Lewis Hamilton shocked the world of F1

7-time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton shocked the sporting world by announcing his intention to join Ferrari from 2025 onwards.

British F1 legend Sir Lewis Hamilton will join Ferrari from Mercedes in 2025

News Insights

  • Seven-time world F1 champion Lewis Hamilton has shocked the sporting world.
  • The Formula 1 legend will leave Mercedes, ending a hugely successful partnership for both driver and team.
  • Hamilton will join Ferrari in 2025, as he continues to operate at the sharp end of Formula 1.
  • Lewis Hamilton will team up with Charles Leclerc at Ferrari, in an exciting team lineup.

With only 20 spots up for grabs every season in the cut and thrust of Formula 1, moves from drivers between teams always court attention with punters and international betting sites
However, when a 7-time champion of the sport opts to move from one of the biggest teams to another, the impact of the move is seismic within the sporting universe. 
The news that Lewis Hamilton has opted to leave Mercedes and then join their fierce rivals Ferrari, has been box office and it promises to shape the future of F1 moving forwards. 

Tied with the legendary Michael Schumacher at the top of the tree, Lewis Hamilton is the most successful Formula 1 driver of all time. 
Winning the world champion on seven occasions, Lewis Hamilton has been a tour de force within the sport since he won his first world title back in 2008. 
His profile within the sport remains at an all-time high and any move he makes within the sport piques the interest of betting apps and punters alike. 
Aged 39, Hamilton continues to challenge at the business end of the sport and his capture by Ferrari is seen as bit of a coup. 
All-time great 

As the dust settles on the news that Lewis Hamilton will be racing in red from 2025 onwards, conjecture has been building up as to how much of an impact he will have at Ferrari. 
Regardless of how the move pans out however, Lewis Hamilton’s status as one of the best ever Formula 1 drivers is completely undisputed. 
Winning seven world titles is a feat only Michael Schumacher is able to match, and Hamilton will be chasing a record 8th world title when he joins the Italian giants. 
Mercedes Marvel 

With Hamilton set to join Ferrari from 2025, he is in the curious position of still driving for Mercedes for the duration of the 2024 season. 
Many punters and online betting sites have Red Bull and Max Verstappen established as the firm favourites to win a 4th consecutive world title. 
However, writing off Lewis Hamilton is never a particularly wise thing to do and with relations between Hamilton and Mercedes remaining more than cordial, he will want to go out on a high. 
Fabulous Ferrari 

The lure of being a Ferrari driver has proven too much for many within the sport of Formula 1 and for Hamilton, so it has proved. 
It has been 17 long years since Ferrari won the F1 World Championship title, but they remain the biggest draw within the sport with many Formula 1 punters and betting apps
Hamilton will join the Italian giants from 2025 onwards, teaming up with the enigmatic Charles Leclerc, as Ferrari hope to return to former glories with Hamilton in their ranks.

Team moves in the world of Formula 1 always cause a stir with punters and online betting sites but Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari from Mercedes, has shook the sporting world. 

The 7-time world champion will join Ferrari in 2025, in what should be a fascinating move within the sport.