Euro 2024 Betting: All You Need to Know

Euro 2024 is just around the corner! Europe’s finest will battle for continental supremacy in Germany this summer. Who will be the best of the 24? Read on for the ultimate Euro 2024 betting guide that will provide you with everything you need to know about the month-long football fest. 

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How Do You Bet on the Euro?

We are only months away from Euro 2024. You’ve made your travel plans, got your tickets, but is there something you are forgetting about? It’s time to place your Euro 2024 bets, of course!

These might still feel like early days, but you need to get the ball rolling on your Euro 2024 betting strategy right away. 

Not sure how to bet on the Euro? Here’s a simple guideline:

  • Research soccer betting sites and find the right one: The first step is to do your research and find the right betting site. Here in this guide you’ll find the best soccer betting sites in Australia.
  • Research the odds: Understanding the odds increases your chances of winning. Check online for team odds, decide your risk level, and do thorough research. Look for good value. You can also look up individual player odds and customised bets. 
  • Sign up for a site: Step three is setting up an account with the betting site. Every site has its own procedure - Bet365 will be different from BetRight - but they’re generally quite similar. Follow the site's instructions, complete your details, confirm your age, choose a deposit method, and you're all registered.
  • Go to the Euro 2024 section: The website should have a dedicated Euro 2024 section since it’s one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Go to the Euro 2024 section of the site once you find it. 
  • Add to your betslip: Now that you're set, look for the bet you prefer and add it to your betslip. After that, you can place your bet. There are various bet types such as Win Outright, Full Time Results, First Goal Scorer, and others. Research in advance to pick the right one for you.

Understanding Odds

Odds in sports betting are like the tipster down the pub giving you their two cents on what's likely to go down. They're a way of measuring how probable the bookies think something is to happen, whether it's your beloved team winning the tournament or that cheeky longshot causing an upset.

Odds are typically presented in three formats: decimal, fractional, and American (moneyline). Lower odds indicate a higher probability of the outcome happening, while higher odds suggest a lower probability.

Bookies assign these odds based on the recent performance of the teams. Certain other factors, like history in the competition, grouping, and return of star players are also taken into consideration. 

When betting on Euro 2024, you can bet on teams winning the championship. Apart from that, you can also bet on individual matchups. Switzerland, for instance, are at 81.00 to win the tournament. Grant Xhaka and company, however, are much likelier to win their Euro 2024 opener against Hungary.

Should You Play it Safe With Odds? 

What should be your betting philosophy? Go big or go home? Or be a steady Eddie and stay happy with minimal returns? For those with a predilection for higher risk and the potential for substantial returns, pursuing underdog outcomes with elevated odds may be an attractive proposition. 

Conversely, individuals seeking a more conservative approach might gravitate towards established favourites offering smaller, yet more predictable, payouts.

We advise opting for a diversified portfolio. Take some daring bets, but refrain from investing excessively in them. Also, consider placing low-risk bets to reduce overall risk. 

For instance, you could bet on England winning Euro 2024 at odds of 4.50. Simultaneously, you might bet on Luxembourg reaching the quarterfinals at odds of 25.00.

Should You Shop Around and Compare Odds?

Of course, you should explore odds from multiple bookies before making a final betting decision. Chances are, they’ll offer different odds for the same event.

So, by comparing odds across a few bookies, you can find the best value. Even a small difference in odds adds up over time and adds a significant sum to your profit. 

That’s why a platform like MyBetting can be a valuable tool for sports betting. Here, you will find odds from multiple sources at the same place. So it becomes much easier to compare and pick the best bets. 

Most Popular Markets

Betting sites will offer a myriad of Euro 2024 betting markets. Some of these will be nothing but gimmicks to attract amateur gamblers. They rely too much on luck, so you can’t expect to establish a trend by researching relevant data. 

Here are some of the most popular markets you will find on Euro 2024 betting sites: 

  • Outright Winner: This is the simplest yet the most popular market. All you need to do is predict the winner of the tournament. 
  • Top Goalscorer: Predict which player will take the Golden Boot home. 
  • Name the Finalists: Win big by predicting the two teams that will walk out of the Olympiastadion tunnel on July 15.

These are the most popular Euro 2024 betting markets because:

  • These picks can be backed by substantial research, statistical data, and expert analysis. For instance, you can analyse the current form of strikers to determine the best pick for the Euro 2024 Top Goalscorer.
  • All bookmakers offer these markets. The wider availability gives you the chance to compare odds and go for the most lucrative offer. For example, both Playup and Getsetbet might offer odds, but one has a better rate and you can choose to go with that.

Outright Betting Explained 

Outright betting involves placing a wager on the grand narrative of an entire tournament or competition. Instead of individual matches, you will attempt to foretell the outcome of the whole competition. Who will win Euro 2024? That’s an outright bet. Who will score the highest goals in Euro 2024? That's also an outright bet because it's based on the whole tournament.

Single Bet

Single bets are straightforward wagers placed on a single outcome. The beauty lies in its simplicity. There’s no need for multiple results to fall your way, just one clear winner, and you’re quids in.

Perfect for beginners and seasoned punters alike, single bets offer a clean-cut chance to test your footballing foresight.

Let's say you're betting on a single football match between England and France. You expect England to claim the bragging rights. You bet $10 on England to win with odds of 2.00. If your prediction is correct, you will get a payout of $20 ($10 stake x 2.00 odds), which includes your original stake plus a $10 profit.

Accumulator Bets 

Accumulator Bets, or ACCAs, can help you win big, but they are quite tricky. ACCAs combine multiple match outcomes into one grand wager. You'll predict the results of a series of matches, and all of them must go your way to receive the payout.

Let's consider an accumulator bet involving three football matches:

  • France vs. Germany - You bet on Germany to win at odds of 2.00.
  • Italy vs. Finland - You bet on Italy to win at odds of 1.80.
  • Turkey vs. Hungary - You bet on Turkey to win at odds of 1.90.

You merge these three separate bets into a single accumulator wager. If all three choices win, your accumulator bet succeeds. Here's how the potential payout is calculated: $10 (stake) multiplied by 2.00 (odds for Germany) multiplied by 1.80 (odds for Italy) multiplied by 1.90 (odds for Turkey) equals $68.40. That’s a tasty return, huh?

But remember, it's all or nothing with ACCAs. If even one of your picks fails, the whole bet goes bust, and you lose your money. 

Team vs. Team Betting

Fancy pitting two teams against each other in a betting showdown? Match betting, also known as team vs. team betting, lets you predict the outcome of a specific game. Correctly predict who'll reign supreme, or if it’ll be a stalemate, and get your reward. Team vs. team betting comes in the following variations:

  • Win-Draw-Win: This is the most basic team vs. team bet. Will Team A smash it, Team B cause an upset, or will it be a nail-biting draw? Each option has its own odds, based on the bookies’ predictions about how strong each team is and how they’ve been playing lately.
  • Double Chance: This variant allows punters to mitigate risk by covering two of the three possible outcomes in a match. You pick two out of the three outcomes – Team A wins, Team B wins, or a draw – so you're covered even if your prediction isn't spot-on. While the odds might not be as juicy as a straight-win bet, it will keep your heartbeat in check. 
  • Correct Score: This bet's all about predicting the final score down to the last goal. Think you can call a 4-0 drubbing or a nail-biting 1-1 draw? While success in such a wager can be elusive, it frequently offers higher odds and potentially substantial payouts.
  • Both Teams to Score (BTTS): This one's simple: will both teams find the net, no matter who wins? It's a popular choice, especially when two attacking teams (or teams with dodgy defences) are facing off. 

Strategies and Betting Tips

Here are the steps you need to take to set up your Euro 2024 betting strategy:

  • Do Your Homework: Since you are here, you already know this! Check team form, injuries, who's been on fire lately, and even past head-to-heads – anything that could give you the edge. Germany hasn't won a knockout game in a major international competition for eight years. Should this make you cautious about betting on them? Kane has scored more goals than any other European player in the last three major international tournaments. Does this make him the top contender to win the Euro 2024 Golden Boot?
  • Set Your Goals: Setting up a clear betting vision is also important before you start placing bets. Are you hoping to turn a steady profit, back specific teams or players you fancy, or just have a bit of fun with some casual bets? Knowing your goals will help you decide what bets to make.
  • Set a Strict Budget: Gambling can be addictive, so make sure you keep your temptations in check. Determine a fixed amount that you are happy to spend, and make sure to never spend more than it. Most of the time, chasing losses is like chasing a mirage-it will lead to further agony. 
  • Check for Higher Odds Across Various Platforms:  Don’t just settle for the first odds you see. The odds for a certain market can be different across various betting apps. So, make sure to look around, find the best odds, and maximize your winning potential.
  • Stay Updated and Act Accordingly: Be prepared to adjust your betting game like a seasoned manager. Injuries, surprise upsets, suspensions – all can throw a spanner in the works. Stay on your toes, keep an eye on the latest news, and be flexible with your bets. New opportunities might pop up faster than a free pint on a sunny Saturday, so be ready to pounce!

Bonuses and Promotion

With Euro 2024 looming large, bookmakers are pulling out all the stops to lure you in with juicy bonuses and sweet deals. Here's a taste of what you might find:

  • Welcome Bonuses: Opening an account with a bookmaker during the Euro 2024 period is likely to entitle users to a welcome bonus. This could come in various forms, such as free bets, deposit matches, or enhanced odds on selected matches.
  • Enhanced Odds: Bookmakers such as Wellbet and Bet365 regularly offer enhanced odds on specific matches or outcomes during Euro 2024. This means punters could enjoy higher-than-usual odds on selected bets, potentially leading to increased winnings.
  • Cashback Offers: Cashback promotions could be available, where users receive a percentage of their losses back as a bonus or cash reward.
  • Special Promotions: Bookmakers may introduce special promotions tailored specifically for Euro 2024, such as predictor games, prize draws, or loyalty rewards for frequent bettors.

Best Bookmakers for Euro 2024

Millions of football fans worldwide eagerly await the Euro 2024 kickoff on Friday, June 14th. Besides the promise of exhilarating football action, many also look forward to the opportunity to make a profit via Euro 2024 betting.

As the Euro 2024 dates approach, relish the excitement with our handpicked selection of the best Euro betting sites.

We recommend these bookmakers because:

  • They have excellent reputations and have been in the business for years
  • They offer competitive odds 
  • Boast a diverse range of markets 
  • User-friendly betting apps for mobile devices 
  • Attractive bonuses and promos 
  • Outstanding customer support 

You should look for the aforementioned qualities to find the perfect destination for Euro 2024 betting.

These are the Euro betting sites we recommend:

  • PlayUp: PlayUp may be a newcomer to the Australian sports betting scene, but it has swiftly made a name for itself as one of the finest options available. What sets this site apart is its outstanding customer support, available round-the-clock. Whether using the PlayUp app or website, users can expect a smooth and efficient experience, free from any notable lag or crashes.
  • GetSetBet: Getsetbet earned its spot on this list thanks to its outstanding mobile app and frequent promotions. The site also boasts an excellent live chat feature, complete with FAQs and friendly support. This efficient service can save you valuable time should you need to contact support while betting.
  • Wellbet: The Wellbet app has got that sleek, polished look that will make you fall in love with the interface straight away. It’s not all about the looks, however. The bookmaker provides attractive odds for all major sporting events, and the Euro 2024 is going to be no exception.
  • Bet365: Bet365 is a veteran in the global sports betting scene. It offers competitive odds, a wide range of personalised bets, and of course, boasts an incredible website and mobile app.  
  • BetRight: We're big fans of BetRight for its fantastic range of customizable betting options. With its 'Request a Bet' feature, you can tailor your bets to suit your preferences perfectly. Plus, the site offers an extensive selection of standard markets, ensuring there's something for every punter.

Top Euro 2024 Betting Features

Football betting has traditionally offered a thrilling and engaging experience for fans. The introduction of several innovative betting features has undeniably heightened the level of engagement and intrigue associated with football betting. Now, betting is about much more than answering the question, “Who will win Euro 2024?”

As Euro 2024 approaches fast, let’s have a look at the top five football betting features:

  • Live Betting: This lets you place bets while the match is happening, with the odds constantly changing like the weather in Melbourne. Live betting presents an opportunity for players to strategically capitalise on evolving trends and momentum shifts within a match. If you see a team or a player performing well in the match, place the bet before the odds catch up. Bukayo Saka has been excellent against Serbia? Make sure to bet on him to score before the odds rise. 
  • Accumulators (ACCAs): Pick the winners of different matches, and if you're right about all of them, you're laughing! Just remember, one wrong pick and it's all over, like a single penalty miss during sudden death. 
  • Live Streaming: Live streaming lets you watch matches in real-time. This feature is particularly advantageous for live betting, as it allows punters to follow the match live and make informed wagering decisions based on the latest developments.
  • Cash Out: Cash out lets you settle your bet early, nabbing a profit if you're winning or minimising losses if things aren't going your way. Think of it like jumping off a rollercoaster before the big drop – you might miss some thrills, but you won't get soaked! The cash out amount offered is calculated based on the current odds and the estimated probability of the bet's success. Not sure your favoured team can hold on to the lead in the frenetic final minutes? You have the option to cash out and secure a smaller profit margin instead of risking losing your entire stake.
  • Request a Bet: Some bookies offer “Request a Bet,” where you can build your own unique punt. Choose any outcomes or combos you like, and they'll give you odds. After receiving the request, the bookmakers generate odds for custom bets. If you believe that Germany goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen will score a goal in the tournament, you can submit a custom bet request to bookmakers who accept such requests.

Euro 2024 Futures/Outright Betting

Euro 2024 futures, also known as outright betting, are bets that are made on the outcome of the competition. Outright winners and top goal scorer are the most sought-after outright punts. 

Euro 2024 Winner Odds


Euro 2024 Betting Favorites

Euro 2024 will be a fierce battleground where the best teams in Europe compete. That said, these are the teams who are expected to shine the brightest in Germany after the Euro 2024 groups are all said and done:

  • England: After a series of near misses, Gareth Southgate’s men will be aiming to break their silverware drought in Germany. The Three Lions boast a star-studded squad and have been handed a favourable draw, giving them an advantage over their battle-worn opponents.
  • France: They're stacked with young guns who are electrifying to watch, alongside experienced veterans who know exactly how to win. Les Bleus are a mix of youthful energy and championship-winning know-how that's hard to beat.
  • Portugal: Portugal maintained a 100% record in the qualifiers to secure their tickets to Germany. The Seleção have been unstoppable since Roberto Martinez took over as the new manager, and they will be hoping to carry this momentum into the tournament.
  • Belgium: Belgium will be aiming for European glory to make up for their disappointing World Cup campaign. With a resurgent Romelu Lukaku and an in-form Kevin de Bruyne, they stand as solid contenders.
  • Spain: Luis de la Fuente’s credentials were questioned when he was appointed the new La Roja boss. Under his guidance, Spain have lifted the UEFA Nations Cup and ensured Euro 2024 qualification with a six-match winning streak. The three-time champions, therefore, will be eyeing their fourth European honour in Germany

Past Euro Winners 

Here’s who has prevailed in Europe’s greatest football competition over recent editions.

  • Italy (2020)
  • Portugal (2016)
  • Spain (2012)
  • Spain (2008)
  • Greece (2004)
  • France (2000)
  • Germany (1996)
  • Denmark (1992)
  • Netherlands (1988)
  • France (1984)

Euro 2024 Top Goal Scorer Favorites

These are the players that we say have the best shot at taking home the Golden Boot this year:

  • Harry Kane: Harry Kane loves hitting the back of the net for both club and country. The England captain will bring his red-hot scoring form to Germany and will be in contention for the Golden Boot. 
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: Even though he is approaching his 40th birthday, Cristiano Ronaldo remains an incredible goal machine. The Portugal international, who won the Euro 2020 Golden Boot, bagged 10 goals during the qualifiers.
  • Kylian Mbappé: Kylian Mbappé will not be reminiscing fondly about his last Euro campaign. His missed penalty led to France’s exit, but the current World Cup Golden Boot holder will be determined to make amends this time around.
  • Romelu Lukaku: Romalu Lukaku hit the target no less than 14 times during the qualifiers. The AS Roma forward had also scored four goals last time around, so he is no stranger to the Euro Golden Boot race. 
  • Alvaro Morata: Alvaro Morata could also find himself at the top of the scoring charts. The Spanish number 7 netted 19 goals in his first 31 appearances for Atletico Madrid, and he added four more for Spain during the qualifiers.

Last Euro Top Goal Scorers 

Here’s who last prevailed in the top goal scorer department at recent Euro editions:

  • 2020: Cristiano Ronaldo (5 goals, 1 assist, Portugal)
  • 2016: Antoine Griezmann (6 goals, 2 assists, France)
  • 2012: Fernando Torres (3 goals, 1 assist, Spain)
  • 2008: David Villa (4 goals, Spain)
  • 2004: Milan Baroš (5 goals, Czech Republic)
  • 2000: Patrick Kluivert (5 goals, Netherlands), Savo Milošević (5 goals, Serbia)
  • 1996: Alan Shearer (5 goals, England)
  • 1992: Dennis Bergkamp (3 goals, Netherlands), Tomas Brolin (3 goals, Sweden), Henrik Larsen (3 goals, Sweden), Karl-Heinz Riedle (3 goals, Germany)
  • 1988: Marco van Basten (5 goals, Netherlands)
  • 1984: Michel Platini (9 goals, France)

Structure of the Euro 2024

Germany has been chosen to host the 17th edition of the UEFA European Championship, marking their first time as solo hosts since the Berlin Wall collapsed. The hosts will take on Scotland in the tournament opener on June 14 in Munich. A total of 24 teams will feature in the month-long tournament, with the final to be played in Berlin on July 14.


There are six Euro 2024 groups. Each group consists of four teams. The top two teams from each group will directly qualify for the round of 16. Additionally, the four best third-placed teams will advance to the knockout stage. 

There will be two matches per day usually during the group stages. In the final game week, however, there will be four matches a day.

Eight teams will progress to the quarter-finals from the round-of-16. From there, four will make it to the semi-finals. The last two standing will meet in the final.

The Qualifying Playoffs

The Euro 2024 qualifying playoffs will see twelve teams battling it out for the last three spots at the prestigious tournament. 

Set for 21st March, the six semi-final encounters will determine the teams progressing to the three finals on 26th March. 

Subsequently, the triumphant sides in these games will complete the 24-team Euro finals line-up.

Euro 2024 Groups

Group A

Germany will be the favourites to win the group on paper. But, they will face stiff competition from the rest of the quartet. Hungary could be their biggest challenge. Scotland and Switzerland are well-drilled sides, but they will be the underdogs for the top two positions of the group. 

  • Germany (1)
  • Scotland (4)
  • Hungary (2)
  • Switzerland (3)

Germany - Predicted Squad:

Kevin Trapp (GK), Janis Blaswich (GK), Oliver Baumann (GK); Antonio Rüdiger (CB), Jonathan Tah (CB), Niklas Süle (CB),Mats Hummels (CB), David Raum (LB), Benjamin Henrichs (RB); Joshua Kimmich (DM), Leon Goretzka (CM), İlkay Gündoğan (CM), Robert Andrich (CM), Pascal Groß (CM), Grischa Prömel (CM), Florian Wirtz (AM), Kai Havertz (AM), Julian Brandt (AM), Jonas Hofmann (AM); Leroy Sané (RW), Serge Gnabry (RW), Thomas Müller (SS), Niclas Füllkrug (CF), Marvin Ducksch (CF).

Scotland - Predicted Squad

Liam Kelly (GK) Zander Clark (GK) Robby McCrorie (GK) Scott McKenna (CB) Ryan Porteous (CB) Jack Hendry (CB) Liam Cooper (CB) Greg Taylor (LB) Josh Doig (LB) Nathan Patterson(RB) Anthony Ralston (RB) Scott McTominay (DM) Billy Gilmour (DM) John McGinn (CM) Callum McGregor (CM) Ryan Jack (CM) Stuart Armstrong (CM) Kenny McLean (CM) Lewis Ferguson (AM) Ryan Christie (AM) Ché Adams (CF) Jacob Brown (CF) Lyndon Dykes (CF) Lawrence Shankland (CF)

Hungary - Predicted Squad

Péter Gulácsi (GK) Dénes Dibusz (GK) Patrik Demjén (GK) Péter Szappanos (GK) Attila Szalai (CB) Attila Mocsi (CB) Botond Balogh (CB) Gábor Szalai (CB) Ádám Lang (CB) Milos Kerkez (LB) Zsolt Nagy (LB) Loïc Nego (RB) Endre Botka (RB) Ádám Nagy (DM) Dominik Szoboszlai (CM) Callum Styles (CM) Zsolt Kalmár (CM) Mihály Kata (CM) Soma Szuhodovszki (CM) Bendegúz Bolla (RM) Dániel Gazdag (AM) Krisztofer Horváth (AM) Roland Sallai (RW) Kevin Csoboth (RE) András Németh (CF) Martin Ádám (CF)

Switzerland - Predicted Squad

Yann Sommer (GK) Yvon Mvogo (GK) Anthony Racioppi (GK) Manuel Akanji (CB) Nico Elvedi (CB) Fabian Schär (CB) Cédric Zesiger (CB)Edimilson Fernandes (CB) Eray Cömert (CB) Ricardo Rodríguez (CB) Loris Benito  (CB) Ulisses Garcia (LB) Denis Zakaria (DM) Granit Xhaka (DM) Remo Freuler (CM) Michel Aebischer (CM) Filip Ugrinic (LM) Xherdan Shaqiri (AM)Dan Ndoye (RW) Rubén Vargas (RW) Renato Steffen m(RW) Noah Okafor (CF) Zeki Amdouni (CF) Andi Zeqiri (CF)

Group B

Group B promises to be a tightly contested affair on the surface. While Spain hold a strong position on paper, other teams in the group shouldn't be underestimated. Italy, despite not replicating their Euro 2020 form, still possess a squad with experience and talent. Croatia, led by the ever-influential Luka Modrić, will look to build on their World Cup success, while Albania will undoubtedly be aiming to cause an upset and make their mark on the tournament.

  • Spain (1)
  • Croatia (2)
  • Italy (3)
  • Albania (4)

Spain - Predicted Squad

David Raya (GK) Álex Remiro (GK) Unai Simón m(GK) Pau Torres (CB) Robin Le Normand (CB)  David García (CB) Iñigo Martínez (CB) Alejandro Grimaldo (LB) José Gayà (LB) Daniel Carvajal (RB) Jesús Navas (RB) Rodri (DM) Martín Zubimendi (DM) Gavi (CM) Mikel Merino (CM)Fabián Ruiz (CM) Aleix García (CM) Oihan Sancet (AM) Nico Williams (LW) Mikel Oyarzabal (LW) Ferran Torres (LW) Rodrigo Riquelme (LW) Lamine Yamal (RW) Álvaro Morata (CF) Joselu (CF)

Italy - Predicted Squad

Gianluigi Donnarumma (GK)  Guglielmo Vicario (GK) Ivan Provedel (GK) Marco Carnesecchi (GK) Alessandro Buongiorno (CB)  Gianluca Mancini (CB) Federico Gatti (CB) Francesco Acerbi (CB) Federico Dimarco (LB) Andrea Cambiaso (LB) Cristiano Biraghi (LB) Giovanni Di Lorenzo (RB) Matteo Darmian (RB)Bryan Cristante (DM) Jorginho (DM) Nicolò Barella (CM) Davide Frattesi (CM) Giacomo Bonaventura (CM) Manuel Lazzari (RM) Nicolò Zaniolo (AM) Andrea Colpani (AM) Federico Chiesa (LW) Stephan El Shaarawy (LW) Domenico Berardi (RW) Matteo Politano (RW) Giacomo Raspadori (SS) Gianluca Scamacca (CF) Moise Kean (CF)

Croatia - Predicted Squad

Dominik Livakovic (GK) Nediljko Labrovic (GK) Ivica Ivusic (GK) Josko Gvardiol (CB) Josip Sutalo (CB) Josip Stanisic (CB) Marin Pongracic (CB) Martin Erlić (CB) Domagoj Vida (CB) Borna Sosa (LB) Josip Juranovic (RB) Marcelo Brozovic (DM) Nikola Moro (DM) Mario Pasalic (CM) Luka Modric (CM) Lovro Majer (AM) Martin Baturina (AM) Luka Sucic (AM) Luka Ivanusec(LW) Marko Pjaca (LW) Marco Pasalic (RW) Dion Beljo (CF) Andrej Kramaric (CF) Ante Budimir (CF)

Albania - Predicted Squad

Thomas Strakosha (GK) Elhan Kastrati (GK) Etrit Berisha (GK) Berat Djimsiti (CB) Ardian Ismajli (CB) Jon Mersinaj (CB) Arlind Ajeti (CB) Mario Mitaj (LB) Elseid Hysaj (RB) Iván Balliu (RB) Frédéric Veseli (RB)Kristjan Asllani (DM) Kristjan Asllani (DM) Ylber Ramadani (DM) Klaus Gjasula (DM) Keidi Bare (CM) Qazim Laçi (CM) Ernest Muci (AM) Nedim Bajrami (AM) Myrto Uzuni (LW) Arbnor Mucolli (LW) Arbnor Muja (RW) Jasir Asani (RW) Taulant Seferi (CF) Mirlind Daku (CF) Sokol Cikalleshi (CF)

Group C

Group C should have one of the closest battles for a top two spot of the Euro 2024 groups. Denmark is expected to be England's main competitor for the group win, while Serbia will be aiming to build on their first Euro appearance by securing a second-place finish. Slovenia will also hope to grab a playoff spot 

  • England (1)
  • Denmark (2)
  • Serbia (3)
  • Slovenia (4)

England - Predicted Squad

Aaron Ramsdale (GK) Jordan Pickford (GK) Sam Johnstone (GK) Fikayo Tomori (CB) Marc Guéhi (CB) Ezri Konsa (CB) Harry Maguire (CB) Trent Alexander-Arnold (RB) Rico Lewis (RB) Kyle Walker (RB) Kieran Trippier (RB) Declan Rice (DM) Kalvin Phillips (DM) Conor Gallagher (CM) Jordan Henderson (CM)Cole Palmer (AM) Cole Palmer (AM) Jack Grealish (LW) Marcus Rashford (LW) Bukayo Saka (RW) Phil Foden (RW) Jarrod Bowen (RW) Harry Kane (CF) Ollie Watkins (CF)

Denmark - Predicted Squad

Mads Hermansen (GK) Frederik Rönnow (GK) Kasper Schmeichel (GK) Andreas Christensen (CB) Joachim Andersen (CB) Victor Nelsson (CB) Jannik Vestergaard (CB) Victor Kristiansen (LB) Joakim Maehle (RB) Rasmus Kristensen (RB) Jens Stryger Larsen (RB)  Pierre-Emile Højbjerg (DM) Morten Hjulmand (DM) Mathias Jensen (CM) Matt O'Riley (CM) Thomas Delaney (CM) Jesper Lindstrøm (AM) Mohamed Daramy (LW) Anders Dreyer (RW) Jonas Wind (CF) Kasper Dolberg (CF) Yussuf Poulsen (CF)

Serbia - Predicted Squad

Predrag Rajkovic (GK) Djordje Petrovic (GK) Vanja Milinković-Savić (GK) Filip Stankovic (GK) Strahinja Pavlovic (CB) Nikola Milenković (CB) Strahinja Erakovic  (CB) Milos Veljkovic  (CB) Nemanja Gudelj (CB) Srdjan Babic (CB) Filip Mladenovic (LB) Marko Grujic (DM) Lazar Samardžić (CM) Ivan Ilić (CM) Saša Lukić (CM) Nemanja Maksimovic (CM) Uroš Račić (CM) Filip Kostić (LM) Filip Djuricic (AM) Dusan Tadic  (LW) Nemanja Radonjic (LW) Andrija Zivkovic (RW) Dušan Vlahović (CF) Aleksandar Mitrovic (CF)

Slovenia - Predicted Squad

Jan Oblak (GK) Vid Belec (GK) Jaka Bijol (CB)David Brekalo (CB) Vanja Drkusic (CB) Miha Blazic  (CB) Jure Balkovec (LB) Erik Janza (LB)Petar Stojanovic (RB) Jon Gorenc Stankovic (DM) Sandi Lovric (CM) Miha Zajc (CM) Adam Gnezda Cerin (CM) Timi Max Elsnik (CM)  Jan Repas (CM) Jasmin Kurtic (CM) Luka Zahovic (AM) Benjamin Verbic (LW) Benjamin Sesko (CF) Andraz Sporar (CF) Zan Celar (CF) Andrés Vombergar (CF) Jan Mlakar (CF) Zan Vipotnik (CF)

Group D

Group not fully determined yet. 

  • France
  • Netherlands 
  • Austria
  • Playoff A winner

France - Predicted Squad

Mike Maignan (GK) Brice Samba (GK) Alphonse Areola (GK) William Saliba (CB) Dayot Upamecano (CB) Jules Koundé (CB) Axel Disasi (CB) Jean-Clair Todibo (CB) Theo Hernández (LB) Lucas Hernández (LB) Jonathan Clauss (RB) Boubacar Kamara (DM) Khéphren Thuram (CM) Adrien Rabiot (CM)  Youssouf Fofana (CM) Kingsley Coman (LW) Ousmane Dembélé (RW) Kylian Mbappé (CF) Randal Kolo Muani (CF) Marcus Thuram  (CF) Antoine Griezmann (CF) Olivier Giroud (CF)

Netherlands - Predicted Squad

Bart Verbruggen (GK) Justin Bijlow  (GK) Mark Flekken (GK) Virgil van Dijk  (CB) Jorrel Hato (CB) Stefan de Vrij (CB) Daley Blind (CB) Quilindschy Hartman (LB) Jordan Teze (RB) Teun Koopmeiners (DM) Jerdy Schouten (DM) Mats Wieffer (DM) Marten de Roon (DM)
Joey Veerman (CM) Tijjani Reijnders (CM) Denzel Dumfries (RM) Calvin Stengs (AM) Cody Gakpo (LW) Xavi Simons9 (RW) Donyell Malen (RW) Thijs Dallinga (CF) Wout Weghorst (CF)

Austria - Predicted Squad

Alexander Schlager (GK) Tobias Lawal (GK) Patrick Pentz (GK) David Alaba (CB) Kevin Danso (CB) Philipp Lienhart (CB)  Maximilian Wöber (CB) Stefan Posch (RB) Phillipp Mwene (RB) Florian Grillitsch (DM) Xaver Schlager (CM) Konrad Laimer (CM) Nicolas Seiwald (CM) Marcel Sabitzer (CM) Christoph Baumgartner (AM) Romano Schmid (AM) Florian Kainz (AM) Matthias Seidln (AM) Sasa Kalajdzic (CF) Michael Gregoritsch (CF) Marko Arnautovic (CF) Manprit Sarkaria (CF) Maximilian Entrup (CF)

Group E

Group not fully determined yet

  • Belgium
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Playoff B winner

Belgium - Predicted Squad

Koen Casteels (GK) Matz Sels (GK) Thomas Kaminski (GK) Arthur Theate (CB) Wout Faes (CB) Ameen Al-Dakhil (CB) Zeno Debast (CB) Jan Vertonghen (CB) Timothy Castagne (RB) Arthur Vermeeren (CM) Orel Mangala (CM) Youri Tielemans (CM) Aster Vranckx (CM) Olivier Deman (LM) Jérémy Doku (LW) Leandro Trossard (LW) Yannick Carrasco (LW) Johan Bakayoko (RW) Dodi Lukébakio (RW) Alexis Saelemaekers (RW) Loïs Openda (CF) Romelu Lukaku (CF)  Michy Batshuayi (CF)

Slovakia - Predicted Squad

Marek Rodak (GK) Henrich Ravas (GK) Martin Dúbravka (GK) Milan Skriniar (CB) David Hancko (CB) Denis Vavro (CB) Norbert Gyömbér (CB) Lubomir Satka (CB) Vernon De Marco (CB) Michal Tomic (RB) Matus Kmet (RB) Peter Pekarík (RB) Stanislav Lobotka (DM) Patrik Hrosovsky (CM) László Bénes (CM) Ondrej Duda (CM) Juraj Kucka (CM) Dominik Holly (CN) Tomas Suslov (AM) Jakub Kadak (AM) Leo Sauer (LW) Lukas Haraslinm (LW) Ivan Schranz (LW) David Duris (LW) Róbert Mak (LW) Erik Jirka (RW) Róbert Bozeník (CF) David Strelec (CF) David Strelec (CF) Lubomir Tupta (CF)

Group F

Group not fully determined yet.

  • Portugal
  • Turkey
  • Czech Republic 
  • Playoff C winner

Portugal - Predicted Squad

Diogo Costa (GK) José Sá (GK) Rui Patrício (GK) Rúben Dias (CB) António Silva (CB) Gonçalo Inácio (CB) Toti (CB) Pepe (CB) Raphaël Guerreiro (LB) João Cancelo (RB) João Mário (RB) Nélson Semedo (RB) João Palhinha (DM) João Neves (DM) Rúben Neves (DM) Matheus Nunes (CM) Vitinha (CM) João Mário (CM) Bernardo Silva (AM) Otávio (AM) Diogo Jota  (LW) João Félix (LW) Ricardo Horta (LW)r Bruma (LW) Gonçalo Ramos (CF) Cristiano Ronaldo (CF)Bruno Fernandes (AM)

Turkey - Predicted Squad

Altay Bayındır (GK) Uğurcan Çakır (GK) Mert Günok (GK) Ertaç Özbir (GK) Ozan Kabak (CB) Çağlar Söyüncü (CB) Abdülkerim Bardakcı (CB) Kaan Ayhan (CB) Samet Akaydin (CB) Cenk Özkacar (CB) Ferdi Kadıoğlu (LB) Rıdvan Yılmaz (LB) Eren Elmalı (LB) Zeki Çelik (RB) Salih Özcan (DM) İsmail Yüksek (DM) Berat Özdemir (DM) Yusuf Yazıcı (AM) Abdülkadir Ömür (AM) Kerem Aktürkoğlu (LW) İrfan Can Kahveci  (RW) Barış Alper Yılmaz (RW) Yusuf Sarı (RW) Kenan Yıldız (SS) Bertuğ Yıldırım (CF)Berkan Kutlu (CM)

Czech Republic - Predicted Squad

Matej Kovar (GK) Jindrich Stanek (GK) Ales Mandous (GK) Martin Vitik (CB) David Zima (CB) Tomas Holes (CB) Patrizio Stronati (CB) David Jurasek (LB) Tomas Soucek (DM) Alex Kral (DM) Michal Sadilek (CM) Lukas Masopust (RM) David Doudera (RM) Lukas Provod (LM) Ondrej Lingr (AM)  Vasil Kusej (LW) Vaclav Cerny (RW) Adam Hlozek (CF) Tomas Cvancara (CF) Mojmir Chytil (CF) Tomas Chory (CF)

Euro 2024 Standings

Welcome to our comprehensive overview of the UEFA Euro 2024 standings. This page provides you with a detailed look at the current group positions and points for all participating nations.

Important Euro 2024 Dates and Times

The last thing you want to do is miss a huge match in the Euro 2024 because you got your timezones all wrong. Mark your calendars for these special Euro 2024 dates: 

Qualifier semi-finals (21 March)

  • Path A: Poland vs. Estonia, Wales vs. Finland (7:45 PM GMT)
  • Path B: Israel vs. Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Ukraine (7:45 PM GMT)
  • Path C: Georgia vs. Luxembourg (5 PM GMT), Greece vs. Kazakhstan (7:45 PM GMT)

Qualifier finals (26 March)

  • Path A: Wales/Finland vs. Poland/Estonia (7:45 PM GMT)
  • Path B: Bosnia and Herzegovina/Ukraine vs. Israel/Iceland (7:45 PM GMT)
  • Path C: Georgia/Luxembourg vs. Greece/Kazakhstan (7:45 PM GMT)

Opening match (14 June)

  • Germany vs. Scotland (7 PM GMT)

Round-of-16 starts (29 June)

Quarter-finals start (5 July)

Semi-finals start (9 July)

Final (14 July)

  • TBD vs. TBD  (7 PM GMT)

About the Euro 2024

History of the Euros

The UEFA European Football Championship, also known as the Euros, was originally conceived as the European Nations' Cup. The tournament went through a rebrand in 1968. The name “Euros”, however, was first used in 1996. 

The prestigious European Championship has crowned 10 champions in its 16 editions to date. It boasts the second-highest global viewership amongst football tournaments, with the 2020 edition garnering a staggering 532 billion hours of cumulative watch time, only eclipsed by the FIFA World Cup.

Host of the Euro 2024

Germany is gearing up to host the Euro once again! This marks the third time the prestigious tournament will be played on German soil, and the second time since reunification. 

West Germany hosted the 1988 edition, and four matches of the multinational Euro 2020 were held in Munich. This year, however, will be a historic first, as Leipzig, formerly in East Germany, becomes a host city. The tournament resumes its usual four-year cycle after the 2020 edition’s pandemic-induced postponement to 2021.


The Euro 2024 matches will be played across ten stadiums in Germany. All of these iconic venues have hosted World Cup matches in the past. Here is the complete list of Euro 2024 venues:

  • Olympiastadion Berlin
  • Fußball Arena München
  • BVB Stadion Dortmund
  • Stuttgart Arena
  • Arena AufSchalke
  • Frankfurt Arena
  • Volksparkstadion
  • Düsseldorf Arena
  • Cologne Stadium
  • Leipzig Stadium

Euro 2024 Ball 

FUSSBALLLIEBE has been unveiled as the official Euro 2024 match ball. The official match ball for the tournament draws inspiration from the pure joy of football and the electrifying energy of the tournament. It’s also the first-ever ball at the Euros to feature Adidas Connected Ball Technology!

Euro 2024 Theme Song

UEFA EURO 2024 has unveiled its official music artists: Italian DJ/producer powerhouses Meduza, American pop-rock pioneers OneRepublic, and the iconic German pop star Kim Petras. 

This exciting collaboration promises a unique and electrifying anthem to soundtrack the upcoming tournament. The Euro 2024 Theme Song will debut in Spring this year.

Interesting Facts About the Euro 2024

  • A potential double awaits France's coach Didier Deschamps at Euro 2024: a win would see him become the first person to conquer both the World Cup and European Championship as player and manager.
  • Across the past two UEFA Euro tournaments, only Cristiano Ronaldo (8) and Antoine Griezmann (7) have found the net more often than Álvaro Morata's impressive tally of six goals.
  • While Kylian Mbappé boasts an impressive 12 goals for France in major tournaments, all of them have come at the World Cup. He is yet to score in his only appearance at the European Championship (2020), where he missed all 14 of his shots and his penalty in the shootout against Switzerland in the round of 16.

Euro 2024 Predictions

Football fever is upon us once again, as the excitement for Euro 2024 reaches fever pitch. With the tournament kicking off soon, pundits and fans alike are eager to speculate and predict which team will be crowned champion on German soil. 

Here are our predictions for who will win Euro 2024, as well as a few other tips, all based on the best odds available at Euro betting sites:

  • England to Win: England has been granted a favourable run of fixtures. They can bank on this and mount a successful title challenge in Germany. 
  • France to Reach the Final: France practically has a flawless squad. Deschamps’ side should be able to make it to the last two. We believe, however. England would be able to fend off their challenge.
  • Harry Kane to Win the Golden Boot: Leading the line once more for England will be Harry Kane, a proven performer in high-pressure situations. His consistent goal scoring prowess makes him a crucial figure in England's quest for Euro 2024 glory.

We expect it will be another brilliant edition of the Euros, with the stage set for one of the most competitive and exciting tournaments the competition has seen.

Euro 2024 FAQs

How long will Euro 2024 last?

Europe 2024 will last for a month. The competition starts on  June 14th and ends on July 14th. 

How many Euro 2024 teams will qualify via the playoffs?

Three teams will qualify for Euro 2024 via playoffs. A total of 20 teams grabbed direct qualification, while Germany qualified as the host nation. 

What are the top recommended Euro betting sites?

Playup, Getsetbet, Wellbet, Bet365, and BetRight are the best Euro betting sites at the moment.

Which country is hosting Euro 2024?

Germany is hosting Euro 2024. 

Who will play in the opening match of Euro 2024?

Germany will meet Steve Clarke’s Scotland in the Euro 2024 opening match.