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Top Features

  • Focus on fantasy sports
  • Great website
  • High-quality mobile app
Unique offerings
Easy to use mobile app
Good website
Lack of regular sports or racing markets
Lack of customer service options
Very few banking options

Draftstars Review

Draftstars is one of the more unique betting sites in Australia, separating themselves from the pack by focusing predominantly on fantasy sports. While fantasy sports are very popular in Australia for many sports fans, they aren’t as synonymous with betting as regular sports are. At Draftstars, however, that’s not so true. It’s through fantasy sports that they make their mark, so if you’re interested in betting on fantasy sports then they could be worth checking out. To give you more information about this bookmaker, come along with us as we take a deep dive into their offerings.

Draftstars Strengths and Weaknesses

What may appear to be a strength for one punter may be a weakness for another, and this is never more true than with Draftstars. Their unique focus on fantasy sports means that for some, they won’t be worth looking at, while for others they may be the best bookmaker going around. Let’s take a look at a few of the strengths and weaknesses which define this betting site.

👍Draftstars Strengths

  • Focus on fantasy sports – The ability to create your own team and bet on it based on how those players perform in real life is something which is unique to Draftstars, and acts as a major drawcard for many of the punters who opt to bet with this company.

  • Quality website – Websites can make or break bookmakers; if they’re difficult to use, punters will often just go elsewhere. Draftstars doesn’t fall into this category, making it easier for their punters to get around and place bets.

  • Great mobile app – Not a fan of opening up the computer to place bets? An increasing number of people are enjoying the flexibility of being able to bet on the go via mobile apps, and Draftstars have a high-quality one which makes it easy to use the site from your phone.

👎Draftstars Weaknesses 

  • Focus on fantasy sports – It might seem odd to include this as both a strength and a weakness, but that’s the reality of this bookmaker. If you don’t care about fantasy sports or betting on them, then their focus on this aspect of betting will likely be a reason to avoid them.

  • No sports or racing markets – A product of their focus on fantasy sports is that they don’t have any regular markets to bet on. This means that even if you like fantasy sports, you’ll need to do your other betting elsewhere if you still want to bet on events normally.

  • Customer service is lacking – It’s not easy to get in touch with Draftstars if you need to, which can be frustrating if you use them regularly. While not all bookies have live chat, nearly all of them have at least a phone number, but Draftstars has neither and an online form is the only way to get in touch.


These strengths and weaknesses will mean different things to different people. Like regular sports markets? Then their lack of these will likely be an issue. Love great websites and unique offerings? Then the strengths might sway you to check out Draftstars.

Draftstars profile

Year founded:
Wizer Pty Ltd 
License & regulation:
Licensed and governed by the Northern Territory Racing Commission 
48 Epsom Road, Zetland NSW 2017
Sponsorship Deals:
Payment Methods:
Credit/debit card, POLi
Fantasy betting markets, good mobile app 
Odds Providers:
Apps Devices:
Available for iOS and Android
Contact information/Support:
Via online 

Draftstars full review 

While sometimes different bookmakers can seem to blend into each other and provide much the same service, Draftstars manages to stand out from the crowd, for better or worse depending on how interested in betting on fantasy sports you are. Rather than offering normal sports and racing markets, with Draftstars you construct fantasy teams and accumulate points based on how your players perform in real life, providing a major point of difference from other betting companies.

If you’re interested in betting on something in a bit of a different way, then this will likely appeal to you. If, however, you like to stick to what you know, then there might not be much for you at Draftstars. Regardless, it’s certainly an interesting concept and one that they are essentially the pioneer of in Australia. 

If you decide that you want to give fantasy sports betting a try, then you’ll be pleased by both the website and the mobile app offered by this bookmaker. Each of them is well laid-out, simple to use, and the app in particular is great in that it allows you to virtually everything that you could do on the larger desktop site.

There are, however, a few areas in which Draftstars could improve. For starters, their customer service is quite poor, with an online form the only way to reach out to them and the lack of live chat or a phone number both notable. They also have very few payment methods available, with credit/debit card and POLi the only options for depositing and withdrawals.

Overall, this is an interesting bookmaker providing something different from what we are used to. They are likely to divide opinions of punters in terms of whether they are worth pursuing based largely on the fact that they only offer fantasy markets; if you like betting on those, then this will likely be a site you’ll use, but if you don’t then you’ll probably be best off sticking to other sites.

Frequently Asked Questions About Draftstars

Does Draftstars offer live streaming?

No, Draftstars doesn’t offer live streaming at this point in time. They do have a quality website and app so perhaps they would have the capacity to include it there, but typically live streaming is reserved for the bigger bookies who have the dollars to pay for broadcasting rights, and as a relatively niche betting site Draftstars doesn’t currently sit in that category.

Can I bet live on Draftstars?

No, you cannot. The concept of fantasy betting invariably means that you need to select your players before a game starts, so live betting won’t be a liable thing to include on Draftstars unless they one day branch out to include regular betting markets.

Can I make non-fantasy bets on Draftstars?

No, unfortunately you can’t. Draftstars offerings are limited exclusively to fantasy betting, so if you want to bet on something like a moneyline or an over/under market, you’ll need to go to another betting site.

Is Draftstars Legal in Australia?

Yes, Draftstars is legal in Australia. Like many licensed bookmakers, they are licensed and commissioned by the Northern Territory Racing Commission. This means that they have certain guidelines that they are required by law to adhere to, and you can feel confident that they are operating above board.

Draftstars Best Features

Great features which separate bookmakers from the pack can be the difference between success and failure, and these are a couple of the most notable of Draftstars features.

Their focus on something unique

While it won’t be for everyone, the fact that Draftstars focuses on a type of betting which is rare to find elsewhere is undoubtedly one of their most notable features. Fantasy sports are a popular pastime for many sports fans, but not typically to bet on; instead they’re usually something to enjoy with friends. By making betting in this way readily available, Draftstars have attempted to tap into what is a big market, and position themselves as a unique betting service.

Great mobile app

Mobile betting apps are part of the vast majority of bookmakers these days, and certainly the big ones. However, not all of them are made equal, and many fail to perform their function to the necessary standard, often being particularly difficult to use or regularly running into issues. Draftstars have avoided this, creating a high-quality app on which you can do virtually everything you need to do with the bookmaker. In fact, so good is this app that you could use it entirely in place of the desktop site, meaning you never need to open up your computer to use Draftstars.

Draftstars Mobile Apps

As we just mentioned, Draftstars mobile offering is a really good one, so let’s take a little bit more of a look at it. The mobile app is easily downloadable for iOS and Android devices from wherever it is that you get your apps; simply type ‘Draftstars’ into the search function and you’ll be able to download it in a matter of minutes, if not less. Once you open up the app, you’ll be greeted with an aesthetically pleasing home page on which you can either log in or sign up.

You’ll have access to all of the different fantasy markets offered by Draftstars, and will also be able to do a host of other things on the app. You can deposit and withdraw money, fill in the online form if you have any questions, and of course place bets. This means that the app can be used as a substitute to the desktop site, making it easy to make the most of everything that Draftstars has to offer when you’re on the go.

Overall, the mobile app offered by Draftstars is a very high quality one. It’s highly functional and easy to use, and is a comprehensive reflection of the offerings of this bookmaker.

Draftstars Banking

Banking is one area which might not seem particularly interesting until you come across a bookmaker which doesn’t offer the payment method which you are used to using. For some people this will never happen; if you use credit/debit card, which we recommend due to its presence on most betting sites and ease of use, then you’ll be fine as you’ll likely never run into a bookie not offering this. If you use something a little more obscure, however, you might need to be a bit more discerning with your choice of bookmaker.

Unfortunately, this is one area in which Draftstars has plenty of room for improvement. They offer just two different methods for withdrawing and depositing; credit/debit card and POLi. One positive to be said is that at least these are two relatively popular payment methods, so it’s likely that many punters will generally use one of them anyway, or at the very least will easily be able to adapt to use one of them. Nonetheless, with so many other payment options at other bookmakers, this is likely to cause problems for at least a handful of punters.

This is an area in which Draftstars falls a long way behind the pack. It’s certainly a rectifiable issue, and if they can find a way to add a few more options for customers then that would certainly give them a boost in terms of their overall offering.

Draftstars Customer Support

Customer support is another important component of betting sites which might not get the same attention as some other things, but it is still important, particularly if you are going to be using a betting company fairly regularly or for an extended period of time. Invariably you will run into a situation in which you need to get into contact with the company, and being able to do so quickly and easily – and speaking to somebody who is willing and able to help – is pivotal.

Unfortunately, this is again an area in which Draftstars doesn’t do a particularly good job. Typically the easiest ways to contact a bookmaker is via live chat or phone; many bookies offer both of these, sometimes 24 hours a day and seven days a week, but even those who don’t offer them both generally have at least one of these two choices. Draftstars is a rare bookmaker which offers neither live chat or phone. Instead, the only way that you can get into contact with them is via an online form. They do at least generally provide helpful responses, but using this form of contact is evidently a lot slower than speaking in real time to someone on live chat or the phone, so having this as the only options makes it nearly impossible to find an immediate resolution to any issues.

Draftstars would benefit significantly by adding one or two more contact methods to their customer support platform. This way, customers would be able to have their queries resolved quickly; the lack of current options will likely be a turnoff for many punters.