Australia vs. Georgia: Rugby World Cup 2023 - Preview and Prediction

Gabriel Barkhan
Gabriel Barkhan
Rugby World Cup Predictions
Australia vs. Georgia: Rugby World Cup 2023 - Preview and Prediction

Rugby World Cup 2024 Opener: Australia vs. Georgia - Clash of Titans and Underdogs at Stade de France.

News Insights

  • Rugby World Cup 2023 opener: Australia vs. Georgia showdown.
  • Australia's recent losses create pressure in the tournament.
  • Georgia's impressive form raises hopes for a potential upset.
  • Key players to watch in the Australia vs. Georgia clash.

The Rugby World Cup 2023 kicks off with an electrifying clash as Australia confronts Georgia in the inaugural match of Pool C at Stade de France on September 10, 2023, at 02:00 UK time. In this high-stakes encounter, Australia aims to shake off a streak of five consecutive losses, while Georgia seeks to capitalize on its impressive form and potentially create an upset. As these two teams prepare to face off, we delve into their strategies, previous encounters, and the players to watch in what promises to be an enthralling Rugby World Cup opener.

Australia vs. Georgia: Rugby World Cup 2024 - Preview and Prediction

Match Context: 

The Rugby World Cup 2023 kicks off with an exciting clash as Australia faces Georgia in the first match of Pool C at Stade de France on September 10, 2023, at  02:00.

About the Teams:

Australia: Australia enters this tournament with immense pressure, carrying a record of five consecutive losses and finishing last in this year's Rugby Championship. Despite these setbacks, they have a favorable pool draw and a chance to boost their confidence with a strong start.

Georgia: Georgia arrives at the World Cup with impressive form, including wins over tier-one sides like Italy and Wales in 2022. Their powerful pack poses a significant threat to Australia's somewhat fragile frontline, and they are poised to potentially cause an upset.


Australia Starting Lineup:

  • Angus Bell
  • David Porecki
  • Taniela Tupou
  • Richie Arnold
  • Will Skelton (c)
  • Tom Hooper
  • Fraser McReight
  • Rob Valetini
  • Tate McDermott
  • Carter Gordon
  • Marika Koroibete
  • Samu Kerevi
  • Jordan Petaia
  • Mark Nawaqanitawase
  • Ben Donaldson

Georgia Starting Lineup:

  • Nika Abuladze
  • Shalva Mamukashvili
  • Guram Papidze
  • Nodar Cheishvili
  • Konstantine Mikautadze
  • Tornike Jalaghonia
  • Luka Ivanishvili
  • Beka Gorgadze
  • Vasil Lobzhanidze
  • Luka Matkava
  • Miriani Modebadze
  • Merab Sharikadze (c)
  • Demur Tapladze
  • Akaki Tabutsadze
  • Davit Niniashvili

Expected Strategy for Australia: 

Australia, led by coach Eddie Jones, faces a critical challenge as they seek to reverse their recent losing streak and build momentum in the World Cup. To overcome Georgia, the Wallabies must focus on a balanced strategy. They should aim to exploit their superior backline speed and agility, especially with key players like Samu Kerevi and Marika Koroibete in the lineup. The half-back pairing of Tate McDermott and Carter Gordon will play a crucial role in directing the attack and ensuring precise kicking for territory.

Defensively, Australia must be disciplined and resolute, particularly in the forwards, to withstand Georgia's formidable pack. Maintaining possession and minimizing errors will be key. The Wallabies should look to control the tempo of the game, attempting to break Georgia's defensive line with quick ball movement and well-timed offloads. Patience and a structured game plan will be vital in securing the win and boosting their confidence ahead of tougher challenges in the tournament.

Expected Strategy for Georgia

Georgia, known for their powerful forward play, should look to capitalize on their strengths in the pack. Their strategy should revolve around dominating the set pieces, particularly in the scrums and lineouts, where they have historically excelled. By maintaining possession and control in these areas, Georgia can limit Australia's opportunities to exploit their backline.

Defensively, Georgia should focus on pressuring Australia's playmakers and disrupting their passing channels. Aggressive line speed and strong tackling can force turnovers and create scoring opportunities. In attack, Georgia should seek to gain territory through a structured kicking game, putting pressure on Australia's back three and utilizing their mauling prowess to gain ground.

Overall, Georgia's strategy should be centered on a physical and forward-oriented game plan, seeking to outmuscle Australia in the tight exchanges and capitalize on any opportunities that arise from their set-piece dominance.

Previous Encounters and Stats:

Australia and Georgia have crossed paths only once before, during the 2019 Rugby World Cup group stage in Japan. In that encounter, Australia emerged victorious with a final score of 27-8. However, the scoreline doesn't fully capture the determination and resilience displayed by Georgia.

During that match, Georgia's defense put up a commendable effort, keeping Australia's lead to just 10-3 at halftime. The Lelos made an astonishing 124 tackles in the first 34 minutes of play. It wasn't until the final moments of the game that Australia managed to secure a bonus-point win.

In terms of historical rankings, Australia typically holds a higher position than Georgia. However, Georgia has been steadily climbing the World Rugby Men's Rankings and reached its all-time peak of 11th place in 2023, showcasing their progress and potential to cause upsets in the tournament. This previous encounter, marked by Georgia's resilience, sets the stage for an intriguing rematch in the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Players to Watch - Australia:

Samu Kerevi (Inside Center): 

Samu Kerevi's return to the starting lineup is a significant boost for Australia. His powerful ball-carrying abilities and elusive footwork make him a dynamic presence in the midfield. Kerevi's ability to break through defensive lines and offload in contact can create try-scoring opportunities for his teammates. His partnership with Jordan Petaia will be crucial in unleashing Australia's backline potential.

Tate McDermott (Scrum-half): 

Tate McDermott's quick and accurate distribution from the base of the scrum and ruck will be pivotal in Australia's game plan. His ability to read the game, make sniping runs, and provide crisp passes to the fly-half is essential for orchestrating the Wallabies' attack. McDermott's decision-making under pressure and control of the tempo will determine Australia's success in gaining territorial advantage and setting up scoring opportunities.

Players to Watch - Georgia:

Merab Sharikadze (Center and Captain): Merab Sharikadze, the captain of the Georgian team, is a key figure both in attack and defense. As a strong and agile center, he can break through defensive lines and create space for his teammates. Sharikadze's leadership and ability to rally his team will be vital in Georgia's quest for an upset. His tackling prowess and decision-making will be crucial in containing Australia's threats.

Beka Gorgadze (Number Eight): Beka Gorgadze's physicality and work rate make him one of the standout players for Georgia. As a dynamic number eight, he excels in ball-carrying and provides a significant presence in the loose. Gorgadze's ability to secure turnovers at the breakdown and support his backline in attack can disrupt Australia's game plan. His performance in the back row will be a key factor in Georgia's bid to control possession and territory.


Australia 35-10

Georgia Despite Australia's recent struggles, they are expected to secure a comfortable win against Georgia. However, Georgia's strong pack and desire for an upset could make the early minutes crucial to the outcome.

The Rugby World Cup 2023 commences with Australia facing Georgia in an eagerly anticipated match. Australia's recent struggles contrast with Georgia's impressive form, setting the stage for a compelling clash. We analyze the expected strategies for both teams, emphasizing Australia's need for a balanced approach and Georgia's focus on forward dominance. Additionally, we revisit their previous encounter, where Australia secured a hard-fought victory, and highlight key player matchups to watch. This opening match promises excitement, as Australia seeks redemption, and Georgia eyes a potential upset.