Victorian Bookmakers 2024

Our guide to Victorian bookmakers provides all the in-depth information about all the best betting sites in Victoria. Check out the list of Victorian bookmakers we have compiled for you down below, as well as some more information on one of the best Victorian bookmakers going around and one my personal favourite Victorian bookmakers: VicBet Australia.

A Solid Racing Offering & Decent Customer Service

List of Victorian bookmakers Australia has to Offer:

  1. VicBet
  2. BeazaBet
  3. BetGalaxy
  4. BetBetBet
  5. BetFlux
  6. BitWinning
  7. CricketBet
  8. DiamondBet
  9. FoxCatcher
  10. JimmyBet
  11. BadBookie
  12.  MarantelliBet
  13. OkeBet
  14. PicnicBet
  15. Punt123
  16. ReadyBet
  17. RealBookie
  18. Rob Waterhouse
  19. SwiftBet
  20. WellBet
  21. WinBet
  22. WinnersBet
  23. WishBet
  24. Woodcock Racing
  25. Anthony Doughty
  26. Ashley Manning Bookmaking
  27. Awesome Bet
  28. Barry Dalton
  29. Bart Stiles Bookmaking
  30. Brian Byrne
  31. Carly Crowe
  32. Cleary Bet
  33. G&M Sampieri
  34. GallopBet
  35. Garry Thomas
  36. Greg and Ben Musgrove
  37. J&D Rowlands
  38. John Dow Snr
  39. Lyndon Cleary
  40. Lynn Heaver Bookmakers
  41. Michael Harrak& Chris Lester
  42. MintBet
  43. Peter & Nathan Brown
  44. Philip Diviny
  45. Prime Bet
  46. Turf Accountants Australia


A Short & Sweet Review of this Racing-Only Bookie:

Rating: 3.5/5

VicBet Advantages:

  • Solid desktop site
  • Strong racing markets
  • Decent customer support offering

VicBet Drawbacks:

  • No mobile app
  • No live streaming on offer
  • No sports markets on offer

Overall Assessment

VicBet is a Victorian bookmaker online in Australia, with a strong racing offering for their users. I have personally found that their focus on horse racing betting and their competitive odds in this field are impressive. And I will note as well, that with the addition of a mobile app and improvements to their race pages, VicBet has the potential to become one of the best small betting sites, and Victorian betting sites in general, for different horse racing enthusiasts out there!

VicBet Review
A Solid Racing Offering & Decent Customer Service

Promotions and Bonuses in Online Betting Sites in Victoria

Attractive promotions, bonuses, and special offers from bookmakers Victoria has to offer can add value to a punter’s betting experience, ultimately giving you more chances to win or enjoy additional betting opportunities, and in my experience, the best Vic bookmakers online will be sure to offer their users enticing promotions somewhat regularly!

While Victorian licensed bookmakers cannot offer bonus bets or any sort of incentive to gain new customers, they can provide offers and promotions to existing customers. For any Victorian bookie, you’ll need to log in to see all the promotions that are at your disposal. You’ll find that each bookie offers something a little different. So, we recommend opening multiple bookie accounts to pick up extra value.

Top Bookies Available in Victoria

We’ve already spoken about VicBet, one of the top Victorian bookmakers, but you should know there are some others that you should consider as well! For a full list of Victorian bookmakers, scroll up to the relevant section on this page.

We also provide in-depth reviews of many more bookies, to see which bookies we have reviews on, check out our full List of all betting sites. In the meantime, keep reading for some of the top bookies going around in Victoria! 

1. Bet365

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last couple of decades, then you probably already are aware of Bet365. Bet365 is loved by Victorian punters for its competitive odds on sports and racing markets. The cherry on top of this, they cover a wide range of sports. Anything from cricket to esports is available to bet on. In fact, Bet365 is one of the best esports betting sites going around.

2. Unibet

Unibet is another international player that is available for Victorians. You can live stream sporting events and their app is in a class of its own. Just like Bet365, its range of markets is huge, so no matter what you want to bet on, you can! Many NRL punters use Unibet and they are for sure one of the biggest NRL betting sites in Australia.

3. PlayUp

Like fantasy betting? Hello, PlayUp! As well as fantasy betting, PlayUp is one of the top bookies that Victorians will love thanks to their range of markets. For sports, they offer team statistics and you can use their Bet Builder feature to easily build multis and more. 

4. Boombet

If you want competitive odds for racing markets in particular Boombet is a great option. This trusted Australian bookie is loved by many Victorians and one key reason is the promotions they have on offer. They have some of the best betting sites bonuses and these bonuses are updated regularly, so there’s always new value to be found.

5. PalmerBet

When it comes to finding one of the best bookmakers in Victoria, you can’t really go past PalmerBet. PalmberBet is an Aussie-owned bookie and focuses mainly on all the main Aussie sports that we love. They provide enhanced odds on some markets as well, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Rating Factors For Each Victorian Bookie

When we declare a bookie to be one of the best for Victorians, there are several factors that we consider. A Victorian bookie needs to meet a lot of our rating factors to be considered one of the best going around. Some of our more influential rating factors are listed below.

Competitive Odds

We always check and compare the odds of Victorian bookmakers to see how their odds all stack up. The higher the odds, the more winnings you’ll receive if the bet gets up. While the value may not be that different for shorter-priced markets, the value can be a lot more when looking at long-shot bets.

Security and Betting Licences

The safety of your personal and banking information is critical. This is why we always check if the Victorian bookie has a valid licence in Australia and has put in the necessary steps to protect your information and any funds you have in your betting account. In Victoria, the recognised authority is the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR).

Range of Markets

We get a comprehensive list of Victorian bookmakers and see what markets they offer punters. A bookie must have a wide range of markets, on offer from a plethora of sports and racing events. Having a diverse selection means punters are more likely to find some value bets. Bookies are even offering markets such as novelty bets (i.e. on politics, reality TV, the weather, etc.).

Betting App

More and more punters are betting on the go, which means betting apps are of the utmost importance. The best Victorian bookies will always ensure their app is intuitive, allows for seamless interaction and provides all the essential features that are found on the website. No matter if you're using an iOS or Android device, the betting experience should be top-notch.

Live Betting and Streaming

Live betting and streaming have been one of the latest big things to hit all the top Victorian bookmakers. The best bookies provide a huge range of in-play betting markets as well as providing users with the ability to stream sporting events and races. This feature is particularly useful if you’re on the go and can’t catch the game or race on a TV.

How to Open an Account With a Victorian Bookie

So, you’ve looked at the list of Victorian bookmakers and found a nice-looking bookie! Now you’re asking yourself “how do you go about opening an account”? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our step-by-step guide is below:

Go to a betting site.For registration, it’s a pretty good idea to use a desktop, as it’s easier to fill in your details.
Complete the sign up form.Find the “Join” or “Sign Up” button, which is usually located in the top right. Then, you need to fill in the form with all your personal details.
Verify your account.After you’ve completed the sign up form, wait for an email to hit your inbox, so you can verify your account. 
Deposit money into account.After you’ve verified and logged in, your next job is to pop some cash into your account. There will likely also be an option to set a deposit limit.
Place your bet.Ready for some fun? You get to place some bets now and you can pick whatever sport or racing event you’re interested in. You can find more details on how to place a bet with one of the top-notch Victorian bookmakers online in the next section.

How to Place Your Bets With a Victorian Bookie

After you’ve opened your account with a Victorian bookie without a hitch, then it’s time to place your bets. All the top Victorian bookmakers will always have a huge range of markets available. If you are just starting out, we recommend sticking with the simpler bets that you understand and if you want to try out a more advanced bet, do some solid research beforehand.

Choose your bookie.If you have more than one bookie account, the first step is to choose which one you want to place your bet with.
Visit their site or app.Head on offer to the bookies site or app and sign in if required.
Head to the sport or racing market.Depending on whether you want to bet on sport or racing, head to the relevant page.
Find the event.Find the event you wish to bet on and the bookie will displace all the different markets available for this event.
Choose your market.From the wide range of markets, choose which one you’d like to bet on. Clicking on the market should add it to your bet slip.
Decide the bet amount.In your bet slip you can choose how much you would like to stake on the bet.
Finalise your bet.Make sure everything goes to plan by checking your confirmed bets.

Victorian Bookmakers FAQs

So, you’ve reached the end of our page on bookmakers in Victoria, congratulations! But before you go, we have one final section for you to feast your eyes on. We’ve put together this trusty list of all the most common questions people have about this topic. Check them out below:

Can I win real money with a VIC bet online?

Yes, you can win real money! When you are betting with a Victorian bookmaker, you are using real money, so this means any bets that get up, you are winning real money. It can be a very exciting activity but remember to always bet within your means.

Is online betting in Victoria legal?

Online betting is legal in Victoria. All the best Victorian bookmakers will have the necessary licences, so you know you are all good to bet with them. Don’t forget that licensed Victorian bookies aren’t able to offer promotions to new customers. It’s not all bad news though, they can provide offers to existing customers!

Which is the best Victorian bookmaker?

There are plenty of Victorian bookmakers out there that are worthy of your time. Firstly, VicBet is an awesome option thanks to its strong offering of racing markets. Some of the other Victorian online bookmakers that you should consider include; Bet365, Unibet, PlayUp, Boombet and PalmerBet.

Can I claim betting bonuses with a Victoria bookie?

Betting bonuses are no longer available with any Victorian bookie for new customers. There is a range of promotions and offers that existing customers can take advantage of. On any bookie’s website, you’ll need to be logged in to see the promotions on offer.

Can I live stream sport and racing with a Victorian bookmaker?

There are a couple of bookies available in Victoria that enable punters to live stream sport and racing. Some of the top bookies include Bet365 and Unibet, so if you haven’t considered them, now is the time!

What sports are available to bet on with Victorian bookies?

The good news is that there are plenty of sports available to bet on at a Victorian bookie. All the main sports you know and love should be available like; NRL, AFL, cricket, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, American football, soccer and tennis.