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  • Great website
  • Solid customer support
  • Decent racing odds
Quality website
Good racing section of the site
Decent customer support
Lack of markets
Average sports odds
No live streaming

WinnersBet Review

WinnersBet is one of the newest bookmakers in Australia, having only been started as recently as 2020. As is typically the case with new bookmakers, there are a number of areas in which they struggle to compete with the biggest and best of their competitors, but they have focused on a few certain areas, and we’ll take a look at some of these throughout the course of this detailed review. 

WinnersBet Strengths and Weaknesses

As mentioned, WinnersBet has a number of areas in which they need to improve in order to compete with the best bookmakers in Australia, but they also have plenty going for them in their early days. Let’s take a look at some of these strengths and weaknesses now. 

👍WinnersBet Strengths 

  • Good racing markets – Given that WinnersBet was founded by a well-known on-track bookmaker, it’s no surprise that racing is a focus for them. While they may be left wanting in some areas, the racing markets available are fairly comprehensive, so if this is your preferred bet type then this will be a big plus.

  • Functional website – The WinnersBet website excels in its simplicity, making it easy to find what it is you’re looking for in a quick and efficient manner. It loads very quickly, doesn’t feel heavy like many other betting sites, and is generally very easy to use.

  • Helpful customer support – If you run into any issues with WinnersBet, their friendly customer support team will be able to help you out. Importantly in our view, they offer a live chat function which makes it easy to get in touch with them if you need to.

👎WinnersBet Weaknesses 

  • Lack of markets – This is probably the most notable area in which WinnersBet needs to improve to compete with the bigger bookmakers. They don’t offer a huge selection of different sports to bet on, and among those that do their isn’t a great range of markets.

  • Average odds – This is another area of concern for many punters with WinnersBet, though it may improve as they become a more established betting site. The odds available on sports markets aren’t great compared to many competitors, so if you’re someone who likes to hunt for the best odds you may need to hunt elsewhere.

  • No live streaming – Live streaming is something which is typically only available with the bigger bookmakers, so it’s probably no great surprise that it’s not yet a part of the WinnersBet service. Still, if this is something that you look for in a bookmaker then you won’t be able to find it with WinnersBet. 


All bookmakers have their strengths and weaknesses, and how relevant each of these are will depend on the punter. For many, the lack of markets and average odds will mean they will avoid WinnersBet, but those who value racing markets and a good user experience will be more inclined to give them a go.

WinnersBet profile

Year founded:
Da He 
License & regulation:
Registered as a licensed bookmaker of Racing Victoria 
Sponsorship Deals:
Payment Methods:
Credit/debit card, POLi, bank transfer
Excellent website, decent racing odds, solid customer support 
Odds Providers:
Apps Devices:
No app
Contact information/Support:
Live chat, email: [email protected]

WinnersBet full review

Given they are still in their relative infancy, it should come as no surprise that WinnersBet still has lots of work to do in a number of key areas before they can compete with the more successful bookmakers in Australia. They have, however, laid a solid foundation, providing their customers with a quality experience in a number of different ways.

For starters, they have a high-quality and functional website which makes it easy to do what you need to do quickly and efficiently. It’s not a complicated or particularly detailed website, but it has what it needs and most importantly loads very rapidly. A focus on racing is another plus for punters who are that way inclined, while they also offer a relatively good customer support platform.

As mentioned though, there are plenty of other areas in which they need to improve. For starters, they have a notable lack of different sports available to bet on and relatively few markets available for those which are available. The odds are also fairly average for sports betting, meaning that those who make an effort to find the best possible value will likely be best off looking elsewhere. They also don’t yet offer a mobile betting app, which puts them behind the vast majority of other bookmakers.

Most of these pitfalls are things which may gradually begin to be rectified as they begin to become a more established bookie. For the time being, however, they are factors which are likely to turn off quite a few potential punters.

FAQs About WinnersBet

Does WinnersBet offer live streaming?

No, unfortunately WinnersBet doesn’t offer live streaming on any events. They do have a great website on which a live streaming platform would seem to fit well, but they probably have more pressing things that they need to improve upon before they can consider purchasing broadcasting rights for any major events.

Can I bet on live events with WinnersBet?

At this point, no you cannot bet live with WinnersBet. This is a form of betting which is becoming increasingly popular so one would imagine they would be looking to include it in their offerings at some point, but for the time being there is no option to bet on in-play markets with this bookie.

Who can use WinnersBet?

WinnersBet is available for anyone over the age of 18 and who is in Australia. Betting is illegal for those under the age of 18 so evidently anyone in that category cannot sign up, while if you’re abroad you also won’t be able to use the website.

Is WinnersBet legal in Australia?

Yes, they are a legal betting site in Australia. Unlike a majority of bookmakers in Australia who are registered with the Northern Territory Racing Commission, WinnersBet is licensed by Racing Victoria, but this doesn’t make them any less legitimate than their counterparts. Bets are accepted on behalf of owner Da He, and the bookie also complies with the VBA Responsible Gambling code of conduct.

WinnersBet Best Sports Features 

Let’s now take a look at a couple of the best features available with WinnersBet.

Highly functional website

The WinnersBet website is a clear standout, and is evidently something they placed an emphasis on when developing the site. This makes sense; after all, it is the first thing that you will notice when checking out a new bookmaker. The website follows much the same template of most bookmakers, but the major reason why we are so glowing in our review of it is that it loads particularly quickly. This makes it easy to get from Point A to Point B, something which isn’t the case with every bookmaker, and this is likely to be a major point of attraction for many punters.

Focus on racing

There are plenty of punters who much prefer to focus on sport than racing, but for those who prefer the latter WinnersBet is likely to be much more appealing. Da He, owner of the site, is a well-known on-track bookmaker, so it’s no surprise that upon creating his own website he placed an emphasis on racing. Unlike the sports offerings, which pale in comparison to many other bookmakers, there is as much local and international racing as you’ll find anywhere, and the odds are also relatively decent, particularly compared to the sports odds.

WinnersBet Mobile apps

Mobile betting is a space which is continually growing, and many if not most bookmakers now offer a mobile app on which you can do virtually everything you can do on the website. This enables punters to quickly and easily place bets and do whatever else they need to do without having to open up their laptop. Unfortunately, WinnersBet doesn’t yet offer an app, meaning that this popular way to access betting platforms isn’t available with them. This will likely be a big issue for some people, though it is worth noting that they do have a mobile site which can be used in place of an app.

This is a little less convenient than an app, but all it requires you to do is open up your search engine and type in the WinnersBet url. You’ll then be automatically redirected to the mobile website, which essentially mirrors the desktop site albeit with things compressed in order to fit onto your smaller mobile screen. This is still a relatively convenient way to bet, deposit, withdraw or whatever it may be, though the development of a mobile app in the future would certainly help earn a few brownie points for WinnersBet.

WinnersBet Banking

It’s not uncommon for new bookmakers to be relatively thin in terms of the different payment options that they offer, and WinnersBet is no exception. They have just three ways to deposit and withdraw available, though they are at least among the most common so they will still cater to the needs of many punters. Probably the most popular among these is credit/debit card, which can be used for both deposits and withdrawals, while POLi and bank transfer round out the list of available payment methods.

If you are happy to use one of these three methods then the lack of other options will be no hindrance to your ability to easily use WinnersBet, particularly given it’s generally easier to stick to the same method of payment all the time. If, however, you like to use something like e-wallets, or even other common methods such as PayPal, then you’ll have to decide whether the inability to use these with WinnersBet is a dealbreaker, or whether you can get used to using a different method of payment.

WinnersBet Customer Support

If you use WinnersBet for long enough, you’ll likely eventually need their help with something. Whether it’s a genuine issue, just need help finding something or you simply have a straightforward general enquiry, it’s important that there is a readily accessible customer support platform available for you. And while WinnersBet certainly has room for improvement in various other facets of their offerings, their customer service is typically pretty good.

Importantly, they have a live chat function, which in our view is the quickest and easiest way to resolve most issues. There’s also an email address if you don’t have the time to hang around on a live chat or have a more detailed query, while a Frequently Asked Questions page will also be able to help out many people. The notable omission here is a phone number, but while it’s a little unusual to not have this available, the fact that live chat is available will likely be sufficient to offset this for most people. Overall, the customer support platform available with WinnersBet is a pretty good one, and sits up there with their website as one of the best features of the bookmaker.