Betting apps are an increasingly popular way to bet, with the ability to access everything that a bookmaker has to offer on a mobile phone attracting many punters to these convenient apps. In this review, we’ll take a look at some of the best betting apps in the country, and explain why we think they’re among the best ➡️ 

Best Betting Apps

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Betting Apps

Betting apps can make the overall betting experience that much easier. Instead of having to open up your computer, you can simply download the app and do all that you need to do on your phone. That’s why most bookmakers now offer these handy betting apps, but even for those who don’t you can typically access a mobile version of their desktop site which is more suitable for your smaller device.

Mobile Sites Vs Mobile Apps in Australia

Virtually every bookmaker will give you an option to access their offerings on a mobile device. Often, and particularly with the bigger betting sites, this will come in the form of mobile betting apps, many of which are easier to use than the desktop site themselves. When bookies don’t have one of these, you can typically still access a mobile version of their website, which essentially compresses the desktop site to be easier to use on your phone. The below table provides a comparison between the two.

Mobile App 📲Mobile Site 💻
Easy to open and accessTakes a little longer to get into
Typically only available on iOS and Android devicesAvailable on any device with access to a search engine
Created specifically for mobile phone useVarying levels of suitability for mobile phone use
Can typically access everything, including banking, customer support and of course placing betsAs with an app, typically all features of the desktop site are available on the mobile site
Often quicker to load than the mobile siteOften slower to load than betting apps

Why Would We Recommend a Betting App?

You’ve seen our table above about the betting apps that we think are among the best in Australia, but you may be wondering why it is that we’ve chosen these particular ones. Our comprehensive review system entails looking at numerous different features, starting with how easy the app is to use. Evidently, this is a key component of a betting app; is it easy to browse through, does it load quickly, and does it tend to have any issues are all questions that we consider when analysing a betting app. 

We also take into account whether or not you can access all that you need to on the betting app. Ideally, a good app should let you do everything that you can do on the website, from creating an account and depositing and withdrawing through to accessing customer support, browsing odds, and placing bets. If an app fails to allow you to do any of these things then that’s obviously not ideal, which is why the above betting apps all consistently include everything that you need.

Best Australian Betting Apps

Now it’s time for us to go into a little bit more detail about the apps that we’ve recommended. Each of the below bookies have created betting apps that are among the best in the industry, so let’s take a look at each of them and why we think they are so great. 



One of the more recently established operators in Australia, PlayUp has quickly developed into one of the more popular too, and a high-quality betting app is just one of the reasons why.

  • Devices: Available for iOS and Android
  • Top Features for mobile: Extremely easy to use, fast to load
  • Likes for mobile: Ease of use, competitive odds, access to 24/7 customer support
  • Dislikes for mobile: Not the widest range of sports available
  • Sports covered: Australian rules football, rugby league, rugby union, basketball, cricket, soccer, tennis, golf, racing and more
PlayUp Review
Great Mobile Offering & Extensive Markets on Offer



Boombet is the rebranded version of the experienced bookmaker Sportsbetting, who were long renowned for their quality fixed odds, particularly in the racing sphere. Their new aesthetic has been implemented into their mobile app, which is a highly functional way to access the services of this bookie.

  • Devices: Available for iOS and Android
  • Top Features for mobile: Aesthetically pleasing, good fixed odds
  • Likes for mobile: Great fixed odds, relatively fast to download
  • Dislikes for mobile: Not a great range of sports, no live betting
  • Sports covered: Soccer, Australian rules football, cricket, golf, tennis, racing, rugby, basketball
Boombet Review
Creates it's own great odds!



Bet365 is one of the best bookmakers in the business, not just in Australia but around the globe. This global betting giant has a number of things going for it, and their mobile app is one of the best you’ll find, making it easy to access all of their great offerings from your mobile

  • Devices: Available for iOS and Android
  • Top Features for mobile: Extremely easy to use, huge range of different markets, great selection of banking options
  • Likes for mobile: Ability to quickly access what you need to, ability to watch live events
  • Dislikes for mobile: Occasional tendency for the app to malfunction
  • Sports covered: Australian rules football, golf, surfing, tennis, rugby league, rugby union, soccer, racing, American football, darts, motor sports, ice hockey
Bet365 Review
Great Cash-Out Offering & Streaming Offering



Like Bet365, Unibet is one of the most renowned betting companies in the world. They excel in their incredible selection of sports markets and excellent fixed odds, but they also offer a pretty good app to boot as well.

  • Devices: Available for iOS and Android
  • Top Features for mobile: Fantastic selection of different sports markets, some of the best fixed odds going around
  • Likes for mobile: Ability to bet on virtually everything imaginable at good odds from the comfort of your mobile phone
  • Dislikes for mobile: Like the website, the Unibet app can at times be quite slow to load
  • Sports covered: Australian rules football, rugby league, rugby union, soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, motor sports
Unibet Review
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A betting site with a difference, Draftstars gives customers the chance to bet on their favourite sports in a different way by creating fantasy teams which score points based on the players’ performances in real life. Their app is a quality one, and allows you to quickly and easily create teams, deposit and withdraw and more 

  • Devices: Available for iOS and Android
  • Top Features for mobile: Easy to use mobile app, ability to bet on your favourite sports in a unique way
  • Likes for mobile: The app is very easy to use
  • Dislikes for mobile: There aren’t a great deal of sports on offer and normal markets – such as moneyline etc. – are not available
  • Sports covered: Basketball, American football, golf, racing, soccer, cricket, Australian rules football, rugby
Draftstars Review
Best Daily Fantasy Sports in Australia



Picklebet is another unique bookmaker, though they stand out from the crowd for a different reason. Their focus is on eSports, so if you’re a fan of this electronic form of sport then the ability to download Picklebet’s quality app and bet on it may well appeal to you.

  • Devices: Available for iOS and Android
  • Top Features for mobile: Very responsive app, wide range of eSports markets available
  • Likes for mobile: The app is extremely responsive and easy to use, making betting on eSports as easy as possible
  • Dislikes for mobile: Not a huge range of non eSports markets
  • Sports covered: eSports, basketball, soccer, rugby, Australian rules football, tennis, table tennis, cricket, golf
Picklebet Review



Palmerbet is an experienced and popular bookmaker, and though they lack the recognition of some of the biggest names they are certainly more than able to compete in most key areas. This includes the app, with this betting site having created one of the most user-friendly mobile apps going around

  • Devices: Available for iOS and Android
  • Top Features for mobile: Fast to load app, wide range of markets, competitive odds
  • Likes for mobile: Ability to quickly and easily access all of the great features of this bookmaker
  • Dislikes for mobile: No live chat available
  • Sports covered: Australian rules football, rugby league, rugby union, cricket, golf, tennis, American football, basketball, table tennis, surfing, hockey, ice hockey, motor sports
Palmerbet Review
Promotions on Offer



TopSport is one of the most experienced bookmakers in Australia, and has plenty of great features. One of these is their mobile app, which makes it easy for their customers to access the TopSport platform on the go.

  • Devices: Available for iOS and Android
  • Top Features for mobile: Quick to download, easy to navigate, good selection of sports
  • Likes for mobile: The app is very easy to use and gives you quick access to TopSport’s extensive range of sports.
  • Dislikes for mobile: No live chat, sports odds could be better
  • Sports covered: Rugby league, rugby union, cricket, Australian rules football, basketball, tennis, golf
Topsport Review
High Betting Limits

Top iOS and Top Android Apps

We’ve taken a look at some of the best apps going around, but you’ve probably noticed that they’re all available for both iOS and Android devices. So is there a difference between the most suitable apps for these two types of devices? Let’s take a look at the best options for each of them

iOS Betting Apps

iOS betting apps are those which are suitable for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. Typically, these will be available wherever it is that you get your apps, with the App Store the most common place for punters to go to download. To access them, simply head to the App Store or wherever you download your apps from, type in the name of the bookmaker and click download. From there, you’ll be able to access all you need from your iOS device.

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Android Betting Apps

Android betting apps aren’t available for the iPhones and iPads of the world, instead being created to use on Android devices. With these, you’ll want to head to your preferred Android app store, which for many people is the Google Play Store. As you would with an iOS device, simply type in the name of the bookmaker and download the relevant app, which will enable you to bet, access customer support and more on your Android device.

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Betting Apps Features

There are plenty of features which help to take a betting app from decent to good to great, and in this section we’re going to take a look at what it is that you should look for in a betting app.

✔️  Loading speed

The speed at which an app loads is pivotal to whether or not it deserves to be rated as a good one or not. Some apps tend to take a long time to open pages, which makes them difficult to use, whereas others load extremely quickly and are easier to use than even the desktop site.

✔️  Ease of navigation

Given there is so much to include in an app on a relatively small screen, the organisation of betting apps is very important. You want an app that makes it easy to navigate and find what it is that you’re looking for, without the need to open too many new pages.

✔️  Range of markets and odds

This is a more general feature of a bookmaker, but one which is still important to consider when looking at Australian betting apps. The best betting sites offer a wide selection of sports and markets and have decent odds, so try to find an app by a bookmaker which fits this bill.

✔️  Aesthetics

This may or may not be important to you, and experienced punters might be more inclined to look at things like the odds rather than the appearance of an app. Nonetheless, it’s an added bonus to have an aesthetically pleasing app rather than one which is unpleasant to look at, or which makes it difficult to read the writing on the page.

✔️  Ability to access customer support

Customer support is an important component of any bookmaker, and the ability to access it on your mobile app is key. Ideally, you’ll be able to access all parts of the customer support platform on your mobile app, including things like live chat if they’re available with the bookmaker.

✔️ Live streaming

Live streaming can be a great addition to any bookmaker, and the ability to access it on a mobile app is a big plus. If a bookmaker has broadcast rights to a sport that you’re interested in and you can watch it on the app, you can tune into your favourite sport on the go courtesy of the bookmaker.

Betting Sites Bonuses and Promotions

Most bookmakers offer some form of bonuses and promotions, but just how good these are varies significantly from one betting site to another, and even from one point in time to another. There may be periods when one particular bookmaker offers a great promo and other times when they don’t have much.

Generally, these promos are available to be accessed on mobile apps and sites, and on occasions there are even bonuses which are available only to users of the app. This is to encourage users to download and use the app, though it’s certainly no guarantee as it’s only occasionally that bookmakers will do this. This could come in the form of a deposit match when you download the app, or it could be something else entirely like a money back bonus if your bet only fails by a small margin.

All You Need to Know Before Downloading a Sports Betting App

You shouldn’t generally have too much trouble downloading a sports betting app. They’re typically very quick to download and don’t take up too much space, but particularly if you’ve got a lack of storage space it’s certainly worth making sure that you have enough room to download the app. For most people, however, downloading the app will be a case of following the below simple steps.

How to Download a Betting App

Downloading a betting app is super easy. To start, head to your preferred location for downloading apps – for example, the App Store on iOS devices or the Google Play Store on Android devices. Once there, type the name of the bookmaker into the search bar. You’ll then see the app pop up as an option; click on download and the app will begin to download itself onto your phone. This should take no more than a minute or two, and once it’s done you can click into the app, log in or sign up, and then access all that the bookie has to offer.

Banking Options for Betting Apps

One of the many things that you can do on the betting apps that we’ve listed above is to deposit and withdraw into your betting account. There are a variety of different ways that you can do this, and which options are available to you will depend on which bookmaker you use. Some bookies, like Bet365, offer an enormous selection of options which will cater to virtually every punter, while for others the options are a lot more limited.

The most common way to deposit and withdraw and what we think is the easiest is to use debit/credit card, which results in instant deposits and takes generally between one and five business days for withdrawals. PayPal is another popular option, while POLi is also increasingly common for punters. Bank transfer is something that you’ll come across for the majority of bookmakers too, though typically this is reserved for withdrawals and will again take a few days for the money to arrive in your bank account.

Sign up

Before you deposit into a betting account, you will of course first need to create an account if you haven’t already. Doing this is very straightforward and is much the same on most bookmaker sites – simply click the ‘sign up’ or ‘join’ button usually located in the top right of the home page, follow the required steps and then verify your account.

How to Deposit on Betting Apps

Now that you know some of the methods that you can use to deposit, these are the simple steps you need to undertake to do so. 

  • Click on the ‘deposit’ button, which will typically be on the home page. If it’s not, head to your ‘My Account’ section and find it there.
  • Select your preferred payment method.
  • Enter the amount that you wish to deposit.
  • Confirm, and you’re on your way.


Are betting apps legal?

Yep, they certainly are. If the bookmaker in question is legal, then so too is the betting app. Just make sure that you are in Australia and over 18 years of age if you want to use it.

Can you bet on sports betting apps?

You sure can. Betting on sports betting apps is easy, and for some it’s more straightforward than doing so on a desktop site.

What is the best betting app?

This one depends on your preferences. Different punters look for different things in a betting app, but some of the most important things to look out for is a smooth user experience and an app which doesn’t crash or take too long to load.

Can you live stream on betting apps?

Sometimes! Of course, many bookmakers don’t offer any live streaming so in these cases you can’t watch anything on their betting apps, but those bookmakers that do have some broadcast rights do often offer them on their mobile apps.

Can you access customer support on betting apps?

Typically, yes you can. The customer support platform should be as comprehensive for most bookmakers as it is on the desktop site, with phone numbers provided if the bookmaker has one, and live chat platforms too.