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Upcoming & New Betting Sites in Australia

The brand you searched for isn't available yet, choose one of these new bookies instead ➡️ 

G'day, fellow punters! Ready to discover the next big thing in Aussie bookmaking? Well, hold onto your hats, because there's a fresh wave of bookies on the horizon, and they're set to shake things up.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the bookmakers soon to hit the Australian scene:  ➡️ 


Launching soon in 2024

A name that resonates with the classics, BookieBet is gearing up to provide a seamless blend of traditional betting and modern betting tech. And with the inclusion of a fast interface and vast market reach, I really do think that BookieBet could be set to send some waves through the Aussie bookmaking scene!


Launching soon in 2024

Bored with the same old markets? Well, BetMax vows to redefine betting in Australia! They're teasing some innovative bet types like Odds vs Evens, Same Race Multi betting, and even the Roughies combo for every race. This might just be the racing-focused game-changer we've been waiting for, so with that in mind, keep your eyes peeled for the launch of this BetMax bookmaker!


Launching soon in 2024

With a name like EdgeBet, it suggests a platform that might offer bettors that crucial edge they seek in their punting pursuits. Embracing a modern and perhaps analytical approach, this EdgeBet platform could cater to those looking to sharpen their betting strategies. So, for punters keen on gaining an advantage, be sure to keep an eye on EdgeBet as they might just be the next big thing in the Aussie betting landscape!


Launching soon in 2024

Embracing the adventurous essence of the wild west, PlayWest might be setting its sights on offering a more unique betting experience. If they delve into unexplored betting territories, this platform could become a go-to for punters craving a fresh and exhilarating punting adventure. So, as PlayWest gears up for its launch, there's growing excitement about the new horizons they might hopefully introduce to the betting community!


Launching soon in 2024

HotBet, operating under a licence issued to Deguara Cross Bookmaking Pty Ltd, is poised to offer a distinctive betting experience. While details about HotBet are still emerging, its potential to venture into new betting landscapes could make it a standout choice for punters seeking something beyond the conventional. As HotBet prepares to enter the scene, there's a sense of anticipation for the innovative approaches it might bring to the betting community!


Launching soon in 2024

TopBet, licensed by Liquor & Gaming NSW, is preparing to make its entry into the market. While specific details are still under wraps, there's interest in what TopBet will offer to the betting community. With its launch anticipated soon, many are looking forward to seeing how TopBet will complement the existing array of betting options in the Aussie betting industry... Stay tuned!

I will note here that while the exact release dates for most of these bookmakers remain shrouded in anticipation, they are expected to make their debut in the near future!

Now Live – MyBettingAustralia’s Favourite New Aussie Bookmakers:

And in addition to these upcoming bookies that are set to be launching 'soon', our Aussie betting landscape now features several emerging bookmakers that are live and awaiting your exploration, so, with that in mind, take a look below as I have complied a list of our favourite Aussie bookmakers that have launched in the last few years!

puntnowPuntNow [Live]

Launched in 2023, PuntNow impresses with excellent customer support and a solid platform experience.

Visit PuntNow

MidasBet [Live]

MidasBet made its debut in 2022, offering enticing opening specials and a robust customer support system.

Visit MidasBet

getsetbetGetSetBet [Live]

Introduced in 2021, GetSetBet stands out for its intuitive platform and race streaming services.

Visit GetSetBet

winnersbetWinnersBet [Live]     

WinnersBet, established in 2020, delivers a well-rounded racing experience and a reliable platform.

Visit WinnersBet

picklebetPickleBet [Live]

In 2020, PickleBet emerged as a notable player, particularly excelling in eSports offerings and providing a decent platform experience.

Visit PickleBet

dabbleDabble [Live]

Dabble, also launched in 2020, impresses with a solid app offering and an innovative social experience for punters.

Visit Dabble

chasebetChaseBet [Live]

Launched in August 2023 by esteemed Bookmaker Damian Harris and greyhound expert Allan Hilzinger, ChaseBet offers solid markets across both racing and sports. Greyhound enthusiasts can also enjoy exclusive markets and features on this platform, along with select racing streaming opportunities as well!

Visit ChaseBet

sterling-parker-35x35 (1).webpSterlingParker [Live]
Now live in Australia, SterlingParker has made a mark with its decent racing and sports markets. Punters are already delving into what this bookie offers, and if you had to ask me, well I would say they look to have done well for a newcomer to the game!

Visit SterlingParker

juicybetJuicyBet [Live]
JuicyBet is another Aussie bookie that is now live, and they look to have a really colourful and aesthetically pleasing betting platform! Hopefully JuicyBet will provide punters with a rich and authentic betting experience as their journey in the betting industry is well and truely underway!

Visit JuicyBet

puntcityPuntCity [Live]
PuntCity, your gateway to betting paradise, has officially opened its digital doors! Aussie punters can now navigate their desktop site, and betting app, with ease. This bookie has a sleek and easy to follow design, and I am eager to see how they fare!

Visit PuntCity

betprofessorBetProfessor [Live]
BetProfessor has just burst onto the scene, and Aussie punters are in for a treat! With a design that's as cool as a cucumber and features that are sure to get the adrenaline pumping, this new bookie is one to watch. Not only have they nailed the aesthetics, but they're also offering same-game-multis for those looking to up their betting game. Dive into BetProfessor and get a taste of what this fresh and exciting bookie has on offer!

Visit BetProfessor

goldenrushGoldenRush [Live]
GoldenRush, now live, invites punters to have a betting experience with a clean and easy-to-use betting platform. And with a commitment to providing golden opportunities and an intuitive betting platform, I think this bookie is really taking shape as a solid entrant to the Aussie bookmaking scene!

    Visit GoldenRush

    Now Live – Aussie Betting's Newest Entrants:

    In addition to the aforementioned new bookmakers that I have mentioned, you might also be curious in a more general sense about the latest entrants to the Aussie betting scene. If that's the case, you're in luck! Below, you'll find a compilation of the most recent bookmakers that have joined the fray, all ready and live for Australian punters to explore. Dive in!


    Live Since August 2023

    This bookmaker's betting "estate" is well and truly on the market as they have now launched both a desktop site and a mobile app! BetEstate will aim to present punters with all kinds of possibilities, hopefully ensuring that punters stake their claim in diverse markets and lucrative odds. Definitely check them out!


    Live since August 2023

    HavaBet is now live, offering an engaging and user-centric platform. And with a focus on simplicity, I believe it stands as a more than viable choice for those seeking an uncomplicated yet smooth betting experience!


    Live since August 2023

    LetsBet has now launched and is hoping to offer punters a smooth interface and a dynamic range of betting options. Stay tuned for what could be a refreshing betting escape with this newly released bookmaker!


    Live since August 2023

    PremiumBet has officially gone live, and Aussie punters can now dive into their sleek and simple desktop site. At first glance, they look to have a decent offering, and I am sure punters will be happy to know they have live streaming of select racing events on offer! Stay tuned to see how this bookie progresses!


    Live since August 2023

    Bet66 has officially marked its territory in the betting world, welcoming Aussie punters to its clean and straightforward desktop site. And based on my early research into this bookie, while they do have a simple design, I am delighted to see they have incorporated live streaming for select events to elevate your betting experience. So, what're you waiting for? Dive into Bet66 to check out everything they have on offer!


    Live since September 2023

    TradieBet has officially launched and Aussie punters can now explore their desktop site! This bookie has been looking to merge practicality with excitement in the betting world, so be sure to check in and see how they are faring!


    Live since October 2023

    RazooBet has just made its grand debut, and Aussie punters, you're in for a fresh wave! Boasting a design that's sleek and user-friendly, navigating through this new kid on the block feels like a simple process! And as well, beyond the aesthetics, they're also rolling out multi betting features, perfect for those aiming to elevate their betting experience. So, what're you waiting for? Dive into RazooBet and explore what this brand-new bookie is bringing to the table!


    Live since October 2023

    VikingBet has launched, infusing the spirit of Norse warriors into modern sports betting. Offering a unique blend of history and betting innovation, complete with a user-friendly interface and even some same-game-multi options, VikingBet might just be worth checking out!


    Live since November 2023

    FiestaBet is now live, providing a lively betting environment with its diverse range of sports and racing markets. Its easy-to-use interface, featuring same-game-multi betting, offers a solid option for online gambling enthusiasts. So, what're you waiting for? It might be high time for you to dive into the world of FiestaBet!


    Live since December 2023

    JustBet, developed by expert Melbourne bookmakers, has now enlivened the Aussie betting market. Highlighting features such as Best of 3 Totes and multis for sports betting, JustBet stands as a bookmaker worth watching. Now live and ready for action, be sure to check out JustBet to explore their offerings and dive into the excitement of their betting platform!


    Live since February 2024

    BetChamps now offers a platform where avid punters can enjoy a sound betting experience! With a name that resonates with victory and expertise, it is tailored for those who take their betting seriously and seek consistent performance. So, if you're looking for a straightforward, champion-focused approach to punting, well then, BetChamps might just be the platform for you to explore!


    Live since February 2024

    GRSBet, newly launched in Australia, is looking to focus on higher betting limits for metropolitan horse racing, fairly competitive odds, and diverse promotions. It aims to blend traditional betting with a modern interface for an immersive experience. This bookmaker is ready to provide a refreshing option for betting enthusiasts, and with that in mind, perhaps us punters should be ready to get onboard the GRSBet train!


    Live since February 2024

    MyBet offers a reliable betting experience, focusing on community engagement alongside some reasonably competitive betting odds. With plans to introduce a Social Platform, it caters to punters looking for a place to connect and share insights. Ideal for those who value both the social and strategic aspects of betting, MyBet is a solid choice. Just remember to gamble responsibly as you explore MyBet’s offerings!

    And so, as Australia's betting landscape welcomes freshly launched bookmakers and eagerly anticipates upcoming ones, both seasoned punters and new enthusiasts are poised for a plethora of opportunities. So, without further ado, dive into this evolving arena, explore the new and the next, and let the betting adventures unfold. Ready, set, bet!

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