The overall sports betting experience has changed for punters in recent years with the introduction of live streaming sports through betting sites. In some sports and leagues, you don’t have to worry about subscribing to streaming platforms like Optus Sport or Kayo Sport to catch a game, but it's important to note that only a few bookies stream live sports through their website. 

So, I’m here to steer you in the direction of the two best live streaming betting sites in Australia!


Bet365 live streaming

The market leader of live streaming betting sites in Australia is bet365. They stream thousands of games every single day including some of the biggest leagues in the world. Below is a list of every sport they stream:


Stream games from the elite leagues in Europe, such as La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and much more! You can even listen to the commentary for the English Premier League and Champions League too.


Did someone say Australian Open live streaming? Watch your favourite grand slam tournaments like Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and the Aussie Open with bet365.


NBA live streaming from your phone everyday throughout the Australian summer! 


Struggling to find an Esports live stream? Watch LoL live from the bet365 app.


Stream Twenty20, One Dayers and Test Matches from all around the world.

Hockey/Ice Hockey

bet365  offers live streaming of the NHL, which is the biggest Ice Hockey league in the world!

Other Sports

Bowls, Darts, Handball, Snooker, Squash, Table Tennis and Volleyball.

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How to live stream with Bet365?

  • Open an account with bet365 and make a deposit which can be as little as $1.
  • At the top of your screen, click on the ‘In-Play’ tab.
  • Navigate through the menu bar to find which sport or game you would like to view.  

  • Click on the ‘play’ icon to the right of the game or match and start streaming!


Unibet-120x120 (2).png

Another great live streaming betting site in Australia is Unibet, who cover a whopping 30,000 events every year! They actually include a few big sporting leagues that  bet365  don’t, including the NFL and MLB. Here is a list of all the sports you can stream on their site:


Stream all the big European leagues in Spain, Germany, France and Italy, along with the FA Cup and English Championship.


Looking for Australian Open live streaming? Watch selected Grand Slam tournaments and ATP/WTA tour games with Unibet TV.


NBA live streaming heaven! Also, throw in the WNBA and other international leagues.

American Football

Stream the NFL on your phone from anywhere in Australia!


Searching for an Esports live stream? Watch CS:GO, Dota 2 & LoL live on Unibet TV.


Stream every game of the MLB from March to October.

Ice Hockey

NHL live streaming heaven!

Other Sports

Stream international Darts & Snooker tournaments.

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How to live stream with Unibet?

  • Create or login to your Unibet and deposit over $1.
  • Click the menu on the top left corner and navigate to the ‘Sports’ section.

  • Then click ‘streaming’ which will take you through to all of the games that can be live streamed currently.
  • Press the ‘play’ icon to the right of the game you want to watch and Bob’s your uncle!

Is live streaming in Australia with bet365 and Unibet free?

Pretty bloody close! For both of these bookmakers, you need to have a funded account in order to use their live streaming sites. As mentioned earlier, you only need to have at least $1.01 in your Unibet  account. Another way to watch is to place a bet in the last 24 hours. Either way, it’s a lot cheaper than any other live streaming sites for sports in Australia!

Also, beware that live streaming in Australia is only available to eligible customers. Bookmakers have the right to ban you from using this part of their site if they wish to.

Is live betting legal in Australia?

Yes, but it is quite a painful process. In order to place a bet during a game you must call the operator you are betting with, provide a reference code which you will find on the sporting event you want to bet on, and lastly, tell them how much you want to stake. Unfortunately, this process can take quite some time if their phone lines are busy or if the odds are rapidly changing during the game.

In other countries, you can place a live bet online through the bookmakers’ website, like you would for any other pre-match bet. But sadly, Australia is behind the times, and online live betting is currently not permitted.

Is live stream betting profitable?

Yes, although for Australians it’s a lot more difficult to be profitable. This is because online live betting is illegal and the process of phoning in live bets really stalls the process, which can result in missing out on great odds. Sometimes, you will find a great bet on the live betting market, but by the time you call in, the odds have changed.

So, for live streaming betting to be profitable, speed to market is very important. But, with all of this in mind, live stream betting can still be a profitable long-term investment. Live betting products are all automated by bookmakers, they rarely have any human touch. So like anything in sports betting, or even life, if you invest time into the live betting markets you can find yourself an edge.

You have to ask yourself the question - am I sharper than a computer at predicting what the odds on a game should be right now? There are certain things an algorithm cannot predict or see that a human can. Here are some examples of situations than an algorithm most likely isn't factoring into their pricing during a game:

  • Weather changes over the next 30 minutes. Is there about to be a big downfall of rain that could decrease the amount of points scored?
  • Is a player or team playing very recklessly and have an increased chance of receiving a red card or being sent off?

You’ll notice that these are situations an algorithm will find hard to factor into their odds compiling. Don’t use stats or data to try and beat an algorithm, use ‘outside-of-the-box’ factors, and in the long term you should be successful.

What are the best sports for live betting?

There is no single sport that is best for everyone in the world to live bet. But, below I will highlight some of the criteria to keep in mind when you are choosing a sport for live stream betting:

  1. How popular is the game? The best sport to live bet will always be the least popular game. Why? Because the fewer people watching the game, means the bigger the opportunity there is for you to find holes in the market. If there are 500 million people watching the World Cup Final and 500 people watching a WNBA game, where do you think the bookmakers' resources are going?Most punters will find it very difficult to beat a market where lots of bettors are already shaping the market, so try to find a game or match that is not very popular, that way you don’t have to compete with many other people.
  2. How delayed is your stream and is it good quality? This might be the most important factor as there is no point in betting on a live event that you are not watching live! As I mentioned previously, speed to market is imperative when betting on sports live. If you’re watching a game behind the live time then you’re missing out on valuable information.

    Although, if your stream is slightly delayed, which it will be in most cases, place your bets during breaks in play, like a timeout in the NBA or a change of ends in a Tennis match. That way, if you have a 30 second delay, you won’t miss any action that affects your betting process.

  3. What sport do you know best? As you are betting against an algorithm that lacks human involvement, it’s important that you know more than the computer! So, although it’s important to bet on an event that lacks popularity, it’s also important that you know everything about that particular team, player, game etc. So make sure you are live betting on a sport that you know everything about! Find a niche sport or betting market that you can become an expert on.

Best Horse Racing Live Streaming Betting Sites in Australia

Another sport you can live stream on betting sites is Horse Racing, one of Australia’s great past times! Unlike live streaming sports on betting sites, there are more options when it comes to streaming Horse Racing as many more bookmakers offer this product. So, to help you out, we went looking for the best live streaming sites in Australia for Horse Racing and narrowed it down to our top three.

Check it out:


GetSetBet TV allows you to stream Horse, Greyhound and Harness racing from around the world at any time. Simply click on the GetSetBet TV icon on the bottom-left corner of your screen and you’re off to the races!

As you can see, it’s a very simple layout which allows you to see some of the biggest races around the globe.

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Bluebet is another great betting site for Horse Racing live streaming as they have a licence to broadcast the feed on their website and app.

Simply navigate to the race you would like to watch, click on the logo and you can stream every Victorian and South Australian thoroughbred race. Unfortunately, you can’t stream any other Horse, Greyhound or Harness race through However, their production is elite, so you’ll enjoy a high quality broadcast throughout the race!

Race Streaming and Same Race & Game Multi Options


What are the best live betting sites?

We recommend using bet365, Unibet or Topsport as they offer the most diverse range of markets to live bet on. For more information on the best live betting sites in Australia, check out our page dedicated to live betting here!

Which is the best live betting app?

As you can only place live bets via the phone in Australia, it’s important that the process is simple and quick! There are quite a few quality live betting apps in Australia, we recommend Playup, Boombet, bet365, Topsport and Unibet. Check out why here!

Which is the best betting site in Australia?

Luckily, we have written a whole page on the best betting sites in Australia, ranking them from top to bottom. Check it out here. Spoiler alert - we’re big fans of Playup!