Hansen Joins Wallabies: Rugby Shock

gabriel barkhan
Gabriel Barkhan
Hansen Joins Wallabies: Rugby Shock

Former All Blacks Coach Steve Hansen's Unprecedented Move to Assist Wallabies Ahead of Rugby World Cup

News Insights

  • All Blacks' Hansen assists Wallabies, stuns rugby world.
  • Coles "gobsmacked" by Hansen's advisory role.
  • Unlikely alliance forms between Hansen and Wallabies.
  • New Zealanders surprised by Hansen's move to help rivals.

Former All Blacks coach Steve Hansen's surprising move to join the Wallabies' coaching team ahead of the Rugby World Cup has left rugby fans and players in disbelief.

In an unexpected turn of events, former All Blacks boss Steve Hansen has joined the Wallabies' coaching setup, leaving the rugby community stunned. As the Wallabies gear up for a warm-up match against France, Hansen is providing insights and advice in an advisory role.

Dane Coles, an All-Blacks star, expresses his astonishment at Hansen's involvement and hopes that his old coach doesn't share any secrets with Australian coach Eddie Jones.

Hansen, renowned for leading the All Blacks to victory in the 2015 World Cup final against Australia, is assisting the Wallabies before they begin their World Cup campaign against Georgia on September 9.

Wallabies officials have confirmed that Hansen is part of the camp leading up to the weekend's match against France. Despite his long-standing friendship with Jones, Hansen is not receiving payment from Rugby Australia for his advisory role.

The move is unprecedented and has raised eyebrows across New Zealand and the rugby world. Coles, taken aback by the news, shares his surprise and hopes that Hansen will maintain respect for his former team's secrets.

Hansen, despite his iconic status in the All-Blacks setup, has been actively participating in Wallabies training, offering feedback to Jones and interacting with players and staff.

Hansen's presence has sparked discussions about his motives and the potential impact on the All Blacks-Wallabies rivalry. While sources indicate that he's not officially attired in Wallabies gear, Hansen is expected to attend the match against France at Stade de France.

In a radio interview, Hansen clarifies that his involvement is at the request of his good mate Eddie Jones, indicating that it's a short-term favor and not a long-term commitment.

Four years ago, Hansen and Jones faced off in the World Cup semi-final between New Zealand and England, which saw England defeating the All Blacks and progressing to the final.

Jones and Hansen's coaching relationship goes back to 1997 when they coached Super Rugby teams Brumbies and Crusaders respectively. Their camaraderie continued as they coached against each other in a Barbarians and World XV fixture earlier this year.

Hansen's decision to assist the Wallabies, a traditional rival, has taken New Zealand rugby fans by surprise. His close friendship with current All Blacks coach Ian Foster has added another layer of intrigue to the situation.

Hansen praises Jones as a dedicated rugby man with a unique approach and deep care for the game. His respect for Jones and the rugby community prompts his willingness to provide feedback.

As the Wallabies prepare for their World Cup journey, Hansen's unexpected partnership with the Australian team is a significant development that adds a new dynamic to the upcoming tournament.

All Blacks legend Hansen's advisory role with the Wallabies for their upcoming matches, including a warm-up game against France, has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about his motivations and potential impact on the rivalry between the two teams.