POLi Betting Sites in Australia

Established in 2006, POLi is a widely accepted online payment service in Australia and New Zealand. The major purpose of POLi is to provide customers with a secure system that allows you to easily pay for goods and services online. As a result, POLi betting sites are plentiful as it’s one of the best payment methods that can be used to fund a betting account. This article will look at how it works in a betting sense and explain why it’s one of the more recommended options.

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About POLi Betting Sites

POLi is one of the most popular instant deposit methods and it’s not just limited to betting sites. It’s a widely accepted payment service in a large range of different industries. As a result, customers should be comfortable using the POLi system to fund a betting account.

In regards to POLi betting sites, it’s hard to find a bookie that won’t offer POLi, mainly due to its easy to use service and security features. Firstly, POLi is an instant deposit payment method and unlike the also popular credit card option, it doesn’t require the customer to enter credit card details. Instead, customers will select their bank and which bank account they would like to transfer funds from. Then, your betting account will be instantly credited with the amount selected and you can start betting.

Looking at how it works on mobile, POLi has supported mobile capability since 2013. There’s no specific POLi mobile app needed as payments can be easily processed inside of a betting sites mobile app. All you need to do is enter a deposit amount and the app will redirect to another screen with the familiar POLi payment design.

Unlike some payment methods, POLi is universally accepted in Australia and Internationally. As a result, there is a large amount of choice available if you’re looking for a new POLi betting site.

Our two best and recommended options are the worldwide known and trusted options of Bet365 or Unibet. They both offer a large variety of betting features.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to support an Aussie owned and operated service, the below list comes highly recommended:

  • PlayUp
  • Boombet
  • Winnersbet
  • Draftstars
  • Picklebet
  • Palmerbet
  • TopSport

POli Betting Sites Advantages & Disadvantages

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of using POLi.

👍 POli Betting Sites Advantages:

  • Instant payments: One of the best pros of POLi is the ability to instantly fund a betting account with this payment option.
  • Secure: POLi focuses heavily on advanced security features and they don’t store any sensitive information about your transaction.
  • Credit card not needed: There is no need to use a credit card for payments as all you’ll need is a bank account.
  • No sign up: POLi doesn’t require you to sign up with their service and as a result, it’s possible to use it as a guest customer.
  • No fees: There are zero fees for using POLi.
  • Widely accepted: In betting terms, it’s rare to find a bookmaker that doesn’t have POLi available.

👎 POli Betting Sites Disadvantages:

  • Can’t withdraw: This payment method is purely for depositing funds into an account and can’t be used for withdrawals.
  • Some banks don’t accept POLi: There are some banks that have chosen not to accept POLi for their own reasons. This includes Westpac, one of the top 4 banks in Australia. However, the amount of banks that do accept POLi, outweighs the number that don’t.


How to deposit using POLi Betting Sites

So how does POLi work? Basically, it’s a quick and easy payment method that will only require a supported bank account. To get started, you will need to login or sign up to a betting site that has POLi available. Currently, POLi is a very popular deposit option and it’s rare for a bookmaker to not offer it to customers, which is a huge positive.

In the my account section, you’ll find POLi available in the list of deposit options. Once selected, the site or app will redirect you to a POLi payment screen. This will allow you to choose an Australian Bank and the large majority of banks support POLi. In the next step, you will need to enter some details surrounding your bank account, such as customer number or password. As POLi is a secure and safe system, you can trust that your information isn’t being saved or compromised.

Once you’ve provided bank details, a list of your bank accounts will display and you must choose one with funds to complete the process. There will also be an SMS verification in this process that aims to identify the owner of the bank account of this transaction.

After successfully completing the process, the funds will be available in your account instantly and the betting can begin. It’s also important to note that deposits via a desktop website or mobile app will be available on any device. 

POLi Payment Review:

  • Login to your preferred POLi betting site.
  • Navigate to the my account > deposit section.
  • Find the POLi option and enter a deposit amount.
  • On the next screen, select your bank from the dropdown and click continue.
  • Provide your bank credentials such as, customer number, access ID and/or password.
  • Select your nominated bank account with funds.
  • Check your mobile phone for an SMS verification code.
  • Enter the code and follow the prompts.
  • Confirm the deposit and if successful, the funds will be instantly available.

POLi Withdrawals

It’s currently not possible to use POLi for withdrawing funds from a betting account. The payment option has been designed purely as a deposit option via a bank account. Instead, betting sites will generally offer a range of other withdrawal options, such as PayPal, Bank transfer or Bookmaker card. Bank transfer is generally the easiest and most popular offering at betting sites in Australia. But the benefit of instantly receiving your money makes PayPal and Bookmaker card enticing options.

Recommended POLi Betting Sites

Now that you’re aware of what POLi is and how it works, let’s now discuss our top recommended POLi betting sites in Australia.



One of the largest betting sites in the world also has a strong presence on Australian shores. It comes with one of the most feature-rich betting experiences you can find online. There’s live betting, live streaming, a mobile app, regular promotions and some of the biggest betting markets in the industry. Not to mention, they a huge variety of deposit methods, including POLi. At Bet365, the minimum deposit amount for POLi is $5 and they support over 10 Australian banks. The payment option can also be chosen either on their desktop website or mobile app.

Bet365 Review

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Unibet is a great option for an all-round betting experience due to its huge range of features. They have sports and racing covered with excellent betting markets, live streaming, promotions and an impressive statistics section. Meanwhile, they focus on instant deposit methods such as POLi, PayPal and credit card. For POLi deposits, there is a $20 minimum amount at the moment and a maximum of $10,000 for the high rollers. It’s also available on their desktop website and mobile app.

Unibet Review

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If you’d like to support an Aussie owned and operated betting site then Palmerbet is one of the best choices. They are known for consistently offering the highest odds and focus on their customers' needs with a lot of their features, such as promotions / offers. In terms of banking options, Palmerbet has a good range of payment methods that includes POLi. Their minimum deposit amount is currently $10 and there are over 10 banks to choose from. The payment option can also be selected on their mobile app or desktop website.

Palmerbet Review

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The owners of TopSport have a wealth of experience in the betting industry that spans over 35 years. With this knowledge, they’ve built an enjoyable betting platform that includes great odds, betting promotions and a massive range of markets for the latest sports or racing events. It’s also easy to deposit money into an account with a range of banking options, including POLi. There’s no minimum deposit amount and it can be easily performed on a desktop website or their mobile app.

Topsport Review

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While Draftstars isn’t a traditional betting site, they are the leading Daily Fantasy provider in Australia. They have a huge range of DFS contests available for the best sports in Australia and Internationally. This includes AFL, NRL, Cricket, NBA, NFL, EPL, Golf, MLB, Greyhound Racing and Horse Racing. In terms of payment methods, they prefer to limit their options to just two at the moment and that includes POLi. There is a $5 minimum deposit amount. This option can be selected via their website or app.

Draftstars Review

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POLi Betting Sites Bonuses & Promotions

A key consideration for the overall betting experience is the promotions and bonuses that you’ll receive as a member of Australian betting sites. In general, most betting sites have a good range of promotions / offers available at any given time. So let’s discuss the most common promotions that you’ll find online at the moment.

  • Boosted odds: Betting sites will regularly offer boosted odds promotions and offers.
  • Multi bet promotions: Multi betting is another popular bet type for customers and bookmakers make sure they offer enticing multi bet promotions.
  • Money back offers: This is a popular promotion that betting sites use for both racing and sports. It could mean you’ll receive money back if a runner finishes 2nd in a race or a sports team gives up a lead in their match.
  • Protest payout: The vast variety of Horse Racing betting sites offer a protest payout feature. This will payout a punters bet, regardless of the protest result.
  • Owners bonus: As an extra bonus to Racing ownership, there are betting sites that offer better odds for owners.

POLi Betting Sites on Mobile

With the immense popularity of mobile devices, mobile betting must be taken into account when looking around for a new betting site. The large majority of betting sites have mobile apps available and POLi is one of their featured payment methods.

In positive news for mobile betting, POLi payments Australia has been available on mobile devices since 2013. They obviously saw the potential of mobile compatibility back then and it’s great to see. As a result, you won’t need to download a separate app to use POLi. All the options are available while using a betting sites mobile app.

To get started, you’ll need to download your chosen betting site’s app on a compatible device. Once you’re logged in, head to the deposit section and choose POLi. Now, you’ll simply need to enter a deposit amount and the app will automatically redirect to the payment screen where you can choose a bank. Then, you’ll follow the next few security steps which include SMS verification and entering your bank password. Ultimately, this process should only take a few minutes and then, you’re ready to start betting.

With instant depositing available and security in mind, there’s a reason why POLi is widely accepted, especially on mobile.

FAQ's about POli Betting Sites

What is POLi?

POLi can be defined as an online payment system that can be used to pay for many common goods and services. It’s not just limited to betting sites as POLi is widely accepted by a large variety of businesses around the world. This includes but is not limited to cryptocurrency (Coinspot), airlines (Qantas), social media companies (Facebook) and streaming sites (Twitch).

How long do deposits take?

There is no waiting time involved with POLi deposits as this is an instant deposit method.

Is it safe to deposit with POLi?

Is POLi safe? There is no doubt about it, POLi is one of the safest payment methods online and not just in a betting sense. They are committed to providing the highest safety standards and have customers' interests at heart when it comes to secure payments.

Does POLi charge fees?

There are no fees associated with POLi payments and it’s free to use for anyone with a supported bank.

What are other recommended deposit methods?

A similar alternative to POLi is PayPal. They both offer instant deposit methods. The major differences between the two is mainly that PayPal allows you to create an account, use a saved credit card and it can be used to withdraw funds. Otherwise, the most simple and easiest option is credit / debit card, which is always the first option that a bookmaker will offer.

Can I withdraw with POLi?

There are no withdrawals options possible with POLi as it’s simply a deposit system from your bank.

Is POLi instant?

Yes, POLi is an instant payment method that you can select to fund a betting account.

Is POLi free?

POLi is a free service for worldwide customers that have signed up with a supported bank in their country. 

Do all Australian Banks accept POLi?

Recently, Westpac has decided to reject POLi as it falls under a certain category. It’s one of the few banks in Australia that has made this decision at this stage so it remains to be seen if other banks follow.