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Lachlan Malek
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Upcoming & New Betting Sites in Australia

The brand you searched for isn't available yet, choose one of these new bookies instead ➡️ 

G'day, fellow punters! Ready to discover the next big thing in Aussie bookmaking? Well, hold onto your hats, because there's a fresh wave of bookies on the horizon, and they're set to shake things up.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the bookmakers soon to hit the Australian scene:  ➡️ 


Launching soon in 2023

Soon to debut, GRSBet is poised to make waves in the betting realm. Rumoured to fuse traditional wagering with innovative interfaces, this platform promises a fresh and immersive experience. With hints of unmatched promotional offers and top-tier customer service, GRSBet isn't just another name; it's the future for those looking for a dynamic betting journey.


Launching soon in 2023

A name that resonates with the classics, BookieBet is gearing up to provide a seamless blend of traditional wagering and modern betting tech. And with the inclusion of a fast interface and vast market reach, they could absolutely be set to send some waves through the Aussie bookmaking scene!


Launching soon in 2023

Bored with the same old markets? BetMax vows to redefine betting in Australia. They're teasing some innovative bet types like Odds vs Evens, Same Race multi, and the Roughies combo in every race. This might just be the game-changer we've been waiting for!


Launching soon in 2023

Party and punt, anyone? FiestaBet is prepping to light up the betting scene. Expect diverse sports and racing markets to keep your betting fiesta blazing.


Launching soon in 2023

As one of newest gems that is set to be launched down under, SterlingParker is already garnering attention for its extensive racing and sports markets. Word on the street is, punters are eager to see what's in store, and how this bookie might shape up once its officially launched!


Launching soon in 2023

UniKrn, with its esports and gaming-centric ethos, is making a much-anticipated return to Australian shores. This platform will hopefully offer a dedicated space for all things competitive gaming!


Launching soon in 2023

With a name that evokes images of prosperous streaks, GoldenRush is anticipated to cater to those on the hunt for big wins. Their mission seems clear: provide punters with golden opportunities and unmatched betting odds. Get ready to strike gold with this newcomer!


Launching soon in 2023

As the name suggests, PremiumBet is all about delivering a premium betting experience! Whispers in the industry suggest an extensive portfolio of racing and sports markets, combined with premium-grade customer service. A luxurious betting journey awaits.


Launching soon in 2023

BetEstate looks to be setting the stage to welcome punters to its expansive betting "estate". The anticipation is rife with possibilities of vast betting landscapes, allowing punters to stake their claim in diverse markets and potentially lucrative odds!


Launching soon in 2023

Embracing the adventurous essence of the wild west, PlayWest might be setting its sights on offering a more unique betting experience! If they delve into unexplored betting territories, this platform could become a go-to for punters craving a fresh and exhilarating punting adventure.


Launching soon in 2023

Revving up to break into the scene, Bet66 seems to be taking a route that combines vintage charm with futuristic innovations. A betting platform that's speculated to offer both nostalgia and forward-thinking features, it's poised to cater to a wide spectrum of punters.


Launching soon in 2023

Set to launch in August 2023, ChaseBet is the brainchild of renowned Bookmaker Damian Harris and greyhound aficionado Allan Hilzinger. Apart from offering competitive markets across racing and sports, greyhound enthusiasts should keep an eye out for some exclusive markets and innovations!


Launching soon in 2023

Poised to captivate punters, LetsBet plans to offer punters a smooth interface and a dynamic range of betting options. Stay tuned for what could be a refreshing betting escape with this upcoming bookmaker!


Launching soon in 2023

PuntCity, an 80s-inspired betting hub, is set to take you back to the golden age where neon lights shine bright and the action never rests. Watch closely when it comes to this bookie!


Launching soon in 2023

JuicyBet is the next name on the list, and they are planning to offer enticing odds and a diverse range of betting options. Hopefully they will provide punters with a rich and authentic betting experience!


Launching soon in 2023

RazooBet, soon to launch, teases a unique betting experience with intriguing market challenges. Stay tuned!


Launching on 20th September, 2023

Mark your calendars for 20th September, as TradieBet aims to merge practicality with excitement in the betting world. Not long now!

While the exact release dates for most of these bookmakers remain shrouded in anticipation, they are expected to make their debut in the near future. The exception being ChaseBet, which has its sights set on a hopeful launch in August 2023.

And so, as Australia's betting arena prepares to embrace a wave of new bookmakers, both seasoned punters and newcomers stand at the precipice of fresh opportunities. Dive in, explore, and let the games commence. On your marks, get set, bet!

Now Live – MyBettingAustralia’s Favourite New Aussie Bookmakers:

And in addition to these upcoming bookies that are set to be launching 'soon', our Aussie betting landscape now features several emerging bookmakers that are live and awaiting your exploration, so, with that in mind, take a look below as I have complied a list of our favourite Aussie bookmakers that have launched in the last few years!

Launched in 2023, PuntNow impresses with excellent customer support and a solid platform experience.

PuntNow Review

MidasBet made its debut in 2022, offering enticing opening specials and a robust customer support system.

MidasBet Review

Introduced in 2021, GetSetBet stands out for its intuitive platform and race streaming services.

GetSetBet Review

WinnersBet, established in 2020, delivers a well-rounded racing experience and a reliable platform.

WinnersBet Review

In 2020, PickleBet emerged as a notable player, particularly excelling in eSports offerings and providing a decent platform experience.

PickleBet Review

Dabble, also launched in 2020, impresses with a solid app offering and an innovative social experience for punters.

Dabble Review

Now Live – Aussie Betting's Newest Entrants:

In addition to the aforementioned new bookmakers that I have mentioned, you might also be curious in a more general sense about the latest entrants to the Aussie betting scene. If that's the case, you're in luck! Below, you'll find a compilation of the most recent bookmakers that have joined the fray, all ready and live for Australian punters to explore. Dive in!

HavaBet [Live]

HavaBet is now live, offering an engaging and user-centric platform. And with a focus on simplicity, I believe it stands as a more than viable choice for those seeking an uncomplicated yet smooth betting experience!

SterlingParker [Live]

Now live in Australia, SterlingParker has made a mark with its decent racing and sports markets. Punters are already delving into what this bookie offers, and if you had to ask me, well I would say they look to have done well for a newcomer to the game!

GoldenRush [Live]

GoldenRush, now live, invites punters to have a betting experience with a clean and easy-to-use betting platform. And with a commitment to providing golden opportunities and an intuitive betting platform, I think this bookie is really taking shape as a solid entrant to the Aussie bookmaking scene!

BetEstate [Live]

BetEstate, now actively serving punters, offers a straightforward yet effective betting platform. Punters can enjoy an intuitive experience complemented by some decent racing streaming options, and with that, I think they are looking good for a newbie!

ChaseBet [Live]

Launched in August 2023 by esteemed Bookmaker Damian Harris and greyhound expert Allan Hilzinger, ChaseBet offers solid markets across both racing and sports. Greyhound enthusiasts can also enjoy exclusive markets and features on this platform, along with select racing streaming opportunities as well!

And so, as Australia's betting landscape welcomes freshly launched bookmakers and eagerly anticipates upcoming ones, both seasoned punters and new enthusiasts are poised for a plethora of opportunities. So, without further ado, dive into this evolving arena, explore the new and the next, and let the betting adventures unfold. Ready, set, bet!