The Boston Celtics won the 2024 Eastern Conference

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Sam Hayes
Boston Celtics and Miami Heat are locked in a playoff battle.

The pressure is ramping up on the Boston Celtics, as they chase their first NBA Championship for 16 years

News Insights

  • The Boston Celtics blitzed the Eastern Conference in 2024.
  • Famously, the Celtics last won the NBA Championship in 2008.
  • The Celtics are taking on the Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs.
  • The 7-game series is locked at 1-1, following two pulsating encounters.

Locked in a battle at the top of the all-time NBA Championship wins tally with the LA Lakers, the Boston Celtics remain one of the biggest sporting franchises on the planet.  
However, with no title since 2008, it has been a tough decade and a half for the Boston Celtics and their fans but their allure hasn’t worn off with any NBA punters and international betting sites.  

Dominating the Eastern Conference has been par for the course for the Boston Celtics in recent years but annoyingly for their fans, they haven’t been able to convert that into NBA Championships. 
However, there is a very different feeling about the Boston Celtics in 2024, who have been winning plaudits the world over for their incredible performances. 
The playoffs is when it matters most though and with the Celtics locked at 1-1 with the Miami heat in the first round, it promises to be a real battle for the NBA Championship title this season. 
Barnstorming Boston 

It has been an incredible campaign for the Boston Celtics, who have won a remarkable 64 out of 82 games played in the regular season. 
That dominance has been clear for all to see, not only in the Eastern Conference but across the rest of the NBA as a whole and the Celtics look to be the real deal this term. 
Perhaps the most impressive aspect of their record was their unbelievable return at the TD Garden, where Boston managed win 37 out of 41 games played, to put down a real marker ahead of the playoffs with all basketball betting sites
Playoff panic? 

Whilst this level of dominance hasn’t been enjoyed by the Celtics before, they certainly have been in this situation in previous years and a familiar feeling is beginning to set in. 
Drawn against the Miami Heat, many people expected the Boston Celtics to blitz their way through the Eastern playoffs and push on against their counterparts in the West. 
However, locked at 1-1 with the Miami Heat with 2 games played and with a trip to Florida on the agenda next, the Celtics know they will need to pull something out of the bag, with plenty of pressure on them. 
Can the Celtics finally do it? 

In comparison to many other NBA sides, only waiting 16 years to win a Championship is a very small hiatus but at the Boston Celtics, standards are set a little higher. 
For the side from Massachusetts, ending their 16-year drought is key and they have been the dominant force throughout the NBA in 2024. 
Getting past the Miami Heat will be the first hurdle they need to overcome, with plenty of big games to come but they will be feeling confident that they can make one big final post-season push and they continue to be backed by many NBA punters and betting sites.

It has been an incredible campaign for the Boston Celtics, who seemed to be on a procession to the 2024 NBA Championship title. 
However, the playoffs are always tricky to navigate, and the Celtics are in a real scrap against the Miami Heat to progress to the next round.