Unibet Review

One of the biggest bookmakers in the world.
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Top Features

  • Great fixed odds
  • Wide range of markets
  • Live streaming available
  • In-play betting available
Lots of live streaming
Good in-play betting
Great odds
Lots of sports and markets available
Website is a little clunky
App can also be difficult to use
Customer support hours relatively limited

Unibet Review

Unibet has been a part of the global betting landscape since way back in 1997 when it was founded by Anders Ström. Over a quarter of a century later, the bookmaker has developed into one of the biggest bookmakers in the world, and have made a significant splash on Australian shores since entering the market in 2012. They are renowned for their quality odds and fantastic selection of markets, and in this detailed review we’ll take a deep dive into what makes them popular, as well as a few areas in which they could improve.

Unibet Strengths and Weaknesses

Already we’ve mentioned a couple of the most notable strengths of Unibet, and we’ll go into a little more detail about those in this section. Like all bookies, however, this betting site also has areas in which they could improve, and we’ll take a look at some of those too. 

👍Unibet Strengths 

  • Availability of live streaming – Live streaming is something which an increasing number of bookmakers are offering, and this is a feature of Unibet which propels them above most competitors. They offer streaming on a number of different sports, including some major leagues like the NBA.

  • Excellent fixed odds – Fixed odds are invariably one of the most important things to assess when looking at a bookmaker, and Unibet excels in this area. They offer some of the best odds in the country for both racing and sports markets, which makes them particularly popular among regular punters looking for a little added value.

  • Great selection of markets – Having fixed odds is great, but if it’s not backed up by a good selection of markets to bet on then it’s not much good. Fortunately, Unibet does both. They have a great selection of different sports and leagues available to bet on, and among these there are plenty of different markets too.

👎Unibet Weaknesses 

  • Average mobile app – Mobile apps have become an increasingly popular way to bet for many punters, and for a lot of people they have even overtaken websites as the primary way to access a bookmaker’s offerings. The quality of these apps varies enormously, and unfortunately for such a big betting site, Unibet’s certainly could use a bit of work in terms of speed and functionality.
  • Website can be slow – Like the app, the Unibet website doesn’t match the high level set by their quality odds and wide selection of markets. The layout is a little bit clunky, but perhaps most significantly, it tends to be quite slow to load and can lag fairly regularly.
  • No 24/7 customer support availability – This isn’t perhaps as significant a criticism given that many bookmakers don’t have 24/7 customer support, but having these platforms available at all hours of the day is something many major bookies do. Unfortunately, Unibet doesn’t fit into this category. 


Like all bookmakers, Unibet isn’t perfect, and the weaknesses outlined above highlight this. However, the things that they do well will be more significant than the things they do poorly for most people, with great fixed odds and plenty of markets a particular point of attraction.

Unibet profile

Year founded:
Kindred Group 
License & regulation:
Northern Territory Racing Commission 
Sponsorship Deals:
None in Australia. International sponsorships include PSG, Aston Villa, Philadelphia Eagles and New Jersey Devils
Payment Methods:
Credit/debit card, POLi, PayPal, bank transfer, Apple Pay
Live streaming, in-play betting, blog 
Odds Providers:
Apps Devices:
Available on iOS and Android
Contact information/Support:
Live chat, Phone (1300 246 673), Email: [email protected] 

Unibet full review

Unibet have been honing their craft as a betting site for many years, so it’s little surprise that all of this experience has translated into a quality bookmaker both in Australia and abroad.

Among their most notable features, as mentioned, are their great fixed odds and wide range of markets, two things which are typically towards the top of the list in terms of importance for many punters. They have markets on all sorts of different sports, with many leagues available within most of these, and once you settle on a league you’ll also find a huge number of markets. These include the most common like head to head and line markets, but you’ll also find plenty of player props and more, all with decent odds.

There are a few areas in which they could improve, however. The first of these is through their website and mobile offerings, both of which tend to be a little slow and clunky to use. Given the competitive nature of the betting industry in Australia, this is certainly an area in which they would benefit from improving, as there are plenty of other bookies offering a more user friendly experience which it’s easy for punters to turn to instead.

In terms of both payment options and customer support, the bookmaker performs reasonably well without excelling. They offer a reasonable number of payment options – enough to satisfy most people – but they could certainly have more. Their customer support platform includes live chat and a phone number and agents are helpful, but they could improve it by extending the hours for which it’s available.

Overall, Unibet is a bookmaker with pros and cons in equal parts. For many, the slow website and lack of extensive customer support hours might be a major turnoff, but likely for plenty more, the great odds and market selection will be enough to compensate.

FAQs About Unibet

Does Unibet offer live streaming?

Yes, they do. Unibet offers a fairly comprehensive selection of live streaming which can be accessed both on their website and their mobile app. Some of the things that you can stream are more obscure sports that likely not too many people are interested in, but there are also plenty of popular streaming options which aren’t available with many other bookies such as the NBA.

Does Unibet offer in-play betting?

They do. Unibet allows punters to bet on events after they have begun, with a comprehensive in-play section available on both their website and their app. In line with Australian regulations, in order to place a live bet with Unibet you will need to call up.

Can I use Unibet outside of Australia?

Unibet’s Australian website is only available within Australia, so you will need to be within our shores to use it. However, they are a global betting company so if you are overseas in certain countries you’ll be able to use an overseas branch of the website.

Is Unibet legal in Australia?

Yep, it certainly is. Unibet is licensed by the Northern Territory Racing Commission, a group which licenses many major bookmakers in Australia. This means that you can be confident they are operating within the laws set out in Australia, and should give you peace of mind when using this bookmaker. You can also take a look at the Australian Business Number of Unibet at the bottom of their website.

Unibet Best Sports Features

Let’s take a look now at a couple of the best features of Unibet which help to separate them from the pack.

Great fixed odds

We might have already mentioned it a couple of times, but it’s worth going over one more time. The difference between the fixed odds from one bookmaker to the next might not seem significant at first glance, but over time this difference can certainly add up. Unibet’s are among the best in the industry, and this is probably the biggest drawcard for this bookmaker.

Range of live streaming options

Live streaming might not be the first thing you consider when looking at a bookmaker, but when a betting site has a lot of streaming options it can certainly add another layer to their offerings. Unibet’s range of live streaming options is among the best in the industry, with the ability to watch major races as well as NBA games among the most significant things that they offer.

In-play betting

This is something of an extension of the great fixed odds that we mentioned before, but the quality of the in-play betting service is another great feature of Unibet. Some bookmakers don’t even yet offer this, so that it’s there at all is already a plus, but even better is the fact that there are a wide range of live markets available and the odds that they offer are quite good, particularly considering live betting markets often have relatively average odds available.

Unibet Mobile apps

Now to mobile betting, something which appears to be becoming more and more important by the day as we search for increasing convenience in our technology use. Few bookmakers today don’t offer either a mobile app or a mobile site, but the quality of these can vary significantly.

Unibet offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, and you can do virtually everything that you can do on the website on these. Unfortunately, however, where this component of this bookmaker falls down is in the ease of use of this mobile betting app. The layout is reasonable enough and probably better than the actual website in many ways, but it doesn’t load particularly quickly at all, which can be a major source of frustration. As a result of this it’s difficult to justify using it in place of the website, which is a convenience that many punters search for in this day and age.

Overall, this is one area in which Unibet could significantly improve their overall offering. The layout is already there; it’s just the speed of the app which needs work. If they can do this, it would improve the user experience of Unibet significantly.

Unibet Banking

Banking might not be the most exciting part of betting, but it is a necessary one, and being able to easily get money to and hopefully from your betting account is pivotal. The differences in this regard from bookmaker to bookmaker comes predominantly in the range of different payment methods offered, with some providing a huge selection of different deposit and withdrawal options and others offering very few at all.

Unibet falls somewhere in the middle. They don’t have a massive selection of different choices, but they do offer many of the most common methods which means that they should cater towards the vast majority of customers. The most common of these is debit/credit card, which we find the easiest way to both deposit and withdraw. Outside of that, you can also use POLi, PayPal, Apple Pay, as well as bank transfer for withdrawals. Each of these are pretty popular payment methods, so unless you strictly only use a more obscure method then you should have no problems with the banking options provided by Unibet.

Unibet Customer Support

Customer support probably falls into a similar category to banking in that it’s not the most exciting topic to discuss, but is something that you’ll most likely need to know about at some point. Unibet offers a number of different customer support options – live chat, phone and email – and these three methods make it easy to get in touch with them. Live chat in particular is a great addition; we find this the easiest way to get in touch with bookmakers, but it isn’t available with all betting sites. If you specifically wish to speak with someone on the phone, this is also a well-conceived part of Unibet’s offering and agents are generally helpful.

The drawback of this customer support platform, however, is that it is only open over a relatively short period of time. The best bookmaker customer support platforms are available 24/7, and Unibet falls well short of that. In fact, theirs is available for only a few hours a day, so if you want to get in touch you’ll need to ensure it’s within this time frame or wait for the following day.

Overall, this makes this an industry average customer support platform. The range of services offered is good and the agents are helpful, but the lack of extensive availability means it falls behind some other bookmakers in this regard.