EliteBet Review 2024

Solid Betting Experience Along with An Impressive Banking Offering
Great Options for Aussie Racing
  • Betting Variety
  • Banking Options
  • Mobile experience
  • Betting Experience
  • Customer Support
Total score

Top Features

  • Platform Layout
  • HOT Bets Feature
  • Race Page Offering
  • Withdrawal Speed
  • Race Page Offering
  • Platform Experience
  • No Live Betting
  • No Live Streaming
  • No Live Chat Feature
By:Lachlan Malek

EliteBet Australia – An Emerging Force in the Aussie Betting Landscape:

G'day, mates! When it comes to placing a bet down under, EliteBet is a name that's been around the traps for a while. But despite this, I feel as though in recent times they have really started to make a name for themselves! 

And with that, I am here to walk you through what makes EliteBet stand out in the crowded field of Aussie bookmakers. Wondering about what EliteBet offers, or keen on understanding the nitty-gritty of the EliteBet withdrawal time? Well, say no more! I've got the scoop on everything from how to register with EliteBet to snagging those EliteBet free bets. So, let's dive into the world of EliteBet online and unpack what this seasoned bookmaker has to offer!

EliteBet Profile

Website: elitebet.com.auOwner: Daniel Paolini
Year Founded: 2012Address/Headquarters: Sydney (Rosehill Gardens)
License and Regulation: EliteBet is regulated by Racing NSW and the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.Sponsorship Deals: N/A
Features: EliteBet offer their users an intuitive Platform Layout, an innovative HOT Bets Feature, and detailed Race Page Offerings.Banking Options: Debit/Credit Card, POLi, Bank Transfer
App Devices: Yes, available on Apple iOS and Android devicesOdds Providers: EliteBet
Contact Information:
Email Support [[email protected]]
Phone Support [(02) 9191 7818]

EliteBet Australia – An Honest Take on this Seasoned Betting Platform:

Alright, punters! I think it is now time for me to take you through my personal experience with EliteBet. Browsing through elitebet.com.au and using the EliteBet app has been smooth sailing for me personally! The website's ease of use is impressive, and after getting the EliteBet app on my mobile, it's been somewhat of a game-changer for placing bets on the fly. The app’s straightforward design has made it super easy to keep up with my bets, even when I'm not near my computer!

Now, onto the horse racing side of things – I've been really impressed with what EliteBet Australia offers here. The range of races and betting markets they provide has consistently given me plenty of options. And the detailed info on their race pages? It's been a fantastic help for making informed bets!

As for sports betting, I've found EliteBet has a decent selection to choose from. They cover the basics well, but I do feel they could broaden their market range within the sports they offer. It's good, but there's room for growth, you know?

In addition, customer support at EliteBet has been pretty solid in my experience. I've used both their email and phone support and have found them responsive and helpful. However, I've got to point out the lack of a live chat feature – it's a bit of a letdown and can be inconvenient at times. Their support hours work for me, though, especially on weekends when I bet the most!

Moving onto the banking side of things with EliteBet, I believe it isa pretty decent offering! I usually use a credit/debit card or POLi for deposits, and their fast processing via OSKO for bank transfer withdrawals has been a relief. No long waits for my winnings!

Also, while the lack of live betting and streaming on EliteBet is a bit of a letdown for me personally – I do crave that live-action excitement – what I will say is that their HOT Bet feature comes in quite handy! It somewhat makes up for this by offering a unique angle on betting, allowing for punters to tap into the insights of different seasoned and successful punters out there.

So, that's my take on EliteBet, folks! They might not have every bell and whistle, but for a solid, reliable betting experience, they've been a great choice for me. And with that in mind, if you're keen to give them a go, just click on the image below to check out EliteBet online and see for yourself!

EliteBet Australia – Weighing the Pros and Cons:

As a seasoned punter who's tried and tested numerous bookies, I've found EliteBet to be a pretty formidable contender in the Aussie betting market! Of course, though, like any bookmaker, EliteBet is with its strengths and weaknesses. So, let's dig into what sets EliteBet apart and where I think they could do with a bit of tweaking:

👍EliteBet's Ace Features:

  • Swift Withdrawal Times: First off, I'm pretty chuffed with the EliteBet withdrawal time. It’s quick and hassle-free, often taking just a few hours to process, which is a massive plus in my book!
  • Top-Notch Race Page Offerings: The race page on EliteBet is a winner. It's packed with valuable info and insights, making it a gem for racing enthusiasts.
  • Slick Platform Experience: Navigating through the EliteBet online platform and the EliteBet app has been a smooth ride. Whether it's logging in to EliteBet or browsing through the markets, the user experience is more than decent!

👎Areas Where EliteBet Could Brush Up:

  • No Live Betting: Here's a snag – EliteBet doesn’t offer live betting. For punters who thrive on the thrill of in-game betting, this might be a miss.
  • Lack of Live Streaming: Another bummer is the absence of live streaming. Watching the action unfold live as you bet adds to the excitement, which is something EliteBet lacks.
  • Missing Live Chat Feature: If you prefer quick, real-time assistance, the lack of a live chat feature on EliteBet might leave you a bit in the lurch.

👨‍⚖️EliteBet Verdict:

Wrapping it up, I reckon EliteBet has carved out a decent spot for themselves. The platform nails it with its speedy withdrawals and well-crafted race pages. The overall experience on EliteBetis pretty solid as well. However, I do really think that adding live betting and streaming features, as well as a live chat for support, would really up their game! 

Overall though, EliteBet has done a more than solid job, and I think many punters out there would be more than happy with the EliteBet offering!

Delving into EliteBet's Key Rankings:

Betting Variety ⭐⭐⭐

EliteBet offers a pretty solid selection when it comes to both racing and sports betting. And while I feel the sports betting side of things could do with a few more choices to really liven it up, at this stage, it is more than sufficient in my view.

Platform Experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Navigating through the EliteBet website and the EliteBet app is a cinch. Both are well-designed, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience that makes betting a breeze.

Customer Support ⭐⭐⭐

While EliteBet provides reliable email and phone support, the absence of a live chat feature is a bit of a letdown. The support team is quick and helpful, but instant chat support would enhance the overall service.

Banking Options ⭐⭐⭐⭐

EliteBet's banking options, including credit/debit cards, POLi and bank transfers, are pretty straightforward. A bit more variety would be welcome, though.

Payout Speed ⭐⭐⭐⭐

EliteBet shines with its withdrawal times. They've got quick withdrawal processing with OSKO, and this is always great to see!

Security ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

When it comes to security, EliteBet is top-notch. They take great care in ensuring your personal and financial details are secure, offering peace of mind for every bet you place.

Exploring EliteBet Standout Features:

Now, let us have a gander at what I believe are some of the standout features when it comes to the EliteBet offering. Take a look below!

EliteBet Platform Design:

The first thing that struck me about EliteBet was its clean and intuitive layout. It's clear that EliteBet has put thought into their design, making everything from the EliteBet login to navigating different betting options an absolute breeze. The interface is user-friendly, and the aesthetics are pleasing without being overwhelming – it's all about a seamless betting experience. So, if you're someone who values a straightforward yet effective layout, well then, I think EliteBet's design ticks all the right boxes!

EliteBet HOT Bets Feature:

Now, let's talk about the HOT Bets feature with EliteBet. This is a real positive offering in my view, presenting users with insights from over 1,000 professional punters and media experts. It's like having a cheat sheet from the pros! You get to see where the smart money is going, which can be invaluable, especially if you're looking to up your betting game. And with notifications for when these top punters place their bets, it's easier than ever to follow and learn from the best. 

For me, this feature adds an exciting social element to the whole experience, and it is one I have enjoyed using myself, so if you think it might be right up your alley, then simply click on the image below to explore further!

EliteBet Race Page Offering:

One area where I think EliteBet really excels is in their race page offerings. As someone who appreciates thorough details, I'm impressed by the depth of information available. It's a treasure trove for racing enthusiasts, packed with everything from form guides to expert insights, ensuring you're well-equipped for an informed punt. For instance, take a gander at the image below. By simply clicking the ‘Form’ button (highlighted in red), a pop-up window appears, offering an in-depth form guide for the race's runners. Now, isn't that something?

Ready to dive into EliteBet? No worries! I've got a quick guide to make your start with EliteBet a breeze. Let's get cracking!

Registering with EliteBet:

Fancy a flutter with EliteBet? It's dead easy to get started. Here's a simple step-by-step to sign up with EliteBet Australia:

  1. Head to elitebet.com.au or grab the EliteBet app from your App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Look for the ‘Join’ button, usually up top on the right of the homepage, and give it a tap.
  3. Fill in the usual stuff such as your name, email, and a username that tickles your fancy.
  4. After entering your details, don't forget to choose whether to set a Deposit Limit – it's a smart move for managing your play if you ask me.
  5. And now, once you're confident everything's spot on, just press the ‘Join’ button to kick off your EliteBet adventure!

And voila! You're all set to join in on the action at EliteBet Australia. Best of luck and enjoy the punt!

Withdrawing Your Winnings from EliteBet:

Struck it lucky at EliteBet, did ya? Well, good on ya! If you're keen to pocket your winnings, here's how to go about an EliteBet withdrawal:

  1. First, navigate to the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of elitebet.com.au or the EliteBet app, where your balance is typically displayed.
  2. Within this menu, you'll find a ‘Withdraw’ button – give that a click.
  3. Now, it's time to enter your banking details, as EliteBet processes withdrawals primarily through bank transfers.
  4. Next up, decide how much you want to take out from your EliteBet balance.
  5. Give your details a once-over to ensure everything's correct, then go ahead and confirm your withdrawal by pressing the ‘Withdraw’ button.

And that’s all there is to it! Smooth as a kangaroo’s leap. Enjoy your winnings from EliteBet, and remember, bet wise!

EliteBet Racing Offering:

Hey there, horse racing buffs! Let's have a squiz at what EliteBet Australia brings to the table in the racing department!

First off, finding your way to the 'Racing' section on the EliteBet app or website is a walk in the park. Hunting for a specific race? Well, you're just a few taps away from the action, so follow the prompts on the EliteBet app or website and you’ll have located the race you’re looking for in no time!

Also, I will note here, again, that I think EliteBet really shines with their race pages, loaded with top-notch horse info and insights. The 'form' button is a standout for me – one click and you get a detailed guide on each runner. It's details like these that make a punter's life easier!

Additionally, when it comes to bet types, EliteBet doesn’t hold back. From your standard win/place bets to more adventurous options like exactas, quinellas, trifectas, and first four betting, they've got it all. What's more, the same-race-multi betting feature adds an extra layer of excitement, allowing punters to mix bets within a single race for potentially larger wins!

And the odds? Well, I have found that EliteBet dishes out some reasonablycompetitive figures, however, it is probably toward the middle of the pack in terms of the Aussie bookmaking landscape.

So, in wrapping up this part of my EliteBet review, I reckon they're nailing it in the racing scene. And with that in mind, if you are keenon a racing punt, well then, I think EliteBet is definitely worth the punt!

EliteBet Sports Betting Offering:

Now, switching from racing to sports betting at EliteBet. I've had a good gander at both the EliteBet app and website, and here's my take on their sports betting scene!

EliteBet lines up a solid range of over 17 different sports for punters to explore. Whether you're into AFL, tennis, or just about any other sport, EliteBet seems to have a little something for everyone. Plus, what’s more, inside these sports, I have also found that the range of competitions on offer is quite 

And in taking an even deeper dive, I have found EliteBet’s range of markets within these sports and competitions to be decent, however, there's definitely scope for expansion. On the bright side, though, EliteBet does offer a same-game-multi betting feature, adding that extra layer of excitement to your sports bets!

EliteBet same game multi

Additionally, I think it's also worth noting that EliteBet doesn’t offer live streaming or live betting, which might be a let down for some. But for me, I really don’t see it as a dealbreaker, especially given the quality of their overall sports betting options.

And so, to sum up here, I think EliteBet is doing a bang-up job with their sports betting offerings. It's exciting to see what else they might bring to the Aussie sports betting table!

EliteBet Australia Markets & Bet Types:

Alright! Now that we've had a good look at the sports and racing offerings at EliteBet, let's delve into the variety of betting markets and bet types that EliteBet has in store for its punters!

Betting Markets Available with EliteBet:

  • Exotic markets
  • Margin markets
  • Handicap markets
  • Odd/Even markets
  • Win/Place markets
  • Player Prop markets
  • Over/Under markets
  • First to Score markets
  • Correct Score markets
  • Double Chance markets
  • Points/Goals/Score markets
  • Quarter/Half/Innings markets

Bet Types Available with EliteBet:

  • Single bets
  • Multi bets

Taking a Closer Look at the EliteBet App:

Let's shift gears to the EliteBet app, and believe me, it does the trick! Whether you're team iPhone or an Android enthusiast, snagging the EliteBet app from either the App Store or Google Play Store is a piece of cake.

Once you get the EliteBet app running, the home screen's as welcoming as a BBQ with mates. Take a gander at the layout in the image below – it's user-friendly, making your betting journey smoother than a surf at Byron Bay!

And here's the thing – while some apps might be all show and no go, I personally reckon the EliteBet app nails it in both looks and performance! It's not only a treat for the eyes with a simple and clean look, but it’s also zippy, easy to navigate through, loads in a flash, and is pretty stable, without any majorlags or glitches.

So, in wrapping up this section on the EliteBet app, I'd say EliteBet's done a pretty good job, and that most punters should be more than satisfied with the offering in this space!

EliteBet Australia Customer Support

Phone Support [7am - 10/11pm AEST](02) 9191 7818
Email Support [7am - 10/11pm AEST][email protected]

In the world of online betting, solid customer support can make a world of difference. From my personal experience, EliteBet Australia is spot-on in this regard! They offer phone and email support operational from 7am to either 10pm or 11pm AEST, covering most of your betting day.

Now, while EliteBet doesn't provide live chat support, their support agents are both friendly and efficient. I've found that they respond to emails remarkably quickly, always ready to lend a helpful hand. Whether it’s a query about the EliteBet login process, a question on EliteBet withdrawal time, or something more specific about the EliteBet app, for example, their team is on the mark with useful and friendly advice!

EliteBet Banking & Payment:

DepositingCredit/Debit Card, POLi, Bank Transfer
WithdrawingBank Transfer

Alright, let's chat about the banking options with EliteBet. They've got the essentials sorted, but what I will say is that there's always potential for more down the track!

For topping up your account, EliteBet offers a somewhat standard fare: credit/debit cards, POLi, and bank transfers. Now, when it comes to collecting your winnings, EliteBet uses bank transfers. But here's the kicker – they process these through OSKO, which means the cash hits your bank account pretty quick-smart, and in my experience, you won't be twiddling your thumbs for long; withdrawals are usually sorted within a few hours!

So, in wrapping up this segment of my EliteBet review, while their banking options cover the basics, a sprinkle of something new in the future would be a welcome sight. Here's hoping EliteBet keeps us on our toes with some innovative banking options in the pipeline!

Checking Out EliteBet Promotions & Bonuses:

I will note here, first and foremost, that due to Aussie regulations, EliteBet promotions and EliteBet bonus offers are kept under wraps until you're logged in. However, if you’re curious about what they're offering, well then simply click here, log into your EliteBet account, and you'll uncover all the exclusive offers they've lined up for their members in no time!

Elite Choices Down Under – Does EliteBet Hit the Mark for Aussie Punters?

Pondering a flutter with EliteBet? Well, my detailed EliteBet review is here to illuminate what this bookie brings to the table, aiding your decision-making process. But just like the diverse Aussie outback, each punter's preference varies – what's tops for one might not be for another!

From my stance, I reckon EliteBet, with its established presence, has carved a significant niche in the vibrant Australian betting landscape. So, why not give EliteBet a burl and see if it ticks all your boxes for a thrilling betting journey?

FAQs about EliteBet Australia:

Got queries about EliteBet Australia? Check out these FAQs for swift and straightforward answers on everything from registering to placing bets with EliteBet!

How to Register with EliteBet?

Visit elitebet.com.au or the EliteBet app, click on 'Join’, and fill in the required details to create your account.

How do I complete the EliteBet login process?

Go to elitebet.com.au or open the EliteBet app and click 'Login'. Enter your username and password to access your account.

How long does the EliteBet app download process take?

The download time for the EliteBet app largely depends on your internet connection speed. Generally, with a standard broadband or mobile data connection, it should only take a few minutes to download. Once downloaded, you can quickly install the app and start using it for your betting activities.

How long does the EliteBet sign up process take?

Signing up with EliteBet usually takes just a few minutes. You need to provide some basic information and verify your account.

How can I use an EliteBet promo code?

Enter your EliteBet promo code during the registration process in the designated field to take advantage of any available offers.

Where can I find the latest EliteBet code for promotions?

Log into your EliteBet account to view the latest promo codes and offers available to you.

What are some of the current EliteBet promotions?

Current promotions at EliteBet can be found by logging into your account, where you’ll see a range of offers tailored to different markets and events.

What are the latest EliteBet offers I can take advantage of?

Check the promotions section after logging into your EliteBet account for the latest betting offers.

How do I claim an EliteBet deposit bonus?

After logging in, follow the instructions for the specific deposit bonus under the promotions section to claim it.

What is the typical EliteBet withdrawal time?

Withdrawals at EliteBet are usually processed within a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the banking method, and the bank itself.

Are the EliteBet Tips given out any good?

EliteBet provides betting tips and insights which can be helpful, but it’s advisable to combine them with your research.

Is there an EliteBet Facebook account I can follow?

Yes, you can follow EliteBet on Facebook for updates, news, and special offers.

Who can I reach out to for EliteBet contact?

For any queries, you can contact EliteBet via email at [email protected] or by phone at (02) 9191 7818 for assistance.