enthusiast, or you've got a soft spot for another sport, there's a good chance ChaseBet has got you covered. And considering they're a recent entrant in the Aussie betting scene, this spread is pretty darn impressive!

Diving deeper, I will note that the breadth of competitions and markets within these sports that ChaseBet offer can certainly improve! That being said, however, I think what's currently on the table is nothing to sneeze at. And for those who fancy a bit of combo action: ChaseBet's got your back with their same-game-multi options. That means you can craft a bet combining various elements of a single game. Ripper!

So, in wrapping up this segment of my ChaseBet review, I reckon they've set themselves up pretty well in the sports betting arena. They've come out swinging, and I'm keen to see where they take it from here in the Aussie betting industry!

ChaseBet Racing Offering:

Calling on all racing enthusiasts! We've had a chinwag about ChaseBet's sports department, now let's shift gears and explore the racing realm that ChaseBet Australia is showcasing!

Straight off the bat, ChaseBet is clearly out to impress. Whether you're on the ChaseBet app or browsing, diving into the 'Racing' or 'Thoroughbreds' category is smooth sailing. Need to pinpoint a particular race? Easy as pie! A few taps and you're front and centre of the action. What's more, unlike others, ChaseBet boasts a more extensive form guide, offering punters a hefty dose of insight, as the image below will reveal.

On top of that, as the image above will testify, ChaseBet is not skimping on the bet types! They're serving up the full smorgasbord – win/place, exacta, quinella, trifecta, first four betting plus more! Such a spread ensures every punter, whether a seasoned pro or a casual dabbler, finds their groove. It's like the perfect BBQ spread for your betting soul!

And don't get me started on the odds. ChaseBet, even as a new player to the Aussie betting game, stands tall with some reasonably competitive numbers!

So, in concluding this section of my ChaseBet review, I've got to hand it to them – they're making waves in the racing sector! I definitely think the ChaseBet bookmaker is worth checking out, especially for those punters who love to dabble with the races!

ChaseBet Australia Markets & Bet Types:

After exploring the sports and racing scenes at ChaseBet, let's now dive into the vast array of betting markets and wager choices ChaseBet presents to its punters! Take a look:

Betting Markets Available with ChaseBet:

  • Exotic markets
  • Margin markets
  • Handicap markets
  • Odd/Even markets
  • Win/Place markets
  • Player Prop markets
  • Over/Under markets
  • First to Score markets
  • Correct Score markets
  • Double Chance markets
  • Points/Goals/Score markets
  • Quarter/Half/Innings markets

Bet Types Available with ChaseBet:

Exploring the ChaseBet App:

Okay, punters! It’s now time chat a bit about the ChaseBet app, which I reckon is a real beaut! Whether you're waving the iPhone flag or you're all about Android, the ChaseBet app is up for grabs on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Once you've got the ChaseBet app rolling, you're in for a smooth ride! The welcoming screen is as refreshing as a cold one on a scorching Aussie arvo. Take a look at the screenshot below – the design is user-friendly, making your journey through it feel like a leisurely stroll around the Harbour Bridge!

I've come across plenty of apps that while they look the part, they unfortunately struggle a bit in terms of performance. But after spending some quality time with it, I can vouch that the ChaseBet app isn't just all show! It's snappy, loading up swiftly without throwing any major curveballs.

And so, in finishing off this section about the ChaseBet app, I've got to say, the blokes and sheilas over at ChaseBet have really done a solid job with this one. If you're keen to explore what ChaseBet's got cooking, give the image below a tap and dive right into the action!

Customer Care at ChaseBet Australia:

Email Support [9am-11pm AEST][email protected]
Live Chat Function [9am-11pm AEST]

via the ChaseBet app or website

In the world of online betting, it's crucial to have a reliable customer support team to turn too, and let me tell you, from my time exploring, ChaseBet do indeed step up to the plate! They've got a solid support team ready to roll from 9am to 11pm daily. So, if you're ever in a pickle, help is just a click away!

Delving a bit deeper, the ChaseBet live chat has been the standout of this offering in my experience. They're on the ball, delivering prompt responses, with a squad that is very friendly and helpful for the most part. And for those moments when you've got some docs to ship over, ChaseBet's email support is on standby, ready to lend a hand!

So, in rounding off this section of my ChaseBet review, they might not have a phone line, but rest assured, their support game is on point. With their efficient live chat, I reckon they've got what most Aussie punters are looking for!

ChaseBet Banking & Transaction Insights:

DepositingCredit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer
WithdrawingBank Transfer

Alright, punters, it’s high time we delve into the monetary side of things at ChaseBet. When it comes to handling your hard-earned, ChaseBet keeps it simple and straightforward. They've got the essentials covered, but I will say, I do think there's a bit of room to expand and diversify!

When you're looking to top up your ChaseBet account, you've got the good ol' credit/debit card route, and bank transfers to boot. That said, introducing a few more modern options down the line wouldn't go astray. And just so you're in the loop, the minimum deposit at ChaseBet is set at $10.00. Pretty standard fare in my books, although I will note it is a touch higher than some other bookmakers out there.

Now, when lady luck smiles on you and you're ready to pull out those winnings, ChaseBet has got your back. Their withdrawals, processed every day, ride on bank transfers. From my time with them, they're pretty swift about it, but occasionally, depending on your bank, it could take a day or so.

And with that in mind, I’ll sum up this slice of my ChaseBet review by saying, while they've got a solid foundation in place, there's always space for a bit more flair in the banking department. Here's hoping the crew at ChaseBet has a few surprises up their sleeves for us punters down under!

Unearthing Promotions & Bonuses with ChaseBet Australia:

In terms of what’s on offer with the Chase Bet bookmaker, curtesy of our Aussie rules and regulations, ChaseBet can't flash their promotional goodies in the open unless you're logged in. But no dramas here! Curious to see what's under the hood? Give that image below a click, jump into your ChaseBet account, and uncover the top-notch deals they've got waiting just for you!

Is ChaseBet the Ace Up Your Sleeve?

Considering a punt with ChaseBet? Well, my ChaseBet review is here to shed some light and help guide your choice. But keep in mind, just like our vast Aussie terrain, punters' tastes can differ widely. What's a jackpot for one might just be a pass for another!

What I will say, though, is that being a newcomer, ChaseBet has already made a splash in the betting pool. So, why not take it for a spin and see if ChaseBet's your next go-to punt stop in the vast Aussie betting landscape?

FAQs about ChaseBet Australia:

Who Owns ChaseBet Australia?

The owner of ChaseBet is Harris Bookmaking Pty Ltd of which the CEO & Founder is a man named Damian Harris.

Does ChaseBet Ban Punters Easily?

In my experience with ChaseBet, I believe they are not so bad when it comes to easily banning punters. However, like all bookmakers, it goes without saying that they reserve the right to limit or restrict accounts if suspicious activity is detected.

Is there Live Streaming with ChaseBet?

Yes! ChaseBet offer live streaming of select racing event throughout each day.

Can I Bet on American Basketball with ChaseBet?

You sure can! While ChaseBet don’t have the most exhaustive range of US basketball competitions to punt on, you will definitely have the option to bet on every NBA game throughout the year!

How Long Does the ChaseBet sign up take?

In my experience, you should have your ChaseBet account created in just a few minutes! Simply head over to to get started.