Fans await European Super League news

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Sam Hayes
Will the landscape of European football change forever with the European Super League?

With continued investment worldwide, the potential European Super League is the hot topic amongst the footballing fraternity

News Insights

  • Conglomerate A22 are looking to shape up European football.
  • Initial European Super League proposal was rebuffed in 2021.
  • A European court ruling has adjudged FIFA and UEFA acted unlawfully at the initial launch.
  • Real Madrid and Barcelona two clubs leading European Super League revolution.

The way in which European football is developing is huge business with international betting sites, as the playing schedule across the continent providing plenty of punting opportunities. 

With UEFA and FIFA now under the pump, the European Super League could be one step closer to fruition in the future. 

Evolution is of course a huge part of any sport and European soccer is one of the biggest sporting businesses on the planet. 
With huge teams in England, Spain, Italy, and Germany all attracting huge investment, the best on-field players and staggering worldwide viewing figures, the stature of European football is unquestioned. 
However, the way in which the footballing structure in Europe is being challenged, with the European Super League a prospective new challenger the status quo.  
FIFA and UEFA on the ropes 

With UEFA responsible for European operations and FIFA for the worldwide scene, they have had a hold on how football is run for the past half a century. 
Two organisations who have copped their fair share of controversies over the years, neither conglomerate has been too receptive to change and outsiders during their tenures in charge. 
The European Super League was a challenge that was quickly pocketed by both UEFA and FIFA back in 2021, a move that saw punters with online betting sites get stuck into Champions League and Europa League betting as normal. 
However, with the European Court of Justice now ruling that the European Super League’s proposals can go ahead as planned, change could be afoot. 
Don’t rock the boat 

Plans to join the burgeoning European Super League back in 2021 were met with derision by most clubs across Europe. 
German giants Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund rejected the proposals straight away, whilst Italian behemoths Inter and AC Milan didn’t wish to be associated with the Super League idea either. 
Perhaps the strongest opposition however came from England, with fans of Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham all vocalising their strong hatred for the proposals. 
European Super League back on the cards? 

However, the recent judgement from the European Court of Law has given renewed momentum to the idea that the European Super League could actually happen. 
Both Real Madrid and Barcelona are supposedly backing the project, two teams that always have plenty of admirers from punters with online betting sites
Other clubs have also spoken of the need for change, with Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool expressing his belief that developing the game is key. 
Where the A22 conglomerate will stop to secure the European Super League remains to be seen but if it does become a reality, European football may never be the same again.

When it comes to creating traction with online betting sites, no sport can really compare to football, with the European markets by far the biggest money spinners. 
The European Super League is the latest challenger to FIFA and UEFA’s hold on the game and with their project now being greenlighted by the European Court of Law, soccer fans are eagerly awaiting the changes that could come their way.