Australia vs. Fiji: Rugby World Cup 2023 - Preview and Prediction

Gabriel Barkhan
Gabriel Barkhan
Rugby World Cup Predictions
Australia vs. Fiji: Rugby World Cup 2023 - Preview and Prediction

Australia vs. Fiji: A Rugby World Cup Showdown with Quarter-Final Implications – Key Players to Watch

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  • Rugby World Cup: Australia vs. Fiji Showdown Approaches!
  • Historic Rivalry Renewed: Wallabies vs. Flying Fijians.
  • Key Players to Watch in the Rugby World Cup Clash.
  • Stats and History: Australia vs. Fiji - A Rivalry Unveiled.

The Rugby World Cup is about to witness a clash of titans as Australia squares off against Fiji in a gripping showdown set for Sunday, September 18, 2023, at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard in Saint-Etienne. In a tournament filled with anticipation and excitement, this match holds a special place. With both teams eyeing victory to secure their quarter-final hopes, the stakes couldn't be higher. Stay tuned as we delve into the teams' strengths, predicted lineups, and strategic game plans. Moreover, we'll explore their historical encounters and statistical insights, giving you a comprehensive preview of what promises to be an unforgettable rugby spectacle.

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Match Context: 

The highly anticipated clash between Australia and Fiji is scheduled for Monday 18th September, 2023, with kick-off set for 1:45 am AEST at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard in Saint-Etienne.

About the Teams:

Australia: Australia enters this Rugby World Cup match fresh off a victory against Georgia, where they secured only their second win in ten games. The Wallabies are aiming to build on this momentum and secure a quarter-final berth. Key players like scrum-half Tate McDermott and Samu Kerevi are expected to play crucial roles, with McDermott ruled out due to head injury protocols and Kerevi returning after being taken off as a precaution.

Fiji: Fiji's ambitions of reaching the quarter-finals took a hit after a narrow defeat to Wales. Victory against Australia is crucial to keep their hopes alive. Semi Radradra, known as "Semi-trailer," is Fiji's go-to player, and stopping him will be essential for Australia. Fiji is known for their flair, brutality, and never-give-up attitude, making them a formidable opponent.


Australia Starting Lineup:

  • Angus Bell
  • David Porecki
  • Taniela Tupou
  • Richie Arnold
  • Will Skelton (c)
  • Tom Hooper
  • Fraser McReight
  • Rob Valetini
  • Tate McDermott
  • Carter Gordon
  • Marika Koroibete
  • Samu Kerevi
  • Jordan Petaia
  • Mark Nawaqanitawase
  • Ben Donaldson

Fiji Starting Lineup:

  • Eroni Mawi
  • Samuel Matavesi
  • Luke Tagi
  • Isoa Nasilasila
  • Te Ahiwaru Cirikidaveta
  • Albert Tuisue
  • Lekima Tagitagivalu
  • Viliame Mata
  • Frank Lomani
  • Teti Tela
  • Vinaya Habosi
  • Semi Radradra
  • Waisea Nayacalevu (c)
  • Selesitino Ravutaumada
  • Ilaisa Droasese

Australia's Strategy: 

Australia, known for their structured style of play, will aim to control the tempo of the game and minimize errors. They'll emphasize the following strategies:

Possession and Territory Control: 

Australia will look to dominate possession, maintain territorial advantage, and control the pace of the game. Their forwards will work on securing clean ball from set pieces and rucks, while the backline will focus on exploiting gaps in Fiji's defence.

Kicking Game: 

The Wallabies will likely use their kicking game strategically to pin Fiji back in their own half. Accurate kicks for territory and contestable high balls can disrupt Fiji's counter-attacking prowess.


Australia will prioritize a strong defensive line to counter Fiji's flair and unpredictability. Maintaining discipline and organization will be essential to prevent Fiji from breaking through.

Set Pieces: 

In the set pieces, particularly in the scrums and lineouts, Australia will seek to establish dominance. This can provide a platform for their attacking plays and disrupt Fiji's set piece play.

Second-Half Improvement: 

Learning from their past performances, the Wallabies will aim for a more robust second-half showing. They'll need to sustain their intensity and execution throughout the match to counter Fiji's potential late-game surges.

Fiji's Strategy: 

Fiji is renowned for their exciting, open style of play and physicality. They'll employ the following strategies:

Expansive Attack: 

Fiji's attacking style is based on flair, offloads, and creativity. They'll aim to keep the ball alive in hand and look for opportunities to break the defensive line. Key players like Semi Radradra will be instrumental in creating attacking opportunities.

Offloading and Support Play: 

Fiji will focus on offloading the ball in contact to keep the play dynamic. Their support players will be crucial in ensuring continuity and maintaining pressure on the Wallabies.


Fiji will be on the lookout for turnovers and will immediately transition into counter-attacks. The Wallabies must be cautious with their kicking game, as Fiji can be lethal on the counter.


Fiji's forward pack will bring physicality to the game, aiming to dominate in the scrums and breakdowns. They'll look to disrupt Australia's set pieces and secure quick ball.

Late-Game Push: 

Fiji is known for their resilience and late-game pushes. If the match remains close, they'll be confident in their ability to mount a comeback in the final stages.

In summary, this match promises contrasting styles of play, with Australia focusing on structure and control, while Fiji relies on flair and physicality. Both teams will be eager to secure a crucial victory in their pursuit of a quarter-final spot, making this clash a must-watch for rugby fans.


The upcoming Rugby World Cup clash between Australia and Fiji holds a rich history, with intriguing statistics and past encounters that add depth to their rivalry.

Historical Stats:

Head-to-Head: Australia and Fiji have faced each other numerous times over the years, with Australia holding a dominant record. Out of their previous encounters, Australia has emerged victorious 19 times, while Fiji has managed to secure just two wins. One match ended in a draw.

Recent Performances: In recent years, Australia has maintained its dominance over Fiji, with their last loss to the Pacific Islanders dating back to 1954. This historical advantage gives Australia confidence heading into the match.

World Cup Record: When it comes to Rugby World Cup history, Australia boasts an impressive track record. They are multiple-time champions and are known for their consistent performance in the tournament. Fiji, on the other hand, has shown flashes of brilliance but is yet to claim the title.

Key Previous Encounters:

1954 Victory: Fiji's last victory against Australia dates back to 1954. This historic win is etched in Fijian rugby history and serves as a source of pride. Although the rugby landscape has evolved significantly since then, Fiji will draw inspiration from this past triumph.

1961 Draw: In 1961, these two teams played to a 3-3 draw, showcasing the competitiveness of their early encounters. While draws are uncommon in rugby, this result highlights the evenly matched nature of their clashes in the past.

Recent Form:

Australia's Recent Form: 

Australia enters this clash with a mixed record in recent matches. They secured a vital win against Georgia in their opening game of the tournament, but their form has been inconsistent in the lead-up to the World Cup. The Wallabies will be determined to build on their positive start and maintain their winning momentum against Fiji.

Fiji's Recent Form: 

Fiji's journey in the current World Cup has been marked by ups and downs. Their narrow defeat to Wales in the opening pool match showcased their ability to compete with top-tier teams. Fiji's style of play, characterized by flair and physicality, makes them a formidable opponent capable of upsetting any team.

The Intrigue of the Encounter:

The statistics and historical encounters set the stage for an intriguing match. While Australia may hold a historical advantage, Fiji's recent performances and their hunger to secure a quarter-final berth add an element of unpredictability to this showdown. Rugby fans can expect a clash of contrasting styles, with Australia's structured approach pitted against Fiji's open and expansive play.

As both teams step onto the field on September 17, 2023, at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard in Saint-Etienne, the weight of history, statistics, and the desire to progress in the tournament will converge, making this Rugby World Cup encounter one of the most captivating and pivotal moments in their rugby rivalry.

Players to Watch

Player to Watch - Australia: Samu Kerevi

For Australia, the player to watch in the upcoming clash against Fiji is none other than Samu Kerevi. The dynamic center is not only a formidable force in defense but also a potent attacking threat. Kerevi's ability to break through the opposition's defensive lines, offload the ball under pressure, and make crucial tackles makes him a key figure for the Wallabies.

In recent matches, Kerevi has demonstrated his versatility by playing a pivotal role in both attack and defense. His powerful runs, combined with his adeptness at creating scoring opportunities for his teammates, have made him a linchpin in Australia's game plan. Kerevi's experience and composure under pressure will be crucial in countering Fiji's physicality and flair.

As the Wallabies aim to secure victory and advance in the tournament, Samu Kerevi's performance will be closely watched, as his contributions on both sides of the ball could be the key to unlocking Fiji's defense and securing a crucial win.

Player to Watch - Fiji: Semi Radradra

For Fiji, the spotlight will undoubtedly be on Semi Radradra, affectionately known as the "Semi-trailer." Radradra is a colossal presence in Fiji's backline, known for his blistering pace, agility, and devastating ball-carrying ability.

Radradra's performance in Fiji's opening match against Wales, where he came agonizingly close to securing a match-winning try, showcased his game-changing potential. His ability to breach defensive lines and create scoring opportunities makes him a genuine threat to any opposition.

Australia's defence will have to be on high alert whenever Radradra is in possession, as he has the capacity to turn a single opportunity into points. Whether it's breaking tackles, executing offloads, or finishing tries himself, Semi Radradra's influence on the outcome of this match cannot be underestimated. As Fiji seeks to upset Australia, all eyes will be on the Semi-trailer to deliver a standout performance and propel Fiji to victory.


Australia 28-21

Despite Fiji showing a determined and resilient display against Wales, you still back the Wallabies to nick this one from the firing Fijians. Although the Wallabies have been shaky at best, they should steal this one in what should be a thrilling match!

Get ready for an electrifying showdown as Australia and Fiji clash in a highly anticipated Rugby World Cup encounter. Scheduled for Sunday, September 18, 2023, at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard in Saint-Etienne, this match promises an enthralling spectacle. With Australia's Samu Kerevi and Fiji's Semi Radradra taking centre stage, the battle between these two rugby powerhouses is set to be a thrilling display of skill, strategy, and determination. Explore the team dynamics, predicted lineups, strategies, stats, and the players to watch in this epic showdown that could shape the course of their Rugby World Cup journey.