Rory McIlroy opens up on the future of golf

Is PGA Tour and LIV Golf merger closer than ever before?

Rory McIlroy has fueled speculation that a LIV and PGA merger could be closer than ever before

News Insights

  • 2024 promises to be a big year for world golf.
  • Spaniard Jon Rahm, the most recent big-name player to switch to LIV Golf Series.
  • Rory McIlroy has been a vocal opponent of the LIV Golf series previously.
  • McIlroy is now adjusting his stance, suggesting PGA and LIV merger could be on the cards.

Golf is one of the most punted upon sports with both domestic and international betting sites, with superstar players from all over the globe battling it out, week in, week out. 
Relations between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour improved throughout 2023 and it looks as if 2024 could be a seismic year for golf.  

With huge fields and plenty of big competitions taking place worldwide every week, golf has long been a popular sport to be on with many betting apps
The future of golf though has long been a cause of speculation, with the LIV Golf series from Saudi Arabia forcing its way into global contention. 
Big-money investment from the Gulf saw players such as Brooks Koepka and Cameron Smith move over to the LIV Golf project, decisions that were met with derision by many within the game of golf. 
However, over the past couple of years, it would appear the stance of many within the game has changed and Spanish Masters champion Jon Rahm is the latest big-name to defect from the PGA Tour and join the LIV Golf Series. 
Speculation is now mounting as to how both parties progress from this point and if 2024 could be the year of significant change in golf.  
Rory Regresses 

When the LIV Golf Series was first announced back in 2022, it was met with derision by plenty of sporting experts, punters and betting apps. 
Northern Irish multiple major winner, Rory McIlroy was vocal in his opposition of the LIV Golf project and his stance had plenty of support from his peers on the PGA Tour. 
However, with the PGA Tour having relaxed its stance on LIV Golf over the past few months, McIlroy has now said he would be open to the idea of a merger between the two projects. 
Ryder Cup return? 

The position of LIV Golf has always been seen as unique one within the world of golf but with so many of the best players on the planet battling it out, it has been a hit with punters and online betting sites
Whilst American LIV Golf Series players were allowed to play at the 2023 Ryder Cup in Rome, their European counterparts were not, with proposed captain Henrik Stenson ousted out of the job for joining LIV. 
Moving into 2024 and beyond, a future where Ryder Cup players can be selected from both the PGA Tour and LIV Golf series does seem very possible. 
What does the future hold? 

The million dollar question currently surrounding the game of golf is what does the future hold for the sport. 
Governance within the PGA Tour has been called into question of late, with the subsidiary European Tour also engrossed in a proposed merger. 
Having been vehement in their opposition of the LIV Golf Series originally, it now seems as if the PGA Tour and the LIV Golf Series could work in conjunction across a range of events. 
And with big names such as Rory McIlroy on board for the switch, the future of golf looks to be heading down an exciting and potentially groundbreaking path. 

When it comes to opportunity at online betting sites, very few sports compare to golf. Playing the course, rather than the opponent, makes every event open and with tournaments in America, Asia, and Europe weekly, punters are spoilt for choice. 

The lucrative LIV Golf Series is forcing its way into the eyes and ears of golf fans and with a merger with the PGA Tour potentially on the cards, the game of golf as we know it could change significantly in 2024 and beyond.