Rugby World Cup Multi Bet of the Week for the Finals

Gabriel Barkhan
Gabriel Barkhan
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Rugby World Cup Multi Bet of the Week for the Finals

In this weekend's Rugby World Cup finals, Argentina faces England in the Bronze Final, both teams aiming for redemption after semifinal losses. Key players to watch include Marcos Kremer and Ben Earl, with England's consistency pointing to a potential victory.

On the following day, New Zealand and South Africa clash in the ultimate showdown. New Zealand's unexpected path to the final under Ian Foster's leadership defies their prior struggles. Meanwhile, South Africa's risky bench selection favors a 7-1 split of forwards to backs, creating anticipation and uncertainty for the final.

Argentina vs England

October 28th 06:00, Stade De France 

In the Rugby World Cup's Bronze Final, Argentina and England face off, striving for redemption after falling short in the semi-finals. While the match may lack the grandeur of the final, both teams aim to finish on a high note and honour their nations. Argentina's Marcos Kremer and England's Ben Earl are key players to watch, with the former aiming to set a record for most tackles in a single World Cup. England's recent consistency points to victory, but Argentina is eager to prove itself. The head-to-head between Facundo Isa and Ben Earl adds an exciting element, with England predicted to win by a small margin.

England -7 on Bet365 @$1.90.

South Africa vs New Zealand

October 29th 06:00, Stade De France

In the upcoming Rugby World Cup final, New Zealand and South Africa are vying for their fourth title. New Zealand's path to this final has been a surprising one, given their recent underwhelming performances. Under Ian Foster's leadership, the All Blacks faced a series of losses and draws, struggling to recapture their former glory. However, a resurgent New Zealand team has found its footing in the tournament, defying expectations. In contrast, South Africa's bench selection presents a significant risk. Opting for a 7-1 split of forwards to backs, the Springboks hope to gain an advantage. This tactic yielded success against New Zealand but failed against Ireland. The risky selection could either secure a World Cup victory or create chaos, depending on the health of their backs. This bold move has raised questions and anticipation for the final showdown.

Bottom of Form

Top of Form
Bottom of Form

I’ll be taking the South Africa ML on Bet365 @$2.10.

Multi Bet of the Weekend

This weekend's Rugby World Cup finals promise gripping rugby action. Argentina and England battle for pride in the Bronze Final, with key players poised to shine. On the following day, New Zealand surprises with a chance to claim their fourth title, facing South Africa with a risky bench selection, raising questions and intrigue for the ultimate showdown.

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