Leclerc Teases Ferrari's 2024 F1 Revolution

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Leclerc Teases Ferrari's 2024 F1 Revolution

Charles Leclerc hints at major changes in Ferrari's 2024 F1 car project, optimistic after 2023 improvements.

News Insights

  • Leclerc anticipates "very different" Ferrari car for 2024 season.
  • Ferrari secures first 2023 win; Leclerc and Sainz show improvement.
  • Team principal Vasseur confident in Ferrari's 2024 development.
  • Ferrari focuses on steady progress for a stronger Formula 1 future.

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc shares his optimism about the team's 2024 Formula 1 car project after a season marked by inconsistency in 2023. With recent improvements and a deeper understanding of their SF23 car, Leclerc believes Ferrari is on the right track for a brighter future.

Charles Leclerc, the young Ferrari driver, is optimistic about the Italian team's future in Formula 1. Ferrari has experienced a rollercoaster season in 2023, struggling with inconsistency and performance issues in their SF23 car. However, their recent resurgence, culminating in Carlos Sainz's victory at the Singapore Grand Prix, has raised hopes within the team.

Leclerc believes that the lessons learned from the 2023 season will be crucial in shaping the team's 2024 F1 car. He emphasizes that their 2024 project is significantly different from the current SF23, and the insights gained this season will help them make the right choices for next year. Leclerc acknowledges that while the improvements might not completely turn around their 2023 season, they represent a step in the right direction for the future.

The Monegasque driver highlights the importance of continuous learning and development in Formula 1, stating that understanding the car and making incremental improvements is key to success. Leclerc's positive outlook aligns with Ferrari's commitment to regaining their competitive edge in the sport.

Ferrari's Ups and Downs in 2023

The 2023 Formula 1 season has been a challenging one for Ferrari. The SF23 car struggled with inconsistency, leaving Leclerc and Sainz grappling with its performance issues. However, the team's recent resurgence, marked by Sainz's victory in Singapore and strong performances in Italy, has shown that Ferrari has the potential to be competitive.

Leclerc points out that the team's learning curve has been steep during the season. Races like Monza and Zandvoort provided valuable insights into the car's weaknesses. These insights are expected to play a crucial role in Ferrari's preparations for the 2024 season.

Ferrari's 2024 F1 Car Project

While the 2023 season might not see Ferrari challenging for the championship, the team is already looking ahead to 2024. Leclerc reveals that the 2024 car project is vastly different from the current SF23. The team's recent experiences and understanding of the SF23's strengths and weaknesses have given them confidence in the direction they're heading for next year.

Ferrari's decision to embark on a different philosophy for 2024 reflects their commitment to avoid repeating the mistakes made by other teams, notably Mercedes. Leclerc's optimism is shared by team principal Fred Vasseur, who believes that the lessons learned from the SF23 will benefit the team in the future.

Learning from Mercedes' Experience

Mercedes' decision to stick with their "zero-sidepod" concept for 2023, despite a lackluster start to the season, serves as a cautionary tale. The team eventually abandoned their approach and introduced significant changes mid-season. Vasseur stresses the importance of staying calm and not drawing premature conclusions in the highly competitive world of Formula 1.

While Ferrari's recent improvements are encouraging, Vasseur remains realistic about their chances in the short term. Challenging Red Bull for victories and the world championship will require consistent development and incremental progress.


Charles Leclerc's optimism about Ferrari's 2024 F1 car project reflects the team's determination to regain their competitive edge. Despite the challenges faced in the 2023 season, Ferrari's recent performances and the lessons learned are expected to contribute to their future success. The team's commitment to continuous improvement and development aligns with their goal of returning to the forefront of Formula 1.