Melbourne Cup Betting Sites

G'day, punters! The race that stops the nation is fast approaching, and online Melbourne Cup betting is heating up as a result! And with that in mind, I think it's high time to dive deep into the Melbourne Cup betting guide we've crafted just for you! Whether you're seasoned in betting on the Melbourne Cup online or just looking for Melbourne Cup best bets, this space will provide you with all the latest insights!

From Melbourne Cup winners' odds history to current stars, we've got the intel to help you make the most of your Melbourne Cup betting experience. So, stick around to discover your top picks and maybe snag one of those Melbourne Cup big bets! But first, check below the best betting sites to bet on the Melbourne Cup⬇️​

Melbourne Cup Betting Odds:

Okay, race enthusiasts! When it comes to Melbourne Cup betting odds, we're right in the thick of it. The latest Melbourne Cup odds for 2023 are turning heads, making it a prime time for punters to delve into the online Melbourne Cup betting scene! And with that in mind, take a look below as I plan to showcase the odds for the top contenders, making your betting on the Melbourne Cup online experience smoother that little bit smoother!

RunnerFixed Win Fixed Place
Lunar Flare$13.00$4.00
Without A Fight$14.00$4.20
Francesco Guardi$15.00$4.60
White Marlin$15.00$4.60
Silver Sonic$15.00$4.60
Saint George$15.00$4.60

Melbourne Cup Betting Markets:

Ready to dive further into the world of Melbourne Cup betting, punters? Well, whether you're a seasoned punter or just having a cheeky flutter, understanding your betting options can make all the difference. And with that in mind, take a look below as I have complied a quick guide to get you on the right track:

Betting TypeHow It Works
Win BetThe most straightforward Melbourne Cup betting option. You're backing a horse to win the race.
Place BetA safer bet, predicting a horse will finish in the top three. Doesn't offer as high odds as a win bet.
Each-Way BetA blend of Win and Place bets. You're putting equal stakes on a horse to either win or secure a top-three finish.
Quinella BetBet on two horses to finish first and second, in any order. Options exist to expand your selections for a better shot at winning.
Exacta BetSimilar to a quinella, but you're pinning down the exact order for the top two finishers.
Trifecta BetPick the top three horses in their exact order of finish. A classic choice on Melbourne Cup betting sites!
First FourPredict the exact order of the first four horses at the finish line. Can be straight or varied picks.
Quadrella Bet (Quaddie)Pick winners for four nominated races on the Melbourne Cup Day. The number of selections in each race affects your share of the betting pool.
TrebleSame as Quaddie but for three nominated races.
DoublePick the winners of two successive races. Available for all races, making it a favourite in the online Melbourne Cup betting scene.
Same Race MultiCombine multiple picks from one race. For example, back Horse A to win, Horse B for top 3, and Horse C for top 4. All selections must succeed for a payout.
Fixed Odds/ Future BettingOffers set odds for the Melbourne Cup, different from fluctuating tote betting. Engage in this for the latest Melbourne Cup odds. 

Melbourne Cup Outright Betting:

Ah, the thrill of Melbourne Cup betting! When we talk about outright betting on the Melbourne Cup, we're referring to the simplest form: placing a bet on which horse you reckon will gallop past the post first. It's a pure prediction, mate, and one of the most popular online betting for Melbourne Cup options. No need for places, exactas, or quinellas – just the raw excitement of choosing the champion!

And for those of us who've dabbled in online Melbourne Cup betting before, the outright market is often the starting point. You're hunting for the best odds, the hottest Melbourne Cup betting tips, and, of course, the latest whispers from the track. 

Whether you're consulting a Melbourne Cup betting guide, using the best betting app for Melbourne Cup outright betting, or going old school by having a chinwag with your mates, it's about backing your instinct and nabbing the horse you think will cross the finish line first. So, keen to take a punt? Dive into the outright market and let your Melbourne Cup betting adventure begin right here, right now!

Mastering Melbourne Cup Betting: A Sound Strategy for Success

Alright, punters! When it comes to online Melbourne Cup betting, it's crucial to remember that the Melbourne Cup is more than just a race – it’s where history, passion, and top-notch racing come together. And while many reckon it's all about luck, I have personally found that the right strategy in the realm of online betting for the Melbourne Cup can be a game-changer. 

So, as we eagerly anticipate the 2023 Melbourne Cup showdown, let's dive deep into the nuances of an each-way betting approach, which might just be your key to unlocking that winner's circle!

Melbourne Cup Strategy: Each Way Betting with a Focus on Form and Odds

An astute each-way betting strategy, popular on many Melbourne Cup betting sites, can supercharge your chances of reeling in those big wins. This unique bet divides your stake, with one half rooting for a horse to clinch the win and the other backing it to finish among the leading pack. Let’s break down this savvy tactic and explore its ins and outs:

  1. Analyse Horse Form: Start by delving into the recent form of the horses competing in the Melbourne Cup. Consider their performances in lead-up races, especially over similar distances. Look for horses with consistent form, recent victories, or strong performances in top-level races.
  2. Evaluate Jockey and Trainer: The expertise of the jockey and trainer can greatly impact a horse's performance. Check their records and see if they have experience winning in major races like the Melbourne Cup. A skilled jockey and a reputable trainer can make a significant difference on the race day.
  3. Assess Odds: Next, examine the odds provided by bookmakers for each horse. Look for value bets where the odds seem higher than what you believe the horse's true chances are. A combination of strong form, capable jockey, and appealing odds can be an indicator of a solid each-way bet.
  4. Determine the Each-Way Bet Stake: Decide on the amount you want to bet on the each-way punt. Keep in mind that the place part of the bet will only pay out a fraction of the win odds, so consider the potential returns based on your stake.
  5. Place Your Bets: Finally, place your each-way bets with a reputable bookmaker. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the excitement of the Melbourne Cup knowing that you have covered your bases with this strategic approach.

And so, by employing this each-way betting strategy with a focus on form, odds, and skilled jockeys and trainers, you'll be well on your way to mastering Melbourne Cup betting and increasing your chances of a winning a Melbourne Cup big bet. Good luck!

General Info & Schedule for Melbourne Cup 2023:

Moving on, punters, I believe that when it comes to the best Melbourne Cup bets, knowledge is power! And with that in mind, let's get you up to speed with the essential details for the 2023 showdown.

Set to gallop into action on Tuesday, 7 November 2023, the iconic Melbourne Cup unfolds at the historic Flemington Racecourse right in Melbourne, Australia. This 3200-meter dash, open to spry three-year-olds and seasoned horses, boasts the title of the wealthiest race down south, flaunting a cool AUD$15 million prize pool!

And in terms of the Melbourne Cup itself, well it is the shining jewel in the Melbourne Cup Carnival, a thrilling week of hooves, hats, and high stakes. The fun kicks off on 4 November with the Victoria Derby, building up the excitement till the VRC Champions Stakes wraps things up on 11 November. Take a look below as I have complied a schedule of these race days:

2023 Melbourne Cup Carnival Schedule:

  • Saturday, 4 November: Victoria Derby Day
  • Tuesday, 7 November: Melbourne Cup Day (online betting for Melbourne Cup hits its peak here!)
  • Thursday, 9 November: VRC Oaks Day
  • Saturday, 11 November: VRC Champions Stakes Day

If you're hoping to be right there amidst the action, know this: tickets for this horse racing spectacle vanish in a flash, so, get 'em while they're hot! And as for the punters planning their online Melbourne Cup betting strategy, don't forget to monitor the latest Melbourne Cup odds. It's all part of the game!

And if you are keen to attend the Cup in person, here are a few hot tips for you:

  • Melbourne Cup betting sites odds can change quickly, so get those bets in early!
  • Arrive in style and ahead of time; you don't want to miss the action.
  • Dress to impress - it's a swanky affair, after all.
  • Slap on the sunscreen – November in Aus is a scorcher!
  • Most importantly, embrace the spirit and have a ripper of a day!

Melbourne Cup Fever: Betting Promotions & More!

Hold onto your hats, mates! As Melbourne Cup fever heats up, the online betting landscape is brimming with tempting offers. Just a bit of housekeeping first: it's a no-go zone to advertise promotions directly to those without an account in Australia. So, while I can't dish out specific deals, I can certainly clue you in on what might be lurking around the corner as you surf the wave of online betting for Melbourne Cup racing.

It's more than just rooting for the champ; it's about snagging every cracking opportunity that comes your way. With a plethora of Melbourne Cup betting promotions on the horizon, your options are looking brighter than ever. Here's a sneak peek into some top deals and promos you might spot during the racing festivities:

  • Win Back Money: Ever had that sinking feeling when your horse just misses out on first place? Fret not! Some bookies have got you covered with a "win back money" offer. If your chosen steed finishes second or third, they'll give you your stake back in bonus bets. Talk about a fair go!
  • Early Bird Catches the Bonus: Beat the rush! Some savvy Melbourne Cup betting sites reward the early betters. Place your bet before a specific cut-off date, and they'll throw in a bonus percentage on your stake. Early bird gets the worm, right?
  • Freebie on the House: Feeling lucky but not willing to risk your dosh? Some bookmakers roll out a free bet for the Melbourne Cup, letting you have a punt without parting with your hard-earned cash!
  • Boost Those Odds: For those seeking better returns, keep your eyes peeled for the Melbourne Cup odds boost. Some bookmakers supercharge the odds on selected horses, giving your potential winnings a nifty little bump up!

Amid the whirlwind of Melbourne Cup betting promotions, it's a maze out there, and navigating it can be tricky. Here's a golden nugget of advice: take your time, weigh up the options, and find the top Melbourne Cup betting offers that'll set you up for success. The right offer can be the icing on your Melbourne Cup Day cake!

And so, to wrap things up here, whether you're a die-hard punter or just in for the thrill, there's a betting promo out there with your name on it. Dive headfirst into the festivities, relish the excitement, and always remember – it's the adrenaline rush and the yarns we spin afterwards that count. So, here's to you and your bets – may Lady Luck ride with you!!

History of the Melbourne Cup:

Ah, the Melbourne Cup! It's not just another horse race; it's a rich tapestry of tales, triumphs, and traditions dating back to 1861. Anyone who's dabbled in online Melbourne Cup betting knows that understanding its history can give a unique perspective on the race. So, let's trot down memory lane and unravel some key information regarding the Cup’s history:

Historical Highlights of Melbourne Cup:

  • The first-ever Melbourne Cup was won by a stallion named Archer in 1861. He backed it up with a consecutive win the following year. Talk about setting the bar high!
  • Bart Cummings, known as the 'Cups King', is a legend in the Melbourne Cup history books. He's trained a record 12 winners – a feat most trainers can only dream of!
  • Makybe Diva holds the title of being the only horse to clinch three consecutive Melbourne Cup wins (2003, 2004, and 2005). If you ever delve into Melbourne Cup betting, she's a name you'll hear echoed time and time again!
  • The Melbourne Cup isn’t just a racing event; it’s coined as "the race that stops a nation". This isn’t an exaggeration – most of Australia pauses to tune in!
  • Barrier 5 has been the most successful starting gate in the race's history, leading to more Melbourne Cup winners than any other barrier. Handy info for those pondering their Melbourne Cup best bets!
  • The 2001 Melbourne Cup was one for the books when Sheila Laxon became the first female trainer to claim victory with her horse Ethereal. It was a monumental moment, demonstrating that the racecourse was and is a place for all!
  • Making waves in 2015, Michelle Payne rode into history as the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup, proving once again that the 'race that stops a nation' continually evolves and surprises.

Past Decade Winners of Melbourne Cup:

The Melbourne Cup is a testament to skill, endurance, and the unpredictable spirit of thoroughbred racing. As we gallop down memory lane, let's take a gander at the champions of the past decade who've etched their names in golden glory. Here's a table of those stellar steeds and their triumphant teams:

  • Year 2022: Winner- Gold Trip | Winning Odds- $21.00 | Age- 6 | Jockey- Mark Zahra | Trainer- Ciaron Maher & David Eustace
  • Year 2021: Winner- Verry Elleegant | Winning Odds- $18.00 | Age- 6 | Jockey- James McDonald | Trainer- Chris Waller
  • Year 2020: Winner- Twilight Payment | Winning Odds- $26.00 | Age- 8 | Jockey- Jye McNeil | Trainer- Joseph O’Brien
  • Year 2019: Winner- Vow and Declare | Winning Odds- $11.00 | Age- 4 | Jockey- Craig Williams | Trainer- Danny O’Brien
  • Year 2018: Winner- Cross Counter | Winning Odds- $9.00 | Age- 4 | Jockey- Kerrin McEvoy | Trainer- Marmelo
  • Year 2017: Winner- Rekindling | Winning Odds- $15.00 | Age- 4 | Jockey- Corey Brown | Trainer- Joseph O’Brien
  • Year 2016: Winner- Almandin  | Winning Odds- $11.00 | Age- 7 | Jockey- Kerrin McEvoy | Trainer- Kerrin McEvoy
  • Year 2015: Winner- Prince of Penzance | Winning Odds- $101.00 | Age- 6 | Jockey- Michelle Payne | Trainer- Darren Weir
  • Year 2014: Winner- Protectionist | Winning Odds- $8.00 | Age- 5 | Jockey- Ryan Moore | Trainer- Andreas Wohler
  • Year 2013: Winner- Fiorente | Winning Odds- $7.00 | Age- 6 | Jockey- Damien Oliver |Trainer- Gai Waterhouse

So, as we can see above, when looking at the Melbourne Cup winners' odds history, one notices the unpredictability of the race. There's a heart-pounding thrill, whether you're sipping champagne trackside or navigating the realm of online Melbourne Cup betting.

For the newbies and keen punters alike, diving into Melbourne Cup betting sites and guides can be invaluable. They offer not just the freshest odds but a journey through the race's rich tapestry. Because sometimes, understanding the past gives us a glimpse into the future. So, here's to the tales still untold and the legends in the making. Raise your glasses, punters!

FAQs about Melbourne Cup Betting:

Navigating the thrilling world of Melbourne Cup betting? You're not alone. Here are some frequently asked questions to guide both novice and seasoned punters as they gear up for 'the race that stops a nation'. Dive in!

Where can I Bet on Melbourne Cup?

Aussie bettors are able to be on the Melbourne Cup through any legal and registered bookmaker in Australia. And while there is a myriad of options here, I have personally found that Bet365 and PlayUp are more than decent options when it comes to Melbourne Cup betting!

Can you Place a Bet Online for Melbourne Cup?

Yep, you can place a bet online for the Melbourne Cup. Many reputable online betting sites and apps offer markets for the race. Simply register, deposit funds, and select the Melbourne Cup option to place your bet. Always ensure the site is licensed and gamble responsibly!

What's the Best Way to Bet in the Melbourne Cup?

The best way to bet on the Melbourne Cup depends on individual preferences. For beginners, simple win or place bets are straightforward. Experienced punters might prefer exotic bets like trifectas or quinellas. Always study form guides, jockey/trainer statistics, and bet responsibly on reputable platforms

Can you Bet on Melbourne Cup now?

Yep, you sure can! While all the more exotic markets and offerings might not be available to you just yet, punters are still able to place an outright bet on who they might think the winner of the 2023 Melbourne Cup race will be!

How do you Bet a Trifecta on the Melbourne Cup?

To bet a trifecta on the Melbourne Cup, you select the horses you predict will finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the exact order. You can choose a straight trifecta with specific horses or a boxed trifecta, allowing any order among your chosen horses. Place your bet via a legal Australian betting agency or trackside

How Much Does It Cost to Bet on the Melbourne Cup?

The cost to bet on the Melbourne Cup varies based on the bet type and selections. A simple win or place bet can start as low as $1. Exotic bets like trifectas or quinellas cost more, especially if you select multiple horses. Always check with your chosen betting agency for specifics

How to Bet on the Melbourne Cup?

To bet on the Melbourne Cup, choose a reputable Australian betting site, sign up or log in, deposit funds, navigate to the Melbourne Cup race, select your preferred bet type (win, place, trifecta, etc.), pick your horse(s), decide on your stake, and confirm the bet. Remember though, punters, it is important to always gamble responsibly!