Australian Greyhound Betting: Tips & Strategy Guide - 21-03-24

Lachlan Malek
Greyhound Predictions
March 21st - Exploring Today's Greyhound Excitement!

Hello to the greyhound racing fans tuning into this guide, and welcome back to MyBettingAustralia! Following a strong return to action last week, I am excited to keep the momentum going!

And like always, punters, there will be more on offer in this guide than just (hopefully) picking winners for today's races. I'll be offering some of my tips and tricks when it comes to the strategy of greyhound betting in the hopes of elevating your greyhound betting game that much more! Plus, I've got some insights into Australia's leading greyhound trainers and their results over the past year - always a handy resource in my experience!

As well, I've also taken a close look at what some different Aussie bookmakers have on offer for greyhound racing fans. Make sure to check out my recommendations for bookmakers at the end of this guide. But first, without further ado, let's turn our attention to today's races and the greyhounds that I feel are set to stand out!

Free Greyhound Betting Tips & Predictions:

Bet of the Day

Sandown Park
Race 7
#1 Mepunga Reward

Win: $2.25
Bet Now
Place: $1.26
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Next Best
Bet of the Day

Albion Park
Race 7
#4 Super Scrub

Win: $2.20
Bet Now
Place: $1.35
Bet Now
Bet of the Day
Sandown Park
Race 6
#7 Mister Easy
Win: $10.00
Bet Now
Place: $2.35
Bet Now
Bonus Best
Pick for the Day
Race 7
#5 Cyclone Tilly
Win: $2.10
Bet Now
Place: $1.24
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Bonus Next Best
Pick for the Day
Race 11
#1 Cricket Valley
Win: $2.15
Bet Now
Place: $1.26
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Best Bet of the Day:

Greyhound: #1 Mepunga Reward
Odds: $2.25
Race: Sandown Park, Race 7 [8:43pm AEST]
Trainer: Jeffrey Britton
Form: 32351

Why it's our pick: I'm picking #8 Mepunga Reward as my best bet of the day once again, this time at odds of $2.25 to win. And just like last week, I feel he's got the strength and strategy to stay close to the lead, making him a real contender.

Last time out, he showed what he's capable of by winning by 0.6 lengths over 515m in 29.43 seconds, beating Zipping Gryllis under special conditions right here on March 14. So, with that kind of performance behind him, I believe he's set to shine once more!

He knows how to keep up with the front runners and find the right moment to take the lead, and with this, I am more than eager to take Mepunga Reward as my top pick for the day - fingers crossed he gets up!

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Next Best Bet of the Day:

Greyhound: #4 Super Scrub
Odds: $2.20
Race: Albion Park, Race 7 [9:19pm AEST]
Trainer: Travis Elson
Form: 455141

Why it's our pick: I'm going with #4 Super Scrub as my next best bet of the day at odds of $2.20 to win. My choice here stems from his impressive winning strike rate and his ability to adapt to any box draw.

Take his recent March 17th victory, for instance, where he pulled off a win by 6 lengths over 331m in just 18.61 seconds against Leaping Lucille in a Best 8 race - this truly showcased his prowess as a greyhound runner!

And while some may argue there are better contenders, I believe that Super Scrub's capability to lead from the front and sustain his pace over 520m convinces me he's a must-include in today's selections! So, with all of this in mind, let's hope he leads the field once again and secures another win for us!

Roughie Bet of the Day:

Greyhound: #7 Mister Easy
Odds: $10.00 | $2.35
Race: Sandown Park, Race 6 [8:25pm AEST]
Trainer: Jason Portelli
Form: 15114

Why it's our pick: For my roughie bet of the day, I'm leaning towards #7 Mister Easy, with enticing each-way odds of $10.00 to win and $2.35 to place. Based on what I saw from him here last week, I reckon he's now better positioned for a strong run, making him a contender worth keeping an eye on.

Looking back at his performance two starts ago in Geelong, Mister Easy impressed by clinching a win by 7 lengths in 29.85 seconds, leaving Stormy Day in his wake. His last outing at this track on March 14 saw him finishing 4th in a Special conditions race over 515m, 7 lengths behind the leader, Amron Tiger, clocking in at 30.14. Despite this, his ability is undeniable, and considering his potential, he's definitely worth including in today’s bets if you ask me!

Mister Easy's knack for bouncing back and his previous show of speed and agility have me convinced that he’s a solid pick for an each-way bet today. Let's keep our fingers crossed that he taps into that ability and pulls off a surprise for us!

Bonus Best Pick for the Day:

Greyhound: #5 Cyclone Tilly
Odds: $2.10
Race: Ipswich, Race 7 [2:04pm AEST]
Trainer: William Page
Form: 722211

Why it's our pick: For my bonus best pick of the day, I'm placing my confidence in #5 Cyclone Tilly, who's looking like a solid chance with sharp $2.10 odds to win.

Cyclone Tilly has been stepping up her game recently, and frankly, she's one of the more impressive starters I have come across in some time. Watching her break sub 6 seconds on the early run as if it's nothing, I'm convinced she'll be tough for anyone to catch! Her last performance here in particular was nothing short of impressive, winning by a length in a Grade 5 race, clocking an outstanding 16.84 seconds over the 288m distance.

She's got the chops, and her ability to take control of a race from the get-go has been consistently proven. So, given her track record and that blistering speed, I'm expecting her to be right there in the mix at the finish line, if not leading the pack! 

Bonus Next Best Pick for the Day:

Greyhound: #1 Cricket Valley
Odds: $2.15
Race: Casino, Race 11 [2:07pm AEST]
Trainer: Debbie Winters
Form: 2816

Why it's our pick:  For my bonus next best pick of the day, I'm putting my faith in #1 Cricket Valley, who's listed at odds of $2.15 to win.

He caught my eye a couple of races back with a slick win in a maiden race right here, clocking in at 16.90. And although his performance in the run since then didn't quite hit the same heights, I nevertheless see a lot of potential in him!

Cricket Valley is still lightly raced, suggesting he has plenty of room for improvement and the upside to really make a mark. Plus, I feel as though his draw in box #1 positions him well to take full advantage of his speed and agility.

So, given his promising early performances and the advantageous box 1 draw, I'm more than willing to back Cricket Valley as my bonus next best pick today!

The Winning Formula – Picking Your Greyhound:

Okay, punters! Are you ready level up on your greyhound betting game? Well, let us now dig into the key factors and strategies that can turn a guess into an educated bet. Welcome to the art of (hopefully) picking a winning greyhound! 

  • Form Matters: Diving into the world of greyhound racing, I quickly learned the importance of form. It's about deciphering which greyhound has been lighting up the tracks recently versus those trailing behind. It's not just numbers; it's the story of their recent journeys on the track.
  • Race Class Is Key: I have also found that understanding the level at which a greyhound competes is also notable when it comes to trying to pick a winner! It's akin to assessing whether a player is up for a major league challenge or dominating in the minors. This insight can significantly influence betting decisions, and certainly has in my experience.
  • Speed Can't Be Ignored: The essence of greyhound racing lies in its speed. Monitoring speed out the box, sectional times and overall race performance has become another key factor for me when it comes to identifying the top contenders.
  • Track Conditions Matter: Additionally, every track has its own personality, affecting outcomes in ways I hadn't imagined some time ago. Some greyhounds thrive under specific conditions, turning them into favourites or dark horses based on their compatibility with the track's nuances.
  • Sniffing out the Value: And finally, another important factor for me here is that my opinion matches the odds in the market. Some bets have turned out to be very profitable because I've been able to find times when my research shows that the bookies have undervalued a greyhound!

So, to bring this all together, let's wrap this up with an example. Imagine we've got a greyhound named 'Thunder Bolt', who's been running impressively with recent form of 1123. Additionally, in looking further into this contender, we discover that he's moving down a class, has some of the quickest sectional times, and has a knack for shining on the track he's about to race on. His past performances are also pretty commendable, and the betting odds for a win seem quite appealing, even if there isn’t an extreme amount of value.

As such, with all of this in mind, it looks as though 'Thunder Bolt' stands out as a promising choice! It's crucial to remember, though, that there's no such thing as a sure bet, however, by paying attention to these key factors, you can greatly enhance your betting prospects!

From the Tracks to Triumph – Australia’s Elite Greyhound Trainers of 2023-2024:

Now, punters! I am keen to take you on a journey to explore the different in-form trainers that have seen the most metropolitan track success in the past year. And while I don't think it is wise to look at a trainers record as a determining factor when it comes to greyhound betting, I nonetheless understand the insights it can provide in the hopes of making the most informed betting decisions as possible!

So, without further ado, take a look below at a list I have complied of Top Greyhound Trainers' at varying Metropolitan Tracks from 21/03/2023 - 21/03/2024:

Trainer NameTotal Runs%1st’s%2nd’s%3rd’s
Thomas DAILLY98815.69%15.99%12.96%
Mark DELBRIDGE47618.70%13.45%12.82%
Jeffrey BRITTON36517.26%14.25%17.81%
Jason THOMPSON22424.11%16.96%10.27%
Correy GRENFELL27816.19%16.19%10.79%

Wow, now isn't that an impressive list of trainers we've got on our hands! And I think it’s fair to say that every trainer on this Aussie list has proven their worth, consistently producing top-dog performances in their respective races. However, as I mentioned before, this information in isolation is just not enough - there is always more to the story!

So, to all you punters out there, don't just rely on the trainer's name alone. Keep your eyes peeled, do your homework, and factor in all aspects of the race. A great trainer backing a greyhound is a good sign indeed, but it's not the whole shebang. And as such, remember, in this game, every detail counts. Be alert, be smart, and good luck out there on the tracks!

Discover Your Winning Edge: Extra Resources for Greyhound Betting:

As they say, the more tools in your shed, the better equipped you'll be! And with that in mind, I want to note that outside the insightful content we offer here at MyBettingAustralia, there is at least one more additional resource which I reckon might be worth your attention. Let’s take a look!

The Watchdog platform is essentially a free app and website designed for the greyhound enthusiasts out there! It's a comprehensive guide for Aussie greyhound races, complete with form analysis, live race streaming, race replays, and the ability to save your favourite dogs and trainers, etc. I have also found that the expert tips provided over there can be more than useful when it comes to your greyhound betting strategy!

Remember though punters, betting is not just about intuition or luck, but also about proper planning and informed decision-making. So, with that in mind, I hope that this resource can be a valuable tool when it comes to levelling up your greyhound betting game!

Exploring Some of Australia's Premier Greyhound Bookmakers:

Alright, punters! Now that you've got the inside scoop on betting strategies and tips, let's dive into an equally important part of the betting world: identifying the top bookmakers for greyhound racing in Australia. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of MyBettingAustralia’s personal favourites when it comes to greyhound betting:

Greyhound Promotions Best Bookmakers

On Your Marks, Get Set, Bet!

As we cross the finish line of this guide, it's time to put all the valuable strategies, insights, and tips to good use. And with that in mind, here at MyBettingAustralia, our goal is to give you the confidence and knowledge to make smart betting decisions. So, dive into our weekly free greyhound betting tips, unpack our strategies, and explore our predictions. Each tip is a new opportunity for you to excel in your betting game.

And remember, punters, every race brings a new chance to win, so, it's time to harness these tools, trust your instincts, and let your betting prowess shine. Ready, set, bet!