Betting Sites Payment Methods

Depositing into your betting account might not be the most exciting part of your betting experience, but it is a necessary one. In this article, we’re going to go through the wide range of different payment methods for online betting which you’re likely to come across, the pros and cons of each of them, as well as which of our favourite bookmakers offer each of them.

Betting Sites With the Best Deposit Methods

 Credit/debit card • PayPal •Apple Pay • POLi • Bank transfer • BPay • Flexepin • Paysafecard • Cash inVisit Bet365
 Credit/debit card • POLi • Bank transfer • BPay • Paysafecard • Cash inVisit Topsport
 Credit/debit card • POLi • Bank transfer • BPay Visit Playup
    Credit/debit card • POLi Visit Draftstars
 Credit/debit card • POLi • Bank transferVisit Winnersbet
 Credit/debit card • POLi • PayPal • Bank transfer • BPayVisit Palmerbet
 Credit/debit card • POLi • Bank transfer • BPay • Cash inVisit Boombet
 Credit/debit card • PayPal •Apple Pay • POLi • BPay • Neteller • Skrill • EcoPayz • Flexepin • Cash inVisit Unibet
    Credit/debit card • POLi Visit Picklebet



PlayUp is not one of the most experienced bookmakers on this list, but they have quickly made their mark as a reliable and popular choice for punters. They perform well in most key metrics, with a solid selection of markets, a great website and app and terrific customer support. Their list of deposit methods doesn’t quite live up to the same standards set by some of these other areas, but there are still enough to keep most people happy. Like every bookmaker in this list they offer credit/debit card, while your other choices for depositing with PlayUp are POLi, bank transfer and BPay.

PlayUp Review
Great Mobile Offering & Extensive Markets on Offer



When Sportsbetting rebranded to Boombet, they maintained most of the attributes which had helped them to survive in a competitive Australian betting industry for over two decades. Probably the most notable of these attributes is their strong fixed odds, but they do also have a pretty comprehensive selection of deposit methods which ranks them among the best in this category of the bookmakers we’ve selected as the best in the business. Along with credit/debit card, POLi, bank transfer, BPay and cash in.

Creates it's own great odds & Great Customer Service



WinnersBet is a bookmaker still trying to make a name for themselves in the industry, and they have some work to do in a few key areas to match it with the best. They have placed a clear focus on a handful of areas, notably the racing section of their website as well as the usability of their desktop site and mobile site. There are other areas, however, which need some work, and their range of deposit methods is one of them. They offer just three different deposit methods, one of the lowest numbers of all the bookies in this list. You can deposit using debit/credit card with WinnersBet, while their only two other options are POLi and bank transfer.

WinnersBet Review
Decent all-around racing offering & a solid platform experience



Of the list of bookmakers that we’ve made in this article, Unibet is probably the one most capable of challenging Bet365 in terms of how well recognised they are on a global scale. Also like Bet365, they offer a great selection of different sports and markets and some of the best odds in the business, while their range of deposit methods is elite too. In fact, they have the most different deposit methods available of any betting site mentioned in this article. They offer credit/debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, POLi, BPay, Neteller, Skrill, Ecopayz, Flexepin and cash in. This extremely comprehensive selection means that you would be hard-pressed to find any punters not able to find something that suits them with Unibet’s deposit methods. 

Unibet Review
Solid Range of Live Streaming Options & Decent Odds on Offer



As arguably the biggest betting site in the world, it’s no surprise that Bet365 is really good at most things. They have an absurd range of different sports available to bet on, plenty of markets within individual events, great odds, a quality mobile app and website – the list goes on. They also have probably the most comprehensive selection of deposit methods going around. You can use credit/debit card to deposit funds into your Bet365 account, or you can opt to use PayPal, Apple Pay, POLi, bank transfer, Flexepin, Paysafecard and cash in. If you want to use an eWallet you might be disappointed by the absence of Neteller and Skrill, but that aside they cater for virtually every punter.

Bet365 Review
Great Cash-Out Offering & Streaming Offering



Draftstars differs in plenty of ways from the other bookmakers in this list, most notably in the type of markets that they offer. With a focus on fantasy sport, they move away from the standard markets like moneylines and points totals, instead requiring punters to create fantasy teams which score points based on the real life performance of players in that team. This niche offering means that they only appeal to a certain type of punter, and while there are enough of them going around, Draftstars could attract even more by improving their selection of deposit methods. They have just two available – credit/debit card and POLi, so if you want to use anything else you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Draftstars Review
Best Daily Fantasy Sports in Australia & Decent Withdrawal Times



Palmerbet is one of the more reliable bookmakers going around, giving punters basically everything they want. They have a good range of markets, excellent odds, friendly and accessible customer service, a quality website, and in relation to this article, a decent selection of betting deposit methods. If you’re looking to fund your Palmerbet account, you have the option of using credit/debit card, as you do with all bookmakers, while you can also use PayPal, POLi, bank transfer or BPay if that suits you better. There are some in this list that offer a better range of deposit methods but plenty that offer fewer as well, and this should be enough to cater for most punters.

Palmerbet Review
Quality Mobile Offering & Betting Market Variety


picklebet logo

Picklebet is another unique betting site, with their point of difference coming in the fact that they focus largely on eSports. They have the best selection of markets in this field going around, while importantly they also offer a reasonable range of markets on other sports to attract punters who aren’t interested in normal sports – though there are a few less of these than with some of your popular, more standard bookies. Unfortunately, like Draftstars they also fail to deliver much of a range of deposit methods. In fact their selection is exactly the same as the preceding bookmaker on this list – credit/debit card and POLi, and that’s it.

Picklebet Review
Great eSports Offering & Decent Website Experience



TopSport is the last bookmaker on this list, and is another experienced and relatively reliable choice for punters. They might not have the recognition of some other bookies in this group and they certainly can’t match it with some of those bigger names in some areas, but they offer pretty good odds, a solid range of markets and a very solid range of betting deposit methods. Starting with credit/debit card, they also offer POLi, bank transfer, BPay, Paysafecard and Cash in, and this comprehensive selection will be enough to keep most of their customers satisfied.

Topsport Review
High Betting Limits & Decent Live Betting Service

Types of deposit methods

Previously, we took a look at the various betting deposit methods offered by some of the top bookmakers in Australia. Now, it’s time to go into a bit more detail about each of these deposit methods, beginning with the most common option – credit/debit card. 

Credit/debit card

Credit/debit card refers to both VISA and Mastercard, and is in our view the easiest way to deposit with betting sites. It’s available with every bookmaker, and when you use it your funds will appear instantly in your account. Using it for withdrawals is a little different; you’ll need to wait a few days for the money to appear in your bank account, but that’s the same with every betting sites payment method.

  • Bookmakers that accept credit/debit card: PlayUp, Boombet, WinnersBet, Bet365, Unibet, Draftstars, Picklebet, Palmerbet, TopSport 


PayPal is another very popular payment method for punters. Like credit/debit card, it results in instant deposits, and though it takes a little longer for withdrawals it is still relatively fast. Of course, the primary difference between this and something like credit/debit card is that you’ll deposit and withdraw from and to your PayPal account, rather than your bank account, but if that’s not an issue for you then this could be a good choice. It’s also not available everywhere, but most of the biggest bookies do offer it.

  • Bookmakers that accept PayPal: Boombet, Bet365, Unibet, Palmerbet

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a deposit method which works by linking your Apple device – including iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches – to your credit/debit card. Once you’ve made this link, this is a really easy way to deposit, and deposits will arrive instantaneously in your betting account. Withdrawals aren’t supported with this method, however, and it’s also only available with a couple of our preferred bookies.

  • Bookmakers that accept Apple Pay: Bet365, Unibet


PayID is another betting site payment method which you can link to your banking account and use to fund your betting account. Setting it up is relatively easy and can be done on your internet banking account – once you’ve done it, deposits are easy and fast, making this a convenient method, but you do of course have to do the linking before you can use it. It’s also only available with a handful of bookmakers at this point.

  • Bookmakers that accept PayID: Bet365, Unibet


POLi is a very easy way to deposit into your bank account, though it’s not available for withdrawals. To use it you simply enter your bank details on the betting site to log in and transfer funds from your bank account to your betting account, and deposits are once again instantaneous. What makes POLi a particularly convenient choice is that it’s available with a huge range of bookmakers, including all nine of our preferred bookies that we’ve listed in this article.

  • Bookmakers that accept POLi: PlayUp, Boombet, WinnersBet, Bet365, Unibet, Draftstars, Picklebet, Palmerbet, TopSport

Bank transfer

Bank transfer, as the name suggests, involves transferring money directly between your bank account and your betting account. This is a particularly popular way to withdraw funds, but for depositing it’s a little less so predominantly because it takes a day or two for the money to be sent from your bank to your betting account. With so many other options offering instant deposits that makes this a hard sell, though it is available very widely.

  • Bookmakers that accept bank transfer: PlayUp, Boombet, WinnersBet, Bet365, Palmerbet, TopSport


BPay is often used for payment by bigger businesses because it’s an extremely secure option, so if it’s security that you’re after then it could be the way to go. However, the trade-off for this security is that it takes a day or two for the money to arrive in your betting account, so if you want immediate deposits then you might be best off using an alternate payment method.

  • Bookmakers that accept BPay: PlayUp, Boombet, Unibet, Palmerbet, TopSport


Neteller is an eWallet in a similar mold to PayPal, though it doesn’t yet have the popularity of its more experienced counterpart. Once you’ve linked your credit/debit card to your Neteller account you’ll be able to make instant deposits to your betting account, and you can also make relatively quick withdrawals. The downsides of this method are that there are small fees involved when you use it, and it’s not yet widely available.

  • Bookmakers that accept Neteller: Unibet


Skrill boasts many similarities to the aforementioned Neteller, namely in the fact that it’s a relatively new eWallet which isn’t yet available with many betting agencies. It’s easy to use, safe, and gives you instant deposits and quick withdrawals, so once you’ve linked it with your credit/debit card Skrill can be a good option. Of our nine bookmakers in this article, however, it’s only available with Unibet.

  • Bookmakers that accept Skrill: Unibet


Yet another deposit method that can fall into the same category as Neteller and Skrill, Ecopayz works by linking your credit/debit card to your Ecopayz account. Once you’ve done that, instant deposits to your betting account are available, though there is a small fee associated with that and once again it’s not available with very many bookmakers just yet.

  • Bookmakers that accept Ecopayz: Unibet


Flexepin is a bit of a strange deposit method, but once you know how it works it’s relatively straightforward and can be worth trying out. You can purchase Flexepin vouchers either online or in certain stores, after which you use a PIN to make deposits. These deposits are instant, but the whole process requires you to purchase a voucher so it’s not as quick as some of the other methods in this list.

  • Bookmakers that accept Flexepin: Bet365, Unibet


Paysafecard is another deposit method which operates in a similar way to Flexepin. You can use it by buying a PIN either at a supported retail outlet or online, with this PIN then used to deposit into your betting account. Once you’ve got the PIN these deposits are instant, though it is worth noting that you can only deposit a maximum of $100 using this method.

  • Bookmakers that accept Paysafecard: Bet365, TopSport

Cash in

Our final deposit method is cash in, a payment method for the traditionalists among you. This method takes us back to the old days of wandering into a TAB to place a bet, rather than having everything available at our fingertips online. To use this you need to find a participating outlet, after which you can hand over cash and have it used to fund your betting account. This is obviously a much slower way of doing things, but it is available with a few bookies.

  • Bookmakers that accept cash in: Boombet, Bet365, Unibet, TopSport

What to take into consideration

Considering deposit methods when choosing a betting site is an interesting proposition; it may not seem like the most important thing to think about, and it probably does pale into comparison compared to thinks like how many markets are offered and the odds available for most punters, but at the end of the day if you don’t have access to a payment method that suits you then there’s not much you can do.

Of course, just because you’ve never used a deposit method before, however, doesn’t mean that you never do. You might have a preference in terms of which deposit method you which to use, and in this case it certainly makes sense to look for a bookmaker which offers that deposit method, particularly if you’re tossing up between a few different bookies. However, if you come across a betting site that ticks all your boxes and is clearly the best choice for you, but they don’t offer your preferred bookmaker payment method, that certainly doesn’t have to be a reason not to try them out. As long as you have a bank account, most of the payment methods that we mentioned above will be available to you – it might just be a case of linking it or setting it up, but once you’ve done that you should be ready to go.

Bonuses & Promotions📢

Typically, bonuses and promotions don’t have a whole lot to do with the deposit method you use – at least not on the bookmaker side of things. Perhaps on occasion using a certain platform might result in that platform rewarding you in some way, but typically the bookmaker won’t give you extra bonuses or anything like that for using a particular payment method. There are, of course, plenty of promotions available with many different bookmakers, including welcome bonuses, money back bonuses and more – they just aren’t usually linked to the payment method you use.

Mobile Betting App📱

Using mobile betting apps and mobile sites in place of the traditional desktop site for betting is becoming increasingly common, so you may be wondering whether there are particular deposit methods which are available on mobile that aren’t available on your computer. In short, the answer is no, at least not very often. The deposit methods you’ll find on your computer on a given bookie will generally match those that you find on your phone. You may, however, find a particular payment method easier to use on your phone – for example, Apple Pay can be set up on your iPhone and deposits can then be made, so in this respect it’s easier to be on your phone to set up the account and deposit in the one sitting.


Which is the easiest betting sites payment method to use?

This really depends on the user. We think that credit/debit card is often among the easiest given its widespread availability and simplicity of use, but if you already have another platform linked to your bank account or funded then they may be the easiest choice for you.

Are deposits and withdrawals usually instant?

This depends on the payment method, bookmaker and sometimes your bank. For most payment methods, deposits will be instant, while withdrawals never are and typically take at least a day or two to reach your other account.

Which bookmaker offers the most different payment methods?

There are a few different bookmakers which offer a very wide selection of payment methods. Of those that we’ve mentioned in this article, Bet365 and Unibet definitely stand out as having the most comprehensive selections.

Do I have to pay fees to deposit into my betting account?

This one depends purely on the payment method. Most of the deposit options we’ve listed are free to use, but there are a handful that charge a small fee for you to use them.

How do I deposit into my betting account?

Depositing into your betting account is generally pretty easy. Simply locate the deposit button – usually very easy to spot on the home page, or else in your ‘My Account’ section – select your payment method of choice, enter a deposit amount and you’re away.