Jose Mourinho sacked by AS Roma

The ‘Special One’ is looking for a new job following AS Roma sacking.

Jose Mourinho has been shown the door by AS Roma and replaced by club legend Daniele de Rossi

News Insights

  • Jose Mourinho has been sacked by Italian giants AS Roma.
  • Roma are currently sat 9th in the Serie A table.
  • 60-year-old Mourinho recently endured unsuccessful stints with Tottenham and Manchester United.
  • Former captain Daniele de Rossi has been installed as the new Roma manager.

The self-proclaimed ‘special one’, Jose Mourinho has always generated attention with punters and international betting sites alike. 

However, his triumphs with Chelsea, Real Madrid and Inter Milan seem a distant memory, as the Portuguese legend has struggled for success in European football over the past few years, with AS Roma his latest failed tenure.  

The trials and tribulations of the best managers in European football are on display for all to see and Jose Mourinho has endured a 25-year career at the very top of the game. 
Lifting the Champions League with FC Porto in 2003 was the landmark moment for Mourinho, who then went on to achieve incredible successes with Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid. 
Yet for all his success, Mourinho has become a decisive figure with many punters and betting apps and his latest assignment at AS Roma has transpired to be relatively unsuccessful. 
Jose Mourinho does remain big business and there will be plenty of sides in the world looking to employ him as their manager but his career at the sharp end of European football does look less certain.  
Football revolutionary 

FC Porto’s Champions League triumph back in 2003 was seismic and the role of Jose Mourinho in it was astronomical.  
A relatively unknown quantity at the time, Mourinho was able to impart his infectious enthusiasm and passion on a Porto side that upset the odds massively, to lift the European Cup for the first time. 
Bigger and better posts awaited, with Premier League triumphs coming at Chelsea, before the Champions League was won again with Inter Milan, before the La Liga and Copa del Rey were bagged with Real Madrid. 
Has Mourinho moved with the times? 

Over the past few seasons in European football, the likes of Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti have dominated the landscape. 
Swashbuckling attacking football has been the order of the day and whilst Mourinho has always been pragmatic in his approach, flamboyance has never been something at the top of his list of wishes. 
Consequently, Mourinho has struggled to see consistent success with the likes of Manchester United, Tottenham and now Roma – leaving him without a job for the time being and increasing speculation about his future. 
What next for Mourinho and AS Roma? 

Despite having led Roma to Europa Conference League glory in 2021, Mourinho’s domestic performances have ultimately seen him shown the door. 
Daniele de Rossi is a club legend at the Stadio Olimpico and he will be looking to push Roma back up the table and into the Serie A mix with soccer betting sites
For Mourinho meanwhile, the future looks less certain, as he seeks a club that will be able to accommodate a manager of his stature and fulfil his aspirations. 

Jose Mourinho has been operating within the cut and thrust of European football for nearly 25 years. However, the ‘special one’ has been shown the door at AS Roma, leaving many question marks surrounding his future. 
Regardless of his next move, one thing is for sure, that there will be plenty of interest with punters and betting apps as to whichever managerial post he opts to take next.