Australia vs. England: Women's World Cup Semi-final Showdown

Gabriel Barkhan
Gabriel Barkhan
Women's World Cup
Will it be the Aussies or the English to reach the Women’s World Cup Final?

Epic Battle Between Australia's Matildas and England's Lionesses in High-Stakes Semi-final Clash at FIFA World Cup

News Insights

  • Matildas make history with FIFA World Cup semi-finals entry after thrilling shootout victory.
  • England advances clinically, but key player Lauren James suspended for showdown.
  • Key player matchups and historic record add excitement to Matildas vs. Lionesses clash.
  • Anticipate a closely fought encounter with potential for a 1-1 draw in high-stakes semi-final

16th August 20:00, Accor Stadium  

Get ready for an electrifying clash as the Matildas and Lionesses gear up for a historic showdown in the FIFA World Cup semi-finals. Australia's dramatic penalty shootout victory over France and England's clinical performance against Colombia have set the stage for an epic battle. Star players Sam Kerr and Lucy Bronze are poised to shine, while Lauren James' suspension adds intrigue. As anticipation reaches a fever pitch, football enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting the clash of these titans on the pitch.

About the teams

Matildas vs England Semi-final: An Epic Showdown on the Horizon the Matildas make history by reaching FIFA World Cup semi-finals; stunning shootout victory over France. England’s clinical win against Colombia; Lauren James suspended for semi-final clash. Match details, kick-off time, venue, and intriguing player matchups for the blockbuster encounter.

Matildas Make Historic Progress 

The Matildas' remarkable journey continues, securing a place in the World Cup semi-finals after a tense penalty shootout triumph against France. Cortnee Vine's confident penalty sealed the victory, propelling Australia into the penultimate stage.

England's Clinical Progress 

England advanced to the semi-finals by defeating Colombia in a controlled performance. However, they face a challenge as Lauren James misses out due to suspension, a result of her actions in the Round of 16 match against Nigeria.

How to Catch the Action 

Fans can enjoy the match through Channel 7 and Optus Sport broadcasts in Australia. Channel 7 will air the game live on their main channel and stream it on 7Plus. Optus Sport offers live and on-demand coverage with a subscription.

Kick-off Time and Venue 

The match is set to kick off at 8pm (AEST) at Sydney's Stadium Australia. Potential extra time and penalties could extend the game until 10:30pm (AEST).

Key Player Matchups 

The clash features exciting player matchups, showcasing the connection between clubmates. Australian captain Sam Kerr faces off against England's captain Millie Bright, both Chelsea teammates. Arsenal's Matildas' stars Steph Catley and Caitlin Foord share the field with England's Lotte Wubben-Moy and Alessia Russo. Manchester City's players from both teams add another layer of intrigue to the contest.

Record and Expectations 

While the Lionesses have a strong reputation, the Matildas have a competitive record against them, winning two out of six encounters. England remains the bookmakers' favourite, boasting players like Lucy Bronze and Millie Bright. The intriguing semi-final promises an epic Ashes matchup with both teams vying for a place in the World Cup final.

Line-up Predictions: 

Australia Predicted XI:

Arnold; Carpenter, Hunt, Kennedy, Catley; Raso, Gorry, Cooney-Cross, Foord; Kerr, Fowler

England Predicted XI:

Earps, Carter, Bright, Greenwood, Bronze, Stanway, Walsh, Daly, Toone, Russo, Hemp

H2H Stats – Australia Vs England

Australia VS England H2H: A Closer Look at the Rivalry

The clash between Australia (Women) and England (Women) promises to be an intense encounter, fueled by a history of competitive battles on the football field. As they prepare to face each other once again, let's delve into the head-to-head statistics and the significance of their previous encounters.

Since 2015, Australia (Women) and England (Women) have squared off in four matches, with each team claiming one victory and one draw. These encounters have been characterized by closely contested games, showcasing the competitive spirit and determination of both sides.

The statistics further emphasize the balance between the teams. In terms of goals scored, England holds a slight advantage with five goals compared to Australia's three. Yellow cards have been distributed evenly, with both teams receiving three yellow cards each. The absence of any red cards highlights the disciplined nature of their clashes.

The teams have competed in prestigious tournaments, including International Friendly Games, Women, and the Cyprus Women Cup, adding significance to their encounters. These matches serve as valuable opportunities for both sides to test their strengths and strategies against formidable opponents.

Looking back at their recent performances, Australia (Women) secured a hard-fought penalty shootout victory over France (Women) and displayed solid form with wins against Denmark (Women) and Ireland (Women). On the other hand, England (Women) showcased their prowess with a victory over Colombia (Women) and a dominant performance against China (Women).

As they prepare to face off once again, the history between Australia (Women) and England (Women) serves as a testament to their competitive nature and determination to succeed on the global stage. The upcoming match is not just a clash of two teams, but a continuation of a captivating football rivalry that has enthralled fans over the years.

With their past encounters setting the stage for another enthralling showdown, football enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate an intense and closely fought battle between Australia (Women) and England (Women).

Key Players to Watch: England vs Australia Women's World Cup Semi-Final


The highly anticipated clash between Australia's Matildas and England's Lionesses promises to be a battle of skill, determination, and strategic prowess. As both teams gear up for this monumental encounter, key players from each side will play a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of the match.

For the Matildas, all eyes will be on their superstar captain, Sam Kerr. The two-time consecutive reigning top goalscorer at Chelsea, Kerr's remarkable scoring ability and dynamic playstyle make her a force to be reckoned with. Kerr's ability to find the back of the net, create scoring opportunities, and inspire her teammates will be vital for the Matildas' success. Her direct matchup with Lionesses' captain Millie Bright, who leads the formidable English defense, is set to be a captivating battle within the larger contest.

In the midfield, Steph Catley's role as vice-captain and her exceptional ball distribution skills will be instrumental in orchestrating the Matildas' attacks. Catley's ability to control the tempo of the game, provide accurate passes, and create openings will be crucial in breaking down the Lionesses' defensive lines. Her partnership with fellow midfielder Caitlin Foord, who also plays alongside Lionesses' players Lotte Wubben-Moy and Alessia Russo at Arsenal, adds an intriguing dynamic to the matchup.


Turning the focus to the Lionesses, Lucy Bronze stands out as a key player who can influence the game's outcome. A prominent defender at Manchester City, Bronze's exceptional defensive skills and ability to transition into attack make her a threat on both ends of the pitch. Her direct clash with Matildas' captain Sam Kerr presents an exciting narrative within the game, where Bronze's defensive prowess will be tested against Kerr's attacking brilliance.

In the midfield, the absence of Lauren James due to suspension paves the way for other Lionesses to step up. Players like Jordan Nobbs and Lucy Staniforth will need to control the midfield and provide creative playmaking to unlock the Matildas' defense. Their ability to dictate the pace of the game, distribute the ball effectively, and make crucial decisions under pressure will be essential for England's success.

As the Matildas and Lionesses prepare to go head-to-head, the performances of these key players will undoubtedly shape the course of the match. With each player's unique skill set and contribution, the Wednesday showdown promises to be a thrilling battle where individual brilliance and collective teamwork will collide on the grand stage of international women's football.

Australia to Advance:

Matildas vs Lionesses: Key Players Set to Define Epic Showdown

As the highly anticipated clash between the Matildas and the Lionesses draws near, football fans around the world are gearing up for an exhilarating encounter that promises to be a defining moment in the FIFA World Cup. Both teams have showcased their strength and determination, setting the stage for a riveting showdown that could potentially shape the tournament's trajectory.

For the Matildas, the spotlight will undoubtedly be on their star striker, Sam Kerr. The two-time consecutive reigning top goalscorer at Chelsea, Kerr's exceptional ability to find the back of the net makes her a formidable force on the field. Her dynamic playing style, agility, and clinical finishing have the potential to unlock the Lionesses' defense and tip the balance in favour of the Australian side. Kerr's prowess not only as a scorer but also as a playmaker will be crucial in dictating the rhythm of the game and creating scoring opportunities for her teammates.

On the other side, the Lionesses will look to Lucy Bronze to lead by example and provide stability at the back. The Manchester City defender's exceptional defensive skills, positioning, and aerial ability make her a key figure in England's lineup. Bronze's ability to read the game, intercept passes, and thwart attacks will be essential in neutralizing the Matildas' offensive threats. Moreover, her experience and leadership qualities will play a vital role in organizing the defense and ensuring that the Lionesses maintain their composure under pressure.

As these two powerhouses prepare to clash, it's evident that the individual brilliance of players like Kerr and Bronze will significantly impact the outcome. Their performances on the pitch will not only influence their respective teams' fortunes but also contribute to the narrative of this World Cup. With both sides hungry for victory and the world watching, the Matildas vs Lionesses matchup promises to deliver a spectacle of football excellence, tactical battles, and moments of brilliance that will resonate long after the final whistle.


The Matildas and Lionesses are set to engage in a closely contested battle that could potentially end in a draw. Both teams boast formidable defensive units and clinical attacking players, suggesting a balanced encounter. While the Matildas' offensive prowess could give them an edge, the Lionesses' resilience and tactical acumen cannot be underestimated. A 1-1 draw seems a likely outcome, with both teams showcasing their strengths while also respecting the defensive strengths of their opponents. However, football's unpredictable nature means that any result is possible, adding to the anticipation and excitement surrounding this high-stakes encounter.Take Australia to advance on Bet365 @$2.25