Group 1 Racing Calendar 2024

G'day, racing enthusiasts! Let's dive into the exhilarating world of the 2023 Australian horse racing calendar. From the thunderous sound of galloping hooves to the electrifying energy of the crowd, there's truly nothing that compares! And whether you're a seasoned punter or a newbie to the track, staying tuned to the horse racing 2023 calendar is key ➡️ 

2024 Australian Group 1 Horse Racing Calendar

Alright punters! If you're keen on keeping a close eye on the top tier of Australian horse racing, well then, you've landed in the right spot! Below, you'll find our comprehensive 2023 Australian Group 1 Horse Racing Calendar. This nifty table lists all the Group 1 races on the horse racing calendar Australia for 2023, making it a breeze to plan those big horse racing bets!

Whether you're tracking the Melbourne horse racing calendar or keeping tabs on the nationwide schedule, I believe that these details are a must-have for any serious punter. So, without further ado, grab your favourite horse racing app, and let's dive into the thrilling lineup of 2023!

May, 2023:

DateState & TrackGroup 1 RaceDistancePrize Money
Sat, 20thSA, Morphettville The Goodwood Handicap1200m$500,000
Sat, 20thQLD, DoombenDoomben Cup2000m$1,000,000
Sat, 27thQLD, Eagle FarmQueensland Derby2400m$1,000,000
Sat, 27thQLD, Eagle FarmKingsford Smith Cup1300m$1,000,000

June, 2023:

DateState & TrackGroup 1 RaceDistancePrize Money
Sat, 3rdQLD, Eagle FarmQueensland Oaks2200m$700,000
Sat, 10thQLD, Eagle FarmStradbroke Handicap1400m$3,000,000
Sat, 10thQLD, Eagle FarmJ J Atkins1600m$1,000,000
Sat, 24thQLD, Eagle FarmTattersalls Tiara1400m$700,000

August, 2023:

DateState & TrackGroup 1 RaceDistancePrize Money
Sat, 19thNSW, RandwickWinx Stakes1400m$750,000
Sat, 26thVIC, CaulfieldMemsie Stakes1400m$1,000,000

September, 2023:

DateState & TrackGroup 1 RaceDistancePrize Money
Sat, 9thVIC, FlemingtonMakybe Diva Stakes1600m$1,000,000
Sat, 16thNSW, RandwickGeorge Main Stakes1600m$1,000,000
Sat, 23rdNSW, Rosehill GardensGolden Rose1400m$1,000,000
Fri, 29thVIC, Moonee ValleyMoir Stakes1000m$1,000,000
Sat, 30thNSW, RandwickThe Metropolitan2400m$750,000

October, 2023:

DateState & TrackGroup 1 RaceDistancePrize Money
Sun, 1stVIC, SandownUnderwood Stakes1800m$1,000,000
Sat, 7thNSW, RandwickFlight Stakes1600m$750,000
Sat, 7thNSW, RandwickEpsom Handicap1600m$1,500,000
Sat, 7thVIC, FlemingtonTurnbull Stakes2000m$1,000,000
Sat, 14thNSW, RandwickThe Everest1200m$15,000,000
Sat, 14thVIC, CaulfieldCaulfield Guineas1600m$3,000,000
Sat, 14thVIC, CaulfieldToorak Handicap 1600m$1,000,000
Sat, 14thVIC, CaulfieldMight & Power2000m$1,000,000
Sat, 14thNSW, RandwickThe Kosciuszko1200m$2,000,000
Sat, 21stVIC, CaulfieldCaulfield Cup2400m$5,000,000
Sat, 21stNSW, RandwickSpring Champion Stakes2000m$2,000,000
Sat, 28thVIC, Moonee ValleyManikato Stakes1200m$2,000,000
Sat, 28thVIC, Moonee ValleyCox Plate2040m$5,000,000
Sat, 28thNSW, RosehillThe Golden Eagle1500m$10,000,000

November, 2023:

DateState & TrackGroup 1 RaceDistancePrize Money
Sat, 4thVIC, FlemingtonCoolmore Stud Stakes1200m$2,000,000
Sat, 4thVIC, FlemingtonEmpire Rose Stakes1600m$1,000,000
Sat, 4thVIC, FlemingtonVictoria Derby2500m$2,000,000
Tue, 7thVIC, FlemingtonMelbourne Cup3200m$7,750,000
Tue, 7thNSW, RandwickThe Big Dance1600m$3,000,000
Thurs, 9thVIC, FlemingtonVRC Oaks2500m$1,000,000
Sat, 11thVIC, FlemingtonVRC Champions Stakes 2000m$3,000,000
Sat, 11thVIC, FlemingtonChampions Mile1600m$3,000,000
Sat, 11thNSW, NewcastleThe Hunter1300m$1,000,000
Sat, 11thVIC, FlemingtonChampions Sprint1200m$3,000,000
Sat, 18thVIC, CaulfieldSir Rupert Clarke Stakes1400m$1,000,000
Sat, 18thVIC, CaulfieldThousand Guineas1600m$1,000,000
Sat, 18thNSW, Kembla GrangeThe Gong1600m$1,000,000
Sat, 25thWA, AscotRailway Stakes1600m$1,500,000

December, 2023:

DateState & TrackGroup 1 RaceDistancePrize Money
Sat, 2ndWA, AscotWinterbottom Stakes1200m$1,500,000
Sat, 9thWA, AscotNortherly Stakes1800m$1,500,000

Group One Horse Racing in Australia:

Hello there, racing fans! If you're curious about the pinnacle of horse racing in Australia, look no further than the Group One races! This is where legends are born and history is etched in time. Each of these esteemed events offers a minimum of $400,000 in prize money, making them the dream destination for owners, trainers, and jockeys alike.

However, while all Group One races are prestigious, some hold a bit more clout. The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, for instance, boasts some of the most high-profile Group 1 races on the horse racing calendar, including the Melbourne Cup, Caulfield Cup, and Cox Plate.

Not to be left behind, the Sydney Autumn Carnival also hosts a slew of Group One races. Its standout event is the Golden Slipper for two-year-olds, a highlight of the horse racing calendar in my opinion.


And as we make our way through the Australian horse racing schedule, the Brisbane Winter Carnival brings Queensland racing into the spotlight, with the $1.5 million Stradbroke Handicap being the star attraction among the eight Group One races.

Meanwhile, South Australia's Autumn Carnival plays host to four Group One races, and Western Australia rounds out the year with three Group One races throughout November and December.

Thanks to the array of horse racing apps Australia has to offer, keeping up with this packed horse racing schedule is a breeze! So, if you're itching to make some big horse racing bets, why not give it a go? The 2023 Australian horse racing calendar is chock-full of opportunities. Trust me, you'll be glad you did!

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Continuing on that thought, the 2023 horse racing schedule is jam-packed with top-notch events! Lucky for us, the myriad of horse racing apps Australia has on offer will help us stay on top of it all. These apps for horse racing can become a punter's best buddy, especially when it comes to following the horse racing schedule!

So, are you feeling the itch to place some big horse racing bets yet? Well, with the exciting line-up on the Australian horse racing calendar 2023, I have no doubt that you'll find ample opportunities! This horse racing calendar is teeming with high-stakes races that are bound to set your pulse racing!

But, wait! Before we let you loose on the tracks, allow me to share some of my personal favourite bookmakers when it comes to the racing season in Australia. These bookies not only offer decent odds, but they also provide a top-notch betting experience. So, hold onto your hats, it's going to be a ripper of a horse racing schedule in 2023!

Most Popular Horse Racing Competitions:

I believe that horse racing down here in Australia isn't just a sport, it's a spectacle that's part of our lifestyle! From the prestigious Melbourne Cup to our beloved local derbies, the horse racing calendar 2023 has to offer is chock-full of thrilling events! It's as popular as footy and rugby, with us Aussies loving a punt and the chance to win big horse racing bets. And with that in mind, are you curious to know more about some of the most prominent horse races in Australia? Well, if that is the case then take a look below:

🏇🏻  Melbourne Cup

On the top of the heap, at least for me, is the Melbourne Cup, a global event that captivates thousands each year. Held at the Flemington Racecourse every first Tuesday in November, this race has been turning heads since 1861, with a whopping A$8,000,000 prize. It's a great chance to immerse in the excitement and maybe place a few bets if you're in town during the cup.

🏇🏻  Cox Plate

Then there's the Cox Plate, another key date on the horse racing calendar Australia has on offer. Named after William Samuel Cox, this race welcomes all thoroughbreds, testing their mettle over 2,040 meters at the Moonee Valley Race Course. Held in October, a month before the Melbourne Cup, it brings together the country's top horses.

🏇🏻  Caulfield Cup

The Caulfield Cup takes place in mid-October, and since its first race in 1879, it's become a cherished part of our racing tradition. With a handsome A$5,000,000 purse, it's not just an Aussie and Kiwi affair anymore, but draws participants from all around the globe.

🏇🏻  The Golden Slipper Stakes

Kicking off early in the year, in March, is the Golden Slipper Stakes. Only the best two-year-old thoroughbreds compete at the Rosehill Racecourse in Sydney for this event. Over 1,200 meters, these young horses compete for the title of the world's top two-year-old race.

🏇🏻  Queen Elizabeth Stakes

Following in April is the Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Royal Randwick Racecourse. Since 1851, it's been a Group One race and is regarded as the third most important WFA race in Australia.

🏇🏻  Victoria Derby

An integral part of the Melbourne horse racing calendar is the Victoria Derby, running since 1855. The winner of this race, marking the start of the Melbourne Cup Carnival, walks away with a tidy A$2 million.

🏇🏻  All-Star Mile

Wrapping up our list is the unique All-Star Mile. What makes it special? The public gets to pick the contenders, albeit only from Australia and New Zealand. The A$5 million race rotates among Melbourne's premier tracks: Caulfield, Flemington, and The Valley.

And so, from the Melbourne Cup's international prestige to the community-driven All-Star Mile, the Australian horse racing calendar 2023 is a showcase of thrilling, high-stakes competitions! Each race offers not just the potential for big horse racing bets to come good, but a slice of our unique Aussie culture. So, pick a race, take in the sheer spectacle, and do more than just watch - join us in celebrating these iconic Australian horse racing events! Remember, it's not just about the winning, it's about the ride.

Horse Racing Bet Types:

Now, if you're keen on being part of the excitement and want to place some big horse racing bets, it's essential to know the types of bets you can make! But don't fret, it's not as tricky as it seems, and it's just another part of our Aussie horse racing tradition. And with that being said, take a look below as I have complied the most common bet types you will find for horse racing in Australia:

Straight Bet Types:

  • Win Bet

First off, we have the Win Bet. It's the most straightforward one. You pick a horse, and if it crosses the line first, you collect your winnings. Simple as that! It's a popular choice for many, especially when the horse racing calendarthis year is packed with thrilling events.

  • Place Bet

Then there's the Place Bet. A bit more lenient, this one. Your horse needs to finish in the top two or three positions, depending on the race's size. It's a safer bet, particularly for those who are new to the Australian horse racing calendar 2023 and its events.

Each-Way Bet Type:

Next, we've got the Each-Way Bet. It's essentially a Win Bet and a Place Bet rolled into one. If your horse wins, you collect both. If it comes second or third, you only collect the Place part. So, it's a bit of a safety net, and ideal for those big races on the Australian horse racing calendar 2023.

Exotic Bet Types:

  • Quinella

Among the exotic bets, we first have the Quinella. This requires you to pick the horses that will finish first and second, in any order. A good choice when you're feeling pretty confident about two runners in a race.

  • Exacta

Next up, the Exacta. Similar to a Quinella, but here, you need to predict the first two horses in the exact order they finish. It's a bit trickier, but if your intuition is spot-on, it can yield a higher payout!

  • Trifecta

Then there's the Trifecta. Now you're picking the first three horses, in exact finishing order (unboxed), or in no particular order (boxed). It's tougher still, but with a bit of savviness (and maybe some luck), this bet can seriously pay off, especially during the exciting races on the horse racing calendar 2023 has on offer.

  • First Four

And finally, the First Four. This one's for the bold punters, requiring you to predict the first four horses to cross the line, in the exact order (unboxed), or in no particular order (boxed). It's a challenge, no doubt, but the potential for a hefty win can make it all worth it. Just remember to gamble responsibly and enjoy the race!

So, there you have it, a run-down of your most common betting options for the Australian horse racing calendar for this year and beyond! And if you wish to learn more about them and keep track of races and betting options, I would suggest using various horse racing apps Australia has on offer, and by clicking here you can take a look as some of MyBettingAustralia’s top recommendations in that regard! Good luck, and remember, gamble responsibly!

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The Busy Australian Autumn Carnival:

As an avid horse racing enthusiast, I would say that the Australian Autumn Carnival is one of the standouts on my horse racing calendar each year!And while it is about to be finished for the year, it is nonetheless an event that is packed with thrilling events from Melbourne to Sydney and Adelaide, it's certainly got a lot on offer for punters all around Australia!

In Victoria, the heart of Aussie horse racing, we have the Australian Cup, a sparkling jewel amidst the usual sprint and mile races. Starting the year with a bang, the CF Orr Stakes is our first Group One event, and a fantastic starting point for the year's action. Pair this with the prestigious Newmarket Handicap and you've got an unforgettable Super Saturday! Melbourne's Group One races during the Autumn Carnival include:

  • C.F. Orr Stakes
  • Lightning Stakes
  • Blue Diamond Stakes
  • Futurity Stakes
  • Oakleigh Plate
  • Australian Guineas
  • Newmarket Handicap
  • Australian Cup
  • William Reid Stakes

New South Wales is not far behind, hosting a loaded 20 Group One races in the Autumn Carnival. It all begins with the Chipping Norton, followed closely by the Surround Stakes. And who could forget the Queen Elizabeth Stakes, Doncaster Mile, and TJ Smith Stakes during The Championships? The Sydney Autumn Carnival Group One races are:

  • Chipping Norton Stakes
  • Surround Stakes
  • Canterbury Stakes
  • Randwick Guineas
  • Coolmore Classic
  • The Galaxy
  • Rosehill Guineas
  • Ranvet Stakes
  • George Ryder Stakes
  • Golden Slipper
  • Vinery Stud Stakes
  • Tancred Stakes

NSW Horse Racing Group 1 Races – The Championships:

  • Queen Elizabeth Stakes
  • Doncaster Mile
  • Australian Oaks
  • T.J. Smith Stakes
  • Sydney Cup
  • Australian Derby
  • Sires' Produce Stakes
  • Queen of the Turf Stakes

Finally, we head to South Australia, where four Group One races grace the Autumn Carnival! The Robert Sangster Stakes stands out as the only Group One sprint for fillies and mares, while The Goodwood is the main draw in my view. South Australian Group One races in the Autumn Carnival are:

  • Australasian Oaks
  • Robert Sangster Stakes
  • South Australian Derby
  • The Goodwood

And whether you're using the top horse racing apps Australia has to keep up with the schedule, or placing big horse racing bets, the Autumn Carnival is a time of excitement for all racing fans! So, as we bid farewell to the Australian horse racing calendar 2023 thrilling Autumn Carnival, let's celebrate the incredible races we've witnessed, and look forward to the next season of heart-racing action!

Winter Carnival – Queensland's Premier Showcase:

The allure of the Australian horse racing calendar 2023 in winter is undeniably highlighted by Queensland's Winter Carnival. From late May, this Carnival features eight top-tier, Group One races that attract a bevy of attention from both domestic and international racing enthusiasts.

The Queensland Derby stands out as a prestigious event, drawing the attention of potential contenders for the Hong Kong Derby. And for me, well this three-year-old spectacle is a renowned highlight of the winter season! Meanwhile, the Stradbroke Handicap, hailed as Queensland's premier race and offering a remarkable $1.5 million prize, epitomises the grandeur of the Australian horse racing calendar! And with that in mind, below you'll find the exhilarating Group One races that make up the esteemed lineup of the Queensland Winter Carnival:

  • Doomben 10,000
  • Doomben Cup
  • Kingsford-Smith Cup
  • Queensland Oaks
  • J.J. Atkins
  • Queensland Derby
  • Stradbroke Handicap
  • Tattersalls Tiara

And interestingly, there isn't technically a winter carnival in other Australian states! The reason being, winter is usually a downtime for racing in states like Victoria and New South Wales due to colder, wetter conditions making the tracks less suitable for high-stake races. Therefore, Queensland, with its milder winter weather, becomes the prime location for horse racing during this season. So, whether you're consulting your horse racing apps Australia-wide or planning big horse racing bets, don't miss the action in Queensland this winter!

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The Enthralling Australian Spring Carnival:

Moving onto the main event, I would say that the Australian Spring Carnival holds a special place in my horse racing calendar! It's a vibrant season that brings together thrilling races from both Sydney and Melbourne, captivating racing fans across the nation.

The New South Wales Spring Carnival kicks off with the prestigious Winx Stakes, marking the start of the Australian Racing Season.This 1400m weight-for-age event sets the stage for an action-packed carnival that includes highly anticipated races like the Golden Rose Stakes, Epsom Handicap, and the renowned Everest race, now the world's richest turf race. Let's take a look at the standout Group One races in New South Wales that define the excitement of the Australian Spring Carnival:

  • Warwick Stakes
  • George Main Stakes
  • Golden Rose Stakes
  • Flight Stakes
  • The Metropolitan
  • Epsom Handicap
  • Spring Champion Stakes
  • The Everest

When it comes to Victoria and Melbourne, I believe there's no denying that the Spring Carnival claims the limelight as Australia's grandest racing extravaganza! With the Memsie Stakes igniting the festivities, prepare for a whirlwind of 20 exhilarating Group One races. And in my view, the Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate, and Melbourne Cup shine as the major highlights, captivating racing enthusiasts far and wide. But that's just the beginning of the excitement. Get ready to embrace the adrenaline rush of the following standout Group One races during the Victorian Spring Carnival:

  • Memsie Stakes
  • Moir Stakes
  • Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes
  • Underwood Stakes
  • Turnbull Stakes
  • Toorak Handicap
  • Caulfield Stakes
  • Caulfield Guineas
  • Thousand Guineas
  • Caulfield Cup
  • Manikato Stakes
  • Cox Plate

VIC Group 1 Races – Cup Carnival:

  • Cantala Stakes
  • Coolmore Stud Stakes
  • Victoria Derby
  • Victoria Oaks
  • Mackinnon Stakes
  • Melbourne Cup
  • VRC Sprint Classic
  • Empire Rose Stakes

And so, with all of this in mind, I believe that the Australian Spring Carnival is an exhilarating time for racing enthusiasts, and whether you're using horse racing apps Australia offers or placing big horse racing bets, these prestigious races offer an unmatched experience of thrilling competition and sporting excellence!

Perth Summer Carnival – Racing's Westward Journey:

As a fan of horse racing myself, I am eagerly awaiting the exhilarating finale of Group One racing in the Australian horse racing calendar year, and this is known as the Perth Summer Carnival! Taking place in the captivating Western Australia state, this carnival showcases three prestigious majors that captivate racing enthusiasts.

The Railway Stakes, a 1600m race, stands as Western Australia's most famous and sought-after event. This thrilling handicap kicks off the carnival in style, setting the stage for the racing spectacle that follows.Day two of the carnival sees the sprinters take the spotlight with the Winterbottom Stakes, a thrilling 1200m dash that leaves spectators on the edge of their seats.The Perth Summer Carnival reaches its crescendo with the highly anticipated Kingston Town Classic, an 1800m showdown that showcases the pinnacle of racing excellence.Perth Summer Carnival Group 1 races:

Embracing the essence of Western Australia's racing scene, the Railway Stakes emerges as the pinnacle of excitement, drawing avid spectators to its renowned 1600m race, a race that ignites the Perth Summer Carnival! As day two dawns, the spotlight shifts to the lightning-fast sprinters as they unleash their power in the heart-pounding Winterbottom Stakes, a riveting 1200m dash that keeps us on the edge of our seats. Finally, the Perth Summer Carnival reaches its crescendo with the highly anticipated Kingston Town Classic, an 1800m showdown that, for me at least, epitomises the pinnacle of racing excellence! 

And with that being said, prepare to be enthralled by the following exhilarating Group 1 races that define the Perth Summer Carnival:

  • Railway Stakes
  • Winterbottom Stakes
  • Kingston Town Classic

And so, as we finish up talking about the Australian race year, join me in embracing the thrilling Group One races that make the Perth Summer Carnival an unmissable highlight in the Australian horse racing calendar! Whether it's staying up-to-date with the latest updates through apps for horse racing or indulging in the allure of placing big horse racing bets, let us immerse ourselves in the pulsating excitement of this remarkable event!

FAQs about Horse Racing

What is the Best Bet to Place in Horse Racing?

Research is key! Use horse racing apps Australia has on offer for info, and hunt for value in odds. Also, I have found place bets to be a safe shout – top three finish – how good is that!

What Time is Best to Bet on Horse Racing?

Strike when the iron's hot! I recommend betting just before the race, tracking late money for an edge. But have you got a favourite or preferred horse? If that is the case then back it early when markets open, usually you'll snag better odds!


Can you Predict Horse Racing?

Predicting horse racing outcomes isn't easy, that is for sure! It needs a good knowledge of form, jockeys, and the horse racing schedule. And remember, it is far from a guaranteed science!

What is the Luckiest Number in Horse Racing?

In the Aussie races, number 7's a bit of a lucky charm! But keep in mind, it's all a game of chance - betting by number is not exactly strategic, and it is not something I would recommend!

What is the Big Horse Racing Event in Australia?

Why the Melbourne Cup, of course! It's the biggest event on the Aussie horse racing calendar. Huge crowds, big horse racing bets, and an unforgettable experience.

What Day is Horse Racing in Australia?

Horse racing in Australia typically happens Wednesday through Sunday, however, I have found that there are horse races on pretty much every day!I recommend checking out the different horse racing apps Australia have on offer to stay up-to-date with the latest horse racing schedule!