Rugby World Cup Betting Outrights

G'day, rugby fans! Welcome to your top-notch guide for 2023 Rugby World Cup betting! We're not talking about just any footy match, this is the 2023 Rugby World Cup, where the stakes are sky-high! Can you still feel the buzz from the qualifiers? Well, brace yourself, because the main event is set to be a ripper! And if you're up for a punt, well then, I think you've found the right spot!

This page is your gateway to the best Rugby World Cup betting sites, betting opportunities and beyond! From backing the outright winners, predicting individual match winners, to guessing the total tries scored, we've got you covered! We're right on track with the 2023 Rugby World Cup groups have to offer. From understanding the dynamics of each group to keeping tabs on the pivotal matches, we're with you from the first scrum to the trophy lift!

So, stick around, and let's navigate this thrilling journey together, all the way up to the moment the 2023 Rugby World Cup outright winner is confirmed. Let's get stuck in, punters! ➡️ 

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How to Bet on the 2023 Rugby World Cup Outright Winner?

All right, punters! I believe that betting on the outright winner of the 2023 Rugby World Cup is a surefire way to add some extra thrill to the tournament, particularly if you're pretty certain about your pick! It's worth mentioning, though, each Aussie betting site has its own way of doing things, so it's crucial to know the ropes.

In my book, PlayUp is right at the top of the list when it comes to Rugby World Cup betting sites. Their platform is easy to use, and they consistently offer competitive Rugby World Cup outright betting odds across the board. I have also found that they’re typically one of the first off the mark when it comes to having Rugby World Cup outright betting markets on offer, and that is always a good thing to see! So, as an example, let's break down how to place a Rugby World Cup outright winners bet on PlayUp:

  1. Do Your Homework: Start with some old-school research! Delve into the Rugby World Cup groups, check out past Winners of Rugby World Cup tournaments, and browse the current Rugby World Cup betting odds.
  2. Log in to PlayUp: Next, make your way to the PlayUp website. If you're new, sign up and deposit some funds. If you're already a member, simply log in.
  3. Find the Market: Once logged in, look for the "Rugby Union" tab, typically listed in the sports menu. From here, select the “Men's Rugby World Cup Futures” option.
  4. Pick the Outright Winner Bet: From there, navigate through the options of teams to win the 2023 Rugby World Cup outright and find the team you are keen to punt on.
  5. Place Your Bet: Now, simply click on the corresponding odds to add them to your bet slip. Input the amount you want to bet, then click ‘Bet Now'.

And there you go ➡️  Your 2023 Rugby World Cup futures bet is in play! So, why wait? Grab a cold one and get ready for the Rugby World Cup group action to get underway! Just remember though, betting should be fun, so never bet more than you're prepared to lose. Good luck, punters!

Keen to explore PlayUp further? Well, if that is the case then click on the image above to see their savvy website, or click here to see my very own review of this bookmaker!

Strategy to Bet on the 2023 Rugby World Cup Outright Winner:

Hey there, punters! Now that you're up to speed on how to bet on the Rugby World Cup outright winner, let's delve into some strategy! From my experience, betting on the Rugby World Cup outright winner requires a combination of research, gut instinct, and an understanding of Rugby World Cup betting odds. And so, with that in mind, here's a step-by-step strategy I've put together to help boost your chances of scoring a successful bet on the 2023 Rugby World Cup event:

  • Grasp the Tournament Layout: Get to grips with the Rugby World Cup Groups and the tournament structure. Understand the format, the pool stages, and how teams progress to the knockout phases.
  • Research Teams & Players: Dive into each team's performance leading up to the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Look at recent form, injury updates, squad depth, and key players. Knowledge is your greatest ally when it comes to Rugby World Cup betting!
  • Compare the Odds: Visit a few Rugby World Cup betting sites and compare the Rugby World Cup betting odds on offer. Keep in mind, odds reflect the perceived likelihood of a team becoming the Rugby World Cup outright winner and how those odds convert into potential returns.
  • Historical Performance: Check out teams' past records in the tournament. Some teams have a knack for rising to the occasion during the Rugby World Cup. But, don't rely solely on history. Rugby is full of surprises in my experience!
  • Evaluate the Market: Rugby World Cup outright betting, particularly the outright winner market, can provide good value. However, it's crucial to track how odds shift in the lead-up to, and during the tournament.
  • Place Your Bet: Once you've done your research and chosen your Rugby World Cup outright winners pick, it's time to put your money on the line! Remember, the goal is to have fun, so only wager what you're comfortable losing.

And there you have it. By following this strategy, I reckon you'll be well-equipped to make more informed bets on the 2023 Rugby World Cup outright winners market. Best of luck, mates!

2023 Rugby World Cup Betting Odds ➡️  Who are the Front Runners?

All right, punters! Can you feel the electric anticipation for the 2023 Rugby World Cup yet? Well, I sure can, and I think it’s high time we talk about the hot contenders! We'll use PlayUp's odds as our north star - a trusted Aussie bookmaker renowned for accurate Rugby World Cup betting odds. So, buckle up, mates! We're about to embark on an exciting journey, diving into the favourites for this momentous tournament!

2023 Rugby World Cup Team:PlayUp ‘Outright Winner’ Odds:
New Zealand$4.00
South Africa$5.50

So, taking a gander at the table above, it's apparent that the French are leading the charge with impressive Rugby World Cup betting odds of $3.75 to lift the Webb Ellis Cup! The All Blacks aren't far behind, with odds of $4.00, while the Irish, Springboks, and English all stake their claim with odds ranging from $5.00 to $10.00.

Our very own Wallabies are standing their ground too, with respectable odds of $10.00, showcasing they're still a force to be reckoned with! As for Wales and Argentina? Well, they're also still in the race, sitting at $26.00 a piece, while Scotland isn't too far off either at $34.00. Also, let's not overlook Fiji, the final team in our top 10 favourites, coming in at a whopping $201.00 to win it all. Intriguing stuff, don't you think?

But hold your horses, we're not done just yet! While these 2023 Rugby World Cup outright betting odds provide a hint of the potential powerhouses this year, we must remember that the past often helps to shape future victories! So, with that in mind, let's change gears and delve into the history of the Rugby World Cup finals, and all Rugby World Cups winners over the years, to gain a deeper understanding of the patterns of triumph in this monumental tournament.

Keen to explore PlayUp further? Well, if that is the case then click on the image above to see their savvy website, or click here to see my very own review of this bookmaker!

Winners of Rugby World Cup Past Tournaments:

Rugby World Cup Winners:Year Won:
South Africa (def. England)2019
New Zealand (def. Australia)2015
New Zealand (def. France)2011
South Africa (def. England)2007
England (def. Australia)2003
Australia (def. France)1999
South Africa (def. New Zealand)1995
Australia (def. England)1991
New Zealand (def. France)1987

Looking back at the history of Rugby World Cup winners, as shown above, we can't help but notice the impressive performance of South Africa and New Zealand. Both have clinched the Rugby World Cup trophy thrice, with South Africa's last victory in 2019 and New Zealand's latest triumph in 2015, both posing strong claims to be the 2023 Rugby World Cup winners.

But I’d be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the tenacity of the English or our very own Aussies! England's sole victory came in 2003 but they've consistently reached the finals, while the Aussies have seized the trophy twice, showing they've got the grit to make it to the top once again.

However, past victories aren't the sole determinants of future success, and we've got to keep a keen eye on the current 2023 Rugby World Cup betting odds and contenders as well! And so, with that in mind, it’s fair to say Ireland, with odds of $5.00, and France, leading the pack at $3.75, are emerging as the teams to watch.

So, strap in, mates! We're in for a thrilling 2023 Rugby World Cup ride that might just be filled with a fair share of surprises!

Rugby World Cup Betting- Fancy Backing an Underdog?

All right! Let's shift our focus from favourites and former champions to an enticing Rugby World Cup betting frontier - the long shots. It's not all about the big names, I mean I have personally found that underdogs have their own unique appeal!

However, it's more than a wild guess. It's about identifying those teams brimming with untapped potential. So, if you've got a knack for spotting prospects and love a surprise, well then, punting on outsiders might be your ticket to glory in the 2023 Rugby World Cup tournament! And don't fret, if you take a look below you can find my personal long-shot picks for the tournament. Let’s get into it! ➡️ 

Eyeing the Elites – A Peek into the 2023 FIBA World Cup Group Stage Front Runners:

The 2023 Rugby World Cup is structured in an engaging manner that ensures competitive play from the get-go. A total of 20 teams will be competing in the group stages, sorted into four pools, each with five teams. 

The action kicks off as each team faces off against every other team in their respective pools. The top two from each pool are granted entry into the knockout stages. But that's not all - the best-performing third-placed teams, four in total, will also punch their ticket to the knockouts. 

And so, with that said, let's take a look at the 2023 Rugby World Cup Groups, which promise a thrilling ride from start to finish!

2023 Rugby World Cup Team:PlayUp ‘Outright Winner’ Odds:Why might they go far?
Fiji$201Interestingly, Fiji is not only found at the conclusion of the favourites' list odds-wise, but they also secure a position on my list of underdogs! Boasting a team brimming with potential, I believe they're all set to make waves in the 2023 Rugby World Cup! Their team is a powerhouse of talent, and they might just disrupt the established order and plunge further into the tournament than most could predict.
Japan$201Next, there's Japan, the wildcard that set the 2019 Rugby World Cup alight with victories over Ireland and Scotland, propelling them to the quarter-finals. Players like Michael Leitch and Kotaro Matsushima bring the sizzle to this exciting team. If they can keep up their past momentum and pull off a few stunners, they could be the dark horse of the 2023 Rugby World Cup tournament!
Georgia$301And finally, we've got Georgia. They might not be top of mind when it comes to Rugby World Cup betting, but I think they're worth keeping an eye on. They've been steadily improving their game over the past few years and have a few talented individuals on their roster. The Georgians have the potential to upset the Rugby World Cup outright betting odds and leave their mark on the tournament!

So, as we can see above, in Pool A of the 2023 Rugby World Cup Groups Stage, we have the All Blacks from New Zealand, and I think you'd be crazy to suggest they aren’t the outright favourites to progress from that pool! They've proven time and time again that they are a force to be reckoned with. 

However, I also wouldn’t discount the French team, especially with the advantage of playing on home soil. And as well as this, I think Italy and Uruguay aren’t bad options here either, meanwhile, I think Namibia will need to pull off some serious upsets in order to progress! Definitely the most competitive group!

Over in Pool B, South Africa, the reigning Rugby World Cup Winners, and Ireland are the teams to watch in my view. They're likely to be the ones progressing to the knockout stages. And with that in mind, I definitely think Scotland, Tonga, and Romania have an uphill battle in this competitive pool!

Shifting our gaze to Pool C, Australia and Wales appear to be pretty decent shouts here! The Aussies, no doubt, are itching to make their mark and return to Rugby World Cup Finals action. And similarly, I think the Welsh dragons will be breathing fire to assert their dominance! 

Then we have the intriguing likes of Georgia and Fiji, two improving squads that could very well shake things up and cause some ripples. Portugal, on the other hand, might be seen as the real outsiders of this pool, but as the saying goes, "never say never" - the Rugby World Cup has a history of surprises!

Finally, in Pool D, the battle could get fierce between England and Japan. Remember Japan's stellar performance in 2019? However, let's not ignore Argentina, known for its tenacity on the rugby pitch – they can't be underestimated either! And as for Samoa and Chile, well I do expect them to bring their best, however, they'll be facing some stiff competition in this group, so my hopes are not so high with them!

And so, this concludes our discussion on the Rugby World Cup Groups for 2023. And with the unpredictability of the sport, there's no doubt that the Rugby World Cup Betting odds will fluctuate as the tournament progresses, promising a thrilling scenario for bettors worldwide. So, without further ado, it’s time to gear up for some enthralling World Cup Rugby Betting action!

2023 Rugby World Cup Betting – Exploring Alternative Betting Opportunities:

Alright, we've talked plenty about Rugby World Cup outright betting, and who might top the Rugby World Cup groups in the 2023 tournament. However, the rugby betting landscape is much broader, offering a host of alternative betting markets that can add an extra layer of excitement to your Rugby World Cup betting journey!

And while these markets might not be at the forefront of your favourite Rugby World Cup betting sites just yet, you can bet your boots they'll be popping up as we edge closer to the tournament. Here's a quick preview of the sort of bets you might see:

  • Pool Winner: Fancy a bet on who's going to top each of the four pools?
  • Match Outcome: Think you know the outcome of a specific match? Here's your chance!
  • Match Handicap: This bet gives one team a point advantage. So, if you back the Wallabies to beat France with a 7-point handicap, they need to win by 8 or more for you to cash in.
  • Winning Margin: Have a hunch about the victory margin? Bet on it!
  • Over/Under Betting: Predict whether the total points scored in a match will be over or under a set figure.
  • First-Try Scorer: Who's going to cross the line first in a match?
  • Top Try Scorer: Which player will score the most tries in the tournament?
  • Other Player Props: Interested in diving deeper into player-focused bets? You have the chance to back a player to cover a certain distance on the pitch or to cross the try line among various other options!

While there are plenty of betting opportunities when it comes to the Rugby World Cup, personally, I've always fancied a punt on different player-prop options, and I have found it adds an entertaining twist to the various tournament matches!

But remember, there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to World Cup Rugby Betting! It's about what gets your heart racing. So, whether you're a seasoned punter or a newbie to the Rugby World Cup betting scene, these additional markets can add a thrilling edge to your betting experience. So, buckle up, folks. We're in for a ripper of a tournament!

Top Bookmakers for Betting on the 2023 Rugby World Cup Outright Winner:

Okay, punters! In my view, picking the right bookie can significantly enhance your Rugby World Cup Betting experience. So, if you're keen to have a punt on the 2023 Rugby World Cup outright winners market, well then, you're in luck!

Below, I've pulled together a selection of top-drawer Rugby World Cup Betting Sites that offer not only competitive Rugby World Cup Betting odds but also guarantee a seamless online betting journey when it comes to Rugby World Cup Outright Betting. Let's take a gander!

Best World Cup Rugby Betting Sites

FAQs about Rugby World Cup Betting:

Got a few knots in your brain about some aspects of Rugby World Cup Betting? No worries, mate, you're not alone! Below, I've rounded up some frequently asked questions to clear the haze and help you navigate the 2023 Rugby World Cup betting landscape. Let's dive in!

When is the Rugby World Cup?

The 2023 Rugby World Cup will be held in France from 8 September to 28 October 2023. The opening game and the final will be played at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis.

How Does the Rugby World Cup Work?

The Rugby World Cup is a quadrennial international rugby union competition contested by the top 20 teams in the world. The tournament is divided into four pools of five teams, with the top two teams in each pool progressing to the knockout stages. The final is played between the two teams that remain after the knockout stages.


Can you Bet on the Rugby World Cup in Australia?

Absolutely, you can place your bets on the 2023 Rugby World Cup right here in Australia! There's a variety of licensed bookies that cover rugby union, with the upcoming 2023 Rugby World Cup featuring heavily in their offerings. This includes big names like PlayUp and Bet365, just to name a few.

What is the Best Rugby World Cup Betting App?

Ultimately, the choice of the best betting app for the 2023 Rugby World Cup is quite subjective and can vary based on individual punter preferences. However, if you're seeking a nudge in the right direction, I'd put my money on PlayUp or Bet365 as good starting points!

In my view, these bookmakers have done a top-notch job creating user-friendly mobile platforms. Plus, they're no slouches when it comes to providing competitive Rugby World Cup Betting odds and a wide range of betting markets, particularly for the upcoming 2023 Rugby World Cup event!