Terrell May's Choice: Roosters Over Storm

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Terrell May's Choice: Roosters Over Storm

Young Roosters forward Terrell May's decision to spurn the Storm for family pays off as he shines in NRL

News Insights

  • Terrell May nearly joined Melbourne Storm in 2022.
  • May's family-oriented values influenced his decision.
  • May's performance boosted Sydney Roosters' bench.
  • Rising star's impact on the team doesn't go unnoticed.

Terrell May, a rising star for the Sydney Roosters, has revealed that he nearly signed with the Melbourne Storm in 2022. Despite their interest, May chose to stay with the Roosters due to his strong family ties.

Terrell May, a promising forward for the Sydney Roosters, almost signed with the Melbourne Storm. May, who has been shining lately, had discussions with Storm officials in 2022 but ultimately decided to stay with the Roosters due to his strong family bonds. This choice has had a significant impact on both teams, as May's performance has bolstered the Roosters' bench, while the Storm continues to search for bench strength. As the Roosters prepare for their semi-final against Melbourne, May reflects on his journey and how he managed to rise to the occasion despite a challenging start to the season.

Sydney Roosters' Rising Star Nearly Joined Melbourne Storm

In the lead-up to the semi-final showdown between the Sydney Roosters and the Melbourne Storm, Terrell May, the 24-year-old forward making waves in the NRL, has revealed that he came close to signing with the Storm in 2022.

The Storm was keen on securing May's talents, recognizing his potential as one of the best young forwards in the league. Club officials were confident that they had secured the deal, which would have provided a significant boost to their forward lineup, especially with veteran players like Kenny Bromwich, Jesse Bromwich, Felise Kaufusi, and Brandon Smith departing the team.

However, May's decision to remain with the Roosters had a profound impact on both teams. While the Storm missed out on his services, the Roosters gained a valuable asset, particularly with Jared Waerea-Hargreaves facing suspension.

May's Focus on Family and Home

May's choice to stay with the Roosters instead of moving to Melbourne was primarily driven by his strong family-oriented values. He explained, "I'm a very family-oriented guy, so I couldn't leave my family, otherwise I would have gone. I'm glad I stayed and I'm happy here."

Despite considering the opportunity to join the Storm, May ultimately decided that the timing wasn't right to leave his friends and family behind. He expressed his respect for Storm coach Craig Bellamy and head of football Frank Ponissi, noting that they are "very good people" and that he enjoyed talking to them. However, his focus remains firmly on the Roosters and his commitment to his current team.

May's Impact on the Roosters

Since May's promotion from the NSW Cup, he has made a significant impact on the Roosters' performance. His contribution has been especially evident during the latter part of the season, with standout moments like scoring his first NRL career try against the Tigers. May has become a crucial part of the Roosters' lineup, offering versatility and energy off the bench.

May's Journey of Self-Improvement

May openly discussed his journey, highlighting the challenges he faced earlier in the season when he was dropped to reserve grade. He explained, "I had to go back down (to reserve grade) to gain confidence because a lot of that was gone at the time." Despite initial setbacks, May worked diligently to regain his confidence and improve his game.

Acknowledging the support and guidance he received from Roosters coach Trent Robinson, May noted that they had different opinions on some aspects of his game, but the feedback and mentorship ultimately helped him return to the first-grade team.

Teammates Praise May's Contributions

May's impact on the Roosters hasn't gone unnoticed by his teammates, with Victor Radley expressing high praise for the emerging star. Radley highlighted May's energy and courage, describing him as a "machine" who consistently makes a difference on the field.

May's Family and Off-Field Interests

Despite his success in rugby league, May and his brothers choose not to discuss football at home. They prefer to maintain a relaxed and stress-free environment by focusing on other aspects of life, such as family and shared interests like boxing and UFC.

May's brothers, Tyrone and Taylan, have also achieved success in rugby league with Penrith. Still, the May family believes that taking a break from football discussions helps them stay grounded and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

As May prepares for the biggest game of his career against the Melbourne Storm in the semi-final, he credits his family's support, the Roosters coaching staff, and his determination for his remarkable journey in the NRL.

Terrell May's decision to remain with the Roosters has had a significant impact on both teams, with his outstanding performance benefiting the Roosters' bench. May reflects on his journey, emphasizing his family-oriented values and the challenges he overcame to become a valuable asset for his team.