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Last Updated: 21 April, 2024

The aim at My Betting Australia is to provide a useful list of the best betting sites in Australia that will help our readers have success while online betting.

Check our recommended list of Australian bookmakers below ⬇️ 

Best Australian Betting Sites

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If you are in search of information about the best sports betting Australia has to offer then say no more – you have come to the right place! Here at My Betting Australia, we provide in-depth comparisons and reviews of different Australian bookmakers, and we hope to provide you with all the information you need so you can understand everything you need too about gambling in Australia! Scroll ⬇️ 

Helping you make sense of Sports Betting in Australia

Curious about all the different Australian betting sites that are currently in operation? Well, below you can find a list of all the active Australian bookmakers that are currently in the gambling industry, as well as a few who are set to enter the scene soon  ❗ 

List of all Online Betting Sites in Australia

About My Betting Australia

➡️  What do we do?

My Betting Australia is a provider of betting site reviews and comparisons by a team of local Aussie sports betting professionals and enthusiasts. The overall aim of this website is to harness years of experience to provide our users with honest and accurate information about betting in Australia, and with that, users will find updated and regular content relating to betting sites in Australia all across the My Betting Australia website!
As our team is typically punting with these bookmakers every day, we perform a lot of testing and research on new features that we can pass on to our readers. Our team takes great joy in giving honest opinions and we make sure that all content produced is written with our users in mind as we intend to help punters as they embark on gambling in Australia!
The reviews and comparisons that our team produces look at a wide range of different aspects, such as promotions, bonuses, general features, mobile apps, legalities, payment methods, and more. With this information in mind, we look to compare the majority of Aussie betting sites out there with the intention to find the best providers for your punting needs!

Plus, for those keen on game forecasts, fear not! Expert predictions in footy, rugby World Cup, EPL, NRL, AFL, tennis, multi bets and beyond await you, all served up with that Aussie flair we all know and love!

➡️  Who are we?

My Betting Australia was formed by a group of professional betting enthusiasts that simply love watching and writing about sports! My Betting Australia features an experienced team of betting experts that use Australian betting sites daily. As a result, our writers are up to speed with what’s new in the industry and perform testing of these new features on the regular! 

At the end of the day, our team here at My Betting Australia have the intention to provide users with accurate and honest information about gambling in Australia, and the hope here is that readers can take this information and use it to inform their betting needs!

About MyBettingAustralia

➡️  Why trust us?

My Betting Australia aims to be a trusted source of betting advice for Australians via our expert bookmaker reviews and comparisons. Our mission is to provide the best advice for punters that may be looking around for a new bookmaker or beginners that want to start betting in Australia. 
All of the information found on our website is from trusted sources and our writing team, which is full of experience regarding betting sites in Australia. As a result, we’re providing honest as well as accurate information and can be considered a specialist in the field of Australian bookmaker comparison sites. 

New Bookmakers Australia 2024

While there is already a host of established betting sites in the Aussie betting market, it is still always good to stay across the new players in the game whenever they show up! Sometimes users will see new bookies pop up to potentially exploit a gap in the market, such as new and emerging technology, and in other cases, it might be as a result of an overseas bookmaker expanding into Australia. 

Whatever the reason may be, we are here to provide you with the necessary information you need on any new Australian betting sites! And so, without further ado, below you will find our list of new Australian bookmakers:

PuntNow [2023]Stellar customer service paired with a robust platform experience

WellBet [2023]

Visually appealing interface that stands out

ChaseBet [2023]

Notable offerings in Greyhound Racing
VolcanoBet [2023]User-friendly platform with reasonably competitive fixed racing odds
QuestBet [2023]A commendable range of International Racing choices
PuntGenie [2023]Modern platform aesthetics with an easy-to-navigate layout
PuntCity [2023]Appealing aesthetics with an intuitive layout
BetProfessor [2023]Engaging aesthetics along with noteworthy early releasing of betting odds
GoldenRush [2023]Sleek platform visuals along with decent sports betting odds
SterlingParker [2023]Attractive interface paired with decent Same-Game-Multi betting opportunities

On the Horizon – Australia's Potential Upcoming Betting Sites:

And while we've just highlighted some of the recent additions to the Aussie betting landscape, the momentum doesn't stop there! As the year unfolds, several other bookmakers are set to plant their flag on Australian shores in 2024. Ready to get a glimpse of what's on the horizon? Let's dive into the upcoming bookmakers set to make their debut sometime soon!

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Best Sports Betting Australia & the Online Betting Experience

While the concept of betting itself is a popular one, this has progressed even further over time where whether a bookie has a mobile app or not is an important consideration for users, as opposed to years ago when this was not thought of so much. 

Nowadays, users will find that most Aussie betting sites will offer some form of a mobile offering, whether that be through a mobile app or a mobile website. However, the quality and functionality of these apps or sites will ultimately vary across betting sites in Australia, so, it is important for you as a user to stay across the different mobile betting offerings out there, and what makes them so good, or not so good!

What makes a good Betting app 📲 ?

Before we get into the different online gambling sites that feature a mobile app, let's first understand what actually makes a good betting app! While there are a variety of different factors to consider, below you will find a few things, in particular, to look out for:

  • Are you allowed to bank via the mobile app or only the online gambling site?
  • Are the same markets available on your mobile app as they would be on the online gambling site?
  • Is customer support contactable via the app, or can this only be reached through the online gambling site?

If the answer to all of these questions is ‘Yes’, then you are certainly on the right track, and it looks like you might have already selected an Aussie betting company with an impressive mobile offering!

Top Aussie Betting Companies with a Mobile App 🤳

Betting App

Why We Love Them
PlayUpTasty betting offers/ bonuses for members
Bet365Great for racing & sport betting
TopSportHigh betting limits for punters
UniBetHuge live streaming range
PickleBetAmazing for esports punters
BoomBetJuicy odds for racing
DraftStarsAwesome & unique promotions
PalmerBetIncredible cash out options

Unibet app

Deciding which Bookmaker is for you

Bookmaker Factors to Consider ➡️ 

✅  Betting Variety

If you have a particular sport in mind that you want to bet on, such as rugby, cricket, soccer, or a novelty item, for example, then simply check out the betting menu of your chosen online bookmaker site to see if they offer the sports you're interested in. Additionally, you will want to consider what types of bets and markets are available, such as handicap betting, in-play betting, multi-betting, and more in order to uncover the best sports betting Australia has to offer!

✅  Mobile Experience

Betting apps are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, as they allow users to easily place bets while on the go. Many betting apps also offer supplementary features like Face ID login, mobile banking, and mobile live streaming, all of which helps to make them a convenient choice for many users out there. Ultimately, if you value a good mobile betting experience, be sure to choose an online bookmaker that has a strong mobile app option!

✅  Banking Options

When selecting an Australian sports gambling site, it's important to consider the available options for depositing and withdrawing money. Different betting sites will feature different options here. For example, does the online bookie you are interested in offer Apple Pay and PayPal as well as a credit/debit card option? Ultimately, the more variety in this context, the better! 

And I will also mention that you should consider processing times for withdrawals and the minimum amount that you can withdraw using your preferred payment method. These are all important factors to consider when choosing a betting site, especially if you prefer to use some of the more alternate banking options out there!

✅  User Experience

Another important factor to consider when choosing a betting site to punt with is the bookmaker’s user experience. Whether via a desktop site, or through a mobile offering, users will want to consider the overall design and layout of a betting site, and whether or not it is easy to locate what you are looking for. As well as this, the general functionality of the site is another important consideration. For example, are loading times quick? Does the betting site lag or crash? 

Ultimately, these factors are important to consider, and bookmakers without a strong user experience could eventually be left abandoned by users.

✅  Promotions

Due to rules and regulations in Australia, users will only be able to view a bookmaker’s promotions on offer after they create a free account on a betting website. Once this has been done, however, users will want to consider what promotions are eligible for what sports, and if there are any limits or restrictions imposed on certain promotional offers. 

✅  Customer Support

Good betting sites often provide excellent customer support, which can be a strong indicator of the overall quality of the betting experience you will encompass with a particular bookmaker. The strongest customer support offerings will feature a live chat function, a phone line, and an email contact, all of which are operational 24/7. Having access to customer support is vital as it can provide help and reassurance if anything goes wrong, and hence, it is always a good idea to consider the level of customer support when choosing the best betting bookies to punt with!

Comparing Key Bookmaker Features ➡️ 

Are you trying to determine the best sports betting Australia has to offer? Well, at My Betting Australia, we understand that different people have different preferences when it comes to choosing a bookmaker, and what works for one person may not work for another. And so, this is why we compare and evaluate the features of the top betting sites in Australia, because this way, you can get a comprehensive understanding of each betting company and make an informed decision about which betting site is the best fit for you!

With that being said, take a look at my betting sites Australia list below, and here you can see what key betting site features these online bookies do and don’t have on offer:

Betting Sites Features

Betting SiteStreamingIn-PlayMultis
1. PlayUp☑️☑️
2. Winnersbet☑️
3. DraftStars☑️
4. BoomBet☑️
5. Bet365☑️☑️☑️
6. UniBet☑️☑️☑️
7. TopSport☑️☑️
8. PalmerBet☑️
9. PickleBet☑️☑️
10. ChaseBet ☑️☑️
11. BetRoyale☑️
12. SouthernCrossBet
13. QuestBet☑️
14. EliteBet☑️
15. Dabble☑️☑️
16. PuntGenie☑️
17. WellBet☑️
18. GetSetBet☑️☑️
19. VolcanoBet☑️
20. PuntersPal☑️☑️
21. BetGalaxy☑️
22. PuntNow☑️
23. VicBet☑️
24. MidasBet☑️
25. BetRight☑️
26. BlueBet☑️☑️
27. BetProfessor☑️
28. GoldenRush☑️
29. JuicyBet☑️
30. JungleBet☑️
31. PuntCity☑️
32. SterlingParker☑️

Best Bookmakers for Sports Betting in Australia

Different bookmakers are often utilised for different reasons, and with that in mind, there are certain betting sites out there that provide a better sport offering than that of their competitors. In this context, it is important to consider the sports on offer from a certain bookie, as well as the markets offered within those sports, and of course, what the odds are like for those markets.

And so, with all of this in mind, below you can find some of the best betting sites out there for certain sports on offer in Australia:

🏉  Best AFL & NRL Betting Sites

The NRL and the AFL are two of Australia’s most popular sports, and with that comes a sufficient amount of betting opportunities to entice punters on the weekly! While pretty much all recognised Australian bookmakers will offer some sort of punting opportunity for these sports, the reality is that the range of markets on offer for these sports does ultimately vary from bookie to bookie. 

Hence, when looking for a variety of markets for these sports, users will want to explore the best sports betting Australia has on offer, and that would feature the offering of different niche and player prop markets, such as a disposals market, as well as future markets like the 2023 AFL or NRL grand final winner, for example.

And so, in taking all of this into account, below is my betting sites list of online bookmakers in australia that I believe offer a nice mix of standard betting markets combined with some of the more niche and future bet options: 

Our ReviewWhat's Hot
PlayUpDaily sporting offers
Bet365In-play betting offering
TopSportTrypod NRL betting podcast
BoomBetJuicy returns available on bets
UniBetIn-depth selection of markets
WinnersBetNice range of promotions
PalmerBetAwesome same game multi options

🏏  Best Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket is considered the sport of the summer when it comes to the Australian sporting scene, and with that comes plenty of demand for different punting opportunities on different codes of cricket! 

In Australia, you can place bets on various cricket tournaments and matches, such as the Indian Premier League, the Big Bash, international test matches, ODIs, the ICC Cricket World Cup, and more! However, the variety of markets on offer does vary between bookies, and with that in mind, take a look at my betting sites list below as I hope to provide you with some of the best betting bookies that are ripe for a cricket punt! 

Our ReviewWhat's Hot
Bet365Huge range of markets
PlayUpAwesome fixed odds
WinnersBetStreamlined app & website
UniBetGreat range of boosted odds
TopSportUnique markets & top odds

🏀  Best NBA Betting Sites

While the NBA is not an Australian competition per se, it is nonetheless considered to be a fan favorite amongst Aussie sports fans and punters! The NBA features a jampacked schedule with games occurring virtually every day during the regular season, and this of course means that there are many opportunities for Aussie punters to place bets on NBA games throughout the year. And while the majority of Aussie betting sites do indeed feature markets for different NBA games, the range of markets on offer does ultimately vary between bookmakers. 

The best betting sites for NBA games typically feature a variety of player prop options ranging from player points to player rebounds, plus a whole lot more! As well as this, the top NBA online bookmakers will also have different future bets as well as some of the more niche betting markets on offer. And in terms of the Aussie betting scene, you will find some betting sites below that I have personally found to be great for NBA betting:

Our ReivewWhat's Hot
UniBetLive streaming for the NBA
PlayUpQuality NBA tips offering
Bet365Large range of bet types
DraftStarsImpression NBA promotions
TopSportImpressive number of markets
BoomBetHigh fixed odds available

Best Aussie Betting Sites for Horse Racing

Horse racing can be seen as a popular choice when it comes to Aussies and their punting habits, and many enjoy so by betting on fan-favourite events such as the Melbourne Cup. In terms of betting online, Australia has a multitude of online bookmakers that offer horse racing odds for the Melbourne Cup, and on top of this they will all also typically feature race events on the weekly, and usually even on the daily as well! Users can explore local Australian races from all over the country on most betting sites, and they can also typically explore international race meetings as well as events for greyhound and harness racing. 

Moving on, with respect to racing, when looking at all the Aussie betting sites out there it is also important to consider the different, sometimes unique, features that they have on offer. For example, the BoomBet bookmaker offers a ‘HotBet’ feature, which allows users to follow the tips of successful punters. And while I wouldn’t personally recommend using such a feature in isolation, it is nonetheless a handy tool to help inform your punting decisions! 

Further, there are also a number of bookmakers out there that offer the opportunity to watch racing events live on their betting site, and as well as this there are plenty that offers the chance to make a more exotic racing punt or even a same race multi! This is important to note as not every bookmaker will offer these features, so it is certainly something to look out for if it sparks your interest! 

And so, with all that being said, take a look at my betting sites list below as I aim to provide you with some of the best betting sites for horse racing:

  • PlayUp
  • Bet365
  • WinnersBet
  • TopSport
  • Boombet
  • PalmerBet
  • UniBet

palmerbet Racing

Bet Types and Markets in Australia

Australia has one of the most diverse betting markets in the world, and with this comes a range of different options and methods for users to get a punt on! In this section, we will explore the different types of punting methods that you may find on Australian betting sites, whether commonplace or some of the more niche options out there.

🔷  Traditional Betting Markets

Most Aussie betting sites out there will feature an array of the more traditional betting markets for the sports and betting markets that they have on offer. These markets can sometimes be the same or similar on different bookmakers, so in keeping this in mind, it is important to search for the best odds available for your desired punt! Traditional betting markets include, but are not limited to:

  • Margin markets
  • Handicap markets
  • Win/Place markets
  • Player Prop markets
  • Over/Under markets
  • Quarter/Half markets
  • Correct Score markets
  • Tote Win/Middle Tote

🔷  Esports Betting

The esports and video gaming industry is a growing industry, and with this has come the emergence of betting on these esports! There are popular tournaments for multiple different esports such as Call of Duty, FIFA, CSGO, and many more. And while esports is becoming increasingly popular, it is important to note that you will not find markets for these events on every betting site out there, however, nowadays it is certainly becoming more commonplace!

Based on my personal experience I would say that PickleBet and Bet365 are good options when it comes to esports markets. And in terms of actual esports markets that are on offer for esports betting, the markets for these events include, but are not limited to:

  • Map markets
  • Handicap markets
  • Over/Under markets
  • Match result markets
  • Correct score markets

🔷  Fantasy Sports Betting

Unlike the more traditional forms of betting, the concept of fantasy sports punting presents users with an interactive alternative that essentially allows you to become the manager of your own team, selecting players to join your team that you believe will perform well. While this form of gambling has not been around for the longest, it is nevertheless still a very popular one, and I would say the main reason behind this is that it allows you to compete with and against your friends. 

In terms of betting online, Australia has the DraftStars betting agency which I have found to be the best betting site when it comes to fantasy sports betting, and this is only helped by the fact that DraftStars is a specialist fantasy sports bookmaker. All in all, I think that fantasy sports betting is an exciting and unique way to punt, so be sure to check it out if it interests you at all!

🔷  Live Betting

Live betting, otherwise known as in-play betting, is widely regarded as one of the most popular ways to punt on a certain sport or event. This form of punting is offered on an array of different betting sites across Australia, and the best online betting sites out there certainly fit into this category. Live betting allows for users to place a bet on an event as it is happening, however, due to Australian rules and regulations, the only way to do so is to call up your bookmaker and place the live bet over the phone.

The extent of live betting markets does ultimately vary from bookie to bookie, however, below I have provided you with a list of my betting sites which I have personally found to have a nice live betting offering: 

🔷  Exchange Betting

Exchange betting, otherwise known as peer-to-peer betting, is a form of sports betting that allows users to bet against each other as opposed to betting against a traditional bookmaker. In essence, exchange betting enables punters to place bets that might not always be offered with a traditional betting site, provided there is a user willing to accept the bet! 

In my experience, I have found this form of betting to be good for those who wish to hedge their bets on specific events, and of course, for those who cannot seem to find the market they are interested in on a traditional betting site.

Banking with Betting Sites

Banking is an important aspect when it comes to betting sites. While it is great for a bookmaker to cover basic banking needs, such as the featuring of a credit/debit card option and a bank transfer option, it is also important to present users with a variety of options, some of which are instant. Take a look below as we explore the different depositing and withdrawing options, and which bookmakers cover them well:

💰  Depositing with Betting Sites

When using an online bookmaker, it is important to consider which method you will use to deposit funds into your betting account. Australian betting sites typically offer a wide range of options here, most of which are instant as well:

Often the most popular options in this context are the ones that are instant, of course, and also the ones that have a low minimum deposit threshold, meaning punters can be more flexible with how much they deposit. In terms of Aussie betting sites, I have personally found that PlayUp and Bet365 have great offerings in this space!

💸  Withdrawing with Betting Sites

When it hopefully becomes time for you to consider withdrawing your winnings from a betting site, the options here do certainly vary from bookie to bookie, and so it is good to be across the options and process out there! First off, I think it is important to note that there are almost always more depositing options offered on betting sites versus withdrawing options, and as well as this, withdrawal processing times can vary from bookie to bookie, depending on a number of different factors.

In terms of withdrawal methods themselves, the most common method here is either via a Credit/Debit card or through a Bank Transfer. And while some betting sites do offer some more niche options, like through PayPal or Apple Pay, it is important to note that these are not so commonplace across the industry. 

All in all, it is important for users to consider withdrawal options on offer, as well as the length of withdrawal processing times, before committing to a particular bookie, and in my experience, I have found that PlayUp, TopSport, and Bet365 are pretty decent in this regard!

Customer Service with Betting Sites

Customer service is a popular and important bookmaker feature for any betting site out there! Customer service allows a user to get in touch with a bookmaker for a variety of different reasons, through a few different options.

In terms of customer support options, betting sites around Australia typically offer at least one of the following:

  • Live Chat
  • Phone Line
  • Email Support

While not all betting sites will offer all of these options, you will typically see at least one, and usually two of them available. It is also important to consider operational hours in this context, as some bookmakers will offer a 24/7 support service, meanwhile, others might only be available during standard business hours. And with regard to these customer support hours, I have personally found that PlayUp, BoomBet, and Bet365 are quite impressive in this sense!

Promotions with Betting Sites

I want to start by mentioning that due to Australian laws and regulations, both international and domestic bookmakers are unable to advertise bonus bets, free bets, or any other promotional incentives to persons in Australia who are not active customers of that specific bookmaker.

In terms of promotions themselves, however, let's take a look at the different promotional offers you might come across, and what exactly they mean!

🎁 Sign-Up Bonus

A Signup bonus is essentially a promotional offer made by a bookmaker to entice potential new customers to sign up for an account. This betting sites bonus typically takes the form of bet credits or bonus credits which will be in your account as a result of exploiting the signup bonus offer.

I will note that it is important to read and understand the terms and conditions of any betting site signup bonus before accepting it, and this is because it may affect your ability to withdraw any winnings you earn using such a bonus.

🎁 Deposit Matching

Deposit matching refers to a promotional offer made by a bookmaker where the bookie will match the amount of your initial deposit up to a certain amount.

For example, if a betting site is offering a 100% deposit match up to $100 and you decide to deposit $50, this essentially means that the bookmaker will match your deposit with an additional $50, thereby providing you with a total of $100 to bet with!

While this offer is often used to entice newer customers, it is also offered to existing customers as a loyalty reward. And in a similar fashion to a signup bonus, I will note that it is important to read and understand the terms and conditions of any betting site deposit matching offer before accepting it, as it may affect your ability to withdraw any winnings you earn using the matched funds.

🎁 Bonus Bets

A bonus bet refers to a promotion offered by a bookmaker that can take a few different forms.

Bonus bets can also be offered as a part of a loyalty scheme to reward active users or as a reward for new users.

As well as this, users can receive a bonus bet as a part of a multi-promotional offer, where if one leg of your multi loses, a user can get their money back in bonus bet form. This is probably the most common way to receive a bonus bet, however, it is important to ensure that you are across the terms and conditions in this context, as there are often certain requirements that must be met in order for the multi to be bonus bet eligible. For example, most multi-bonus back offers will have a minimum odds requirement for the multi itself as well as each individual leg inside the multi.

🎁 Free Bets

When looking at a free bet, this is essentially a bet that you can place for free!

This occurs when a betting site provides you with a certain amount of money to use on a bet, without any depositing requirements, and the size of this free bet will vary from account to account.

Receiving a free bet can be a result of a few different reasons, for example, you might have reached a certain loyalty status with a betting site, or you might genuinely be given one for no real reason at all, but more so as a goodwill gesture. 

🎁 Early Payouts and Cash Outs

An early payout promotional offer occurs when a bookmaker will pay out on a certain event before it has been finished. An early payout can take the form of an actual promotional offer, or it could instead be in the form of a cash-out.

In terms of it being a promotional offer, this would be where the bookmaker has an offer for users that states, for example, if the Milwaukee Bucks lead by 20 points at any stage in today’s NBA game, we will pay your bet out in full!

On the other hand, a cash-out offer is where power is given to the user! Essentially, in this context a bookmaker will allow users to ‘cash out’ on a bet before the event has finished, giving them the option to take a guaranteed return rather than risk losing the entire stake they have made on the bet. Cash-out offers will vary from user to user, and the amount you could potentially ‘cash out’ for will vary depending on the context of the event in question.

Ultimately, these are enticing promotions that pique the interest of many punters out there, however, just like with all promotional offers, it is important to read and understand the terms and conditions of any bookmaker's early payout promotion before accepting it. 

🎁 Odds Boost

An odds boost refers to a promotion in which a betting site increases the odds on a particular bet or series of bets. 

This promotion is typically offered on bets that a bookmaker would consider being less likely to win and this is in an effort to make these markets more attractive to punters, and with that in mind, it is important to be vigilant and ensure you are not just exploiting an odds boost simply because it is there and available to you. 

Can you Trust Aussie Betting Sites?

In order to be one of the best bookmakers out there, it is essential that a betting site features top-tier protection as a means to protect its users. In terms of Australian betting sites, these are among the most highly regulated, safe and secure bookmakers in the world. 

The bookmakers reviewed here at My Betting Australia are licensed to operate in Australia and are required to comply with government regulations. This includes maintaining SSL technology, which handles authentication and encryption of data on a specific betting site, to ensure the security and protection of user information is at the fore. By meeting these regulatory standards, these betting sites are able to provide a safe and secure experience for their users. 

Pro Tips for Punting on Aussie Betting Sites

Gamble responsibly! While it might be an easy process to deposit money and place a bet, it is also essential that punters educate themselves on their chosen market, for example. 

In addition to this, I would suggest scouring through the different Aussie betting sites in order to locate the best odds for your desired market, as you will always want to receive the greatest return possible on your betting stake!

Further, it is also important as a punter to take advantage of the different promotional offers that you may receive, however, in saying this, users do need to be careful in ensuring they manage their bankroll effectively. This is because at the end of the day the most important aspect here is to enjoy the activity you are doing; however, this is only possible if it is done in a healthy and controlled manner.


What is the best online betting site in Australia?

This question could yield a different answer from just about any punter out there, but in the context of the current Aussie betting landscape, PlayUp is certainly one of the best bets out there! 

While they are relatively new to the game, they appear as though they have been around for a long time! PlayUp features an impressive betting site and mobile app, and as well as this they also feature an array of different markets for an array of different sports!

And while they are certainly one of my favourites, there are still plenty of great bookmaker options out there including WinnersBet, Bet365, BoomBet, and TopSport just to name a few!

What betting companies are Australian-owned?

There are over 80 active bookmakers who are in the Australian betting market at the time of writing, however, not all of them are Australian-owned. Below you can find a list of some of the most notable Aussie-owned betting sites out there:

  • Ladbrokes
  • BlueBet
  • PalmerBet
  • BoomBet
  • DraftStars
  • PickleBet
  • UniBet

Which betting site has the highest payout?

It is difficult to determine which betting site has the highest payout considering payouts can vary based on specific factors, however, in order to find the betting site with the highest payout for a specific bet, it is best to compare the odds offered by various bookmakers.

What I will say though is that I have found PlayUp, WinnersBet, BoomBet, and Bet365 to be among the best betting sites in terms of their odds offered on particular events.

Which betting sites accept PayPal?

At the time of writing, there are at least nine different Aussie betting sites that offer PayPal as a banking method, and these are:

  • UniBet
  • Bet365
  • PalmerBet

Can betting sites ban you?

Yes, Aussie betting sites have the right to deny any service to any person or entity for any reason technically speaking, and they can choose to ban users who violate their terms of service or users who are engaging in illegal activity. It is also important to note that Betting sites will typically have detailed terms and conditions page which outlines what is prohibited on their platform.

What sport is the most profitable on betting?

Soccer has typically been considered to be a profitable sport to bet on given the nature of how popular it is, however, the most profitable sport for you will likely be the sport you are most interested in and knowledgeable about!

What is the most trusted gambling site?

Gambling sites in Australia have rules and regulations by which they are required to abide by, and as a result, users can typically be safe and comfortable working with any Aussie betting site out there. And while the more established and older bookmakers might be the most reliable in this context, that isn’t to say newcomers to the game can’t be trusted!

Below I will provide a few options which you can certainly trust and rely upon, however, this list can definitely be extended further:

  • PlayUp
  • Bet365
  • DraftStars
  • BoomBet
  • UniBet
  • TopSport
  • PickleBet

Is Gambling in Australia free?

In my experience, you can technically call all Aussie bookmakers out there ‘free betting sites’, however, it is important to note that you will always have to deposit money into your betting account before you can make your first-ever punt!