Articles by: Katherine Mouradian

Katherine is completely obsessed with sport and horse racing. She has spent almost her entire career around both, and is now coming up to eight year’s experience in the industry. One of Katherine’s other passions is content writing, so it made sense to combine the two! She lives and breathes sport, and according to her parents, she watches way too much sport. 

While Katherine doesn’t really play sport (unless you count Year 12 school netball), she spends the majority of her weekend glued to the TV screen watching as much sport as humanly possible (we are talking multiple screens here). The worst time of the year for Katherine is between when the NRL season ends and the Big Bash season starts. She is dedicated to providing the most accurate (and entertaining) sports and horse racing content going around!

She also doesn’t mind a bet or two (or three), and she has worked in the gambling industry directly for a couple of years now. While she is not a professional gambler by any stretch, she does know the ins and outs of gambling like the back of her hand. She will happily chew your ear off about the latest odds and promos offered by each bookie in Australia.