SportsBet vs TAB Comparison

Analysing Australian Betting Sites Side-by-Side

How's it going, punters? Today, we're having a fair dinkum look at two of the big guns in the Aussie betting world – SportsBet vs TAB. We're not just scratching the surface; we're digging deep into what makes these sites tick – we'll cover it all! So, grab a cold one, and let's get into it!

Today, we're setting the scene for a classic matchup between SportsBet and TAB. But, before we dive into that, I want to quickly highlight a contender which I feel is making significant strides in the Aussie betting scene – ChaseBet. Known for its solid live streaming offering, smooth platform experience, and competitive racing odds, it's definitely worth a quick glance if you ask me! And with that – feel free to check out ChaseBet here if it piques your interest. But for now, let us turn our focus to the titans of the industry, SportsBet vs TAB, and see how they stack up.

Ready? Let's get started!

Fixed Odds & Great Customer Support

SportsBet vs TAB – Comparing Betting Offerings

Alright, diving into the SportsBet vs TAB face-off, we're not just talking footy or cricket; it's the whole shebang of betting markets and bet types that's on the line here. Looking at the table we've laid out below, it's a bit like comparing two great BBQs – both will feed your hunger, but in their own unique ways!

Checking out SportsBet racing, for instance, they've got a ripper selection that covers everything from your standard Win and Place bets to those more unique ones like Insure 2/3 and Hot Wings. They're not just about the horses either; their spread includes a whole range of sports and even some out-of-the-box novelty markets like politics and weather betting. It's a treat for punters who love a bit of spice in their betting life!

Swinging over to TAB, these legends are holding their ground with a strong selection in the racing department. Sure, they might not have every exotic bet type that SportsBet does, but they pack a punch with their own specials like Duet and Trio bets. And with that in mind, I would say that TAB racing is more than solid, especially if you're into the classic bet types.

But don't think TAB is just about the races. They've got a solid line-up in sports betting too. From the footy fields to the cricket pitches, they cover a heap of Australian and international sports. You're looking at everything from NRL to AFL, soccer, and a fair go at the eSports world. And with that, I reckon this makes TAB a top choice not just for racing enthusiasts but also for sports fans who love a bit of variety in their betting!

And so, when you boil it down, choosing between SportsBet and TAB comes down to your personal betting style, as both bring a lot to the table. Each offers a comprehensive range of betting markets, whether you're into racing or various sports. Ultimately, it's about which platform aligns best with your preferences for a top-tier betting experience, but on the whole, I reckon SportsBet and TAB are both solid choices here!

Racing Betting Markets:Yes/No:Yes/No:
Thoroughbred (Aus & Intl.)☑️☑️
Greyhound (Aus & Intl.)☑️☑️
Harness (Aus & Intl.)☑️☑️
Racing Bet Types:Yes/No:Yes/No:
Tote Win☑️
Tote Place☑️
Win TT+☑️
Place Midi Div☑️
Each Way☑️☑️
First 4☑️☑️
Running Double☑️☑️
Daily Double☑️☑️
Odds vs Evens☑️
Back the Field☑️
Mystery Bet☑️
Diamond in the Roughies☑️
Insure 2/3☑️
Betting Without☑️
Jockey Challenge☑️
Inside vs Outside☑️
Hot Wings☑️
Before Norms Futures☑️
All In Futures☑️
Bundle Bet☑️
Parlay Formula☑️
Early Quaddie☑️
Big 6☑️
Mystery Bet☑️
3UP Betting☑️
Sports Betting Markets:Yes/No:Yes/No:
Sports Bet Types:Yes/No:Yes/No:
Card markets️️️☑️☑️
Time markets☑️️☑️
Corner markets☑️☑️
Margin markets☑️☑️
Doubles markets☑️☑️
Handicap markets☑️☑️
Odd/Even markets☑️☑️
Player Prop markets☑️☑️
Over/Under markets☑️☑️
Draw No Bet markets☑️☑️
First to Score markets☑️☑️
Correct Score markets☑️☑️
Double Chance markets☑️☑️
Points/Goals/Score markets☑️☑️
Quarter/Half/Innings markets☑️☑️
Multi Betting:Yes/No:Yes/No:
Standard Multis☑️☑️
Betting Promotions:Yes/No:Yes/No:

SportsBet vs TAB – Comparing Mobile Apps

When it comes to the battle of mobile apps between SportsBet and TAB, it's a bit like comparing two great surf spots – both have their unique waves to ride. The SportsBet app is known for its slick design and user-friendliness. It's a breeze to navigate, making it easy as pie for punters to place a bet, check out the odds, or follow up on their wagers. Whether you're a seasoned punter or just having a crack, I really do believe that the SportsBet app makes the experience smooth and hassle-free!

And in switching gears to the TAB app, it's also a sturdy contender in the app space if you ask me! While it might not have the same flashy feel as the SportsBet app, it nevertheless holds its own with reliability and functionality. The TAB app provides punters with easy access to a vast array of betting markets, making it a solid choice for those who want a no-fuss, straightforward betting experience on their mobile devices.

So, when it comes down to it, if I had to pick a side in the SportsBet vs TAB app tussle, I'd probably lean a bit towards SportsBet. The reason? Its elite functionality and top-notch interface. The SportsBet app just nails it in terms of ease of use and slick design, making the betting process smooth as silk. But don't get me wrong, the TAB app is still a standout – reliable, straightforward, and packed with features!

And with that in mind, at the end of the day, I would say both apps are top-tier in the industry, no doubt about it. Whether it's the polished feel of the SportsBet app or the dependable nature of the TAB app, they're both up there with the best, ensuring punters get a quality and user-friendly betting experience on their mobiles!

SportsBet vs TAB – Comparing Banking Methods

When it comes to banking methods, both SportsBet and TAB offer a range of options, ensuring punters have flexible and convenient ways to manage their funds. SportsBet stands out with its inclusion of PayID and the unique Sportsbet Cash Card for withdrawals, which can be a game-changer for quick access to winnings. TAB, on the other hand, offers the convenience of using TAB Retail Outlets for instant deposits, and its TAB Account Card for withdrawals in said venues, which is handy for punters who frequent TAB venues.

Overall, I would say that both bookmakers cover the basics well with common methods like Credit/Debit cards and PayPal. The choice here largely depends on your personal banking preferences and whether you value certain conveniences like the use of retail outlets or specific cards offered by each bookmaker. All in all, though, I reckon both SportsBet and TAB provide solid and reliable banking options, ensuring their users can deposit and withdraw funds with ease and security!

Banking Type:SportsBet:TAB:
Instant Deposit Methods:Yes/No:Yes/No:
Debit/Credit Card☑️☑️
Bookmaker Card☑️☑️
Apple Pay☑️☑️
Retail Outlet/Cash-In☑️
Non-Instant Deposit Methods:Yes/No:Yes/No:
Bank Transfer☑️
Instant Withdrawal Methods:Yes/No:Yes/No:
Bookmaker Card☑️☑️
Non-Instant Withdrawal Methods:Yes/No:Yes/No:
Bank Transfer☑️☑️

SportsBet vs TAB – Comparing Withdrawal Times

When it comes to getting your winnings out, both SportsBet and TAB have got their game sorted, but with some slight differences in timing.

SportsBet offers a pretty swift withdrawal process. If your bank's on board with fast payments, you can expect to see your dough back in your account within a few hours after you've made the withdrawal. This quick turnaround applies all the time, whether it's the weekend, a public holiday, or even the middle of the night.

Over at TAB, they're also pretty quick off the mark. If you lodge your withdrawal request before 3pm AEST on a weekday, they'll get it sorted the same day. Normally, you'll find the funds ready to roll in your account by the next morning.

In the grand scheme of things, the difference in withdrawal times between SportsBet and TAB might not be huge. Especially considering both bookies offer a bookmaker card option, which generally speeds things up. From personal experience, bank transfers with both bookmakers tend to be processed within a few hours, so either way, you're not left hanging for long!

SportsBet vs TAB – Exploring Notable Features

When I look at the features of SportsBet vs TAB, it's clear they each have their own edge in the betting game.

I'm impressed with SportsBet for its 'Bet with mates' feature, which really amps up the social side of betting. The 'SportsBet Huddle' also stands out to me as a top spot for getting all your news, tips, and odds in one go. For punters like me who enjoy a mix of social interaction and staying in the know, SportsBet ticks a lot of boxes. Their live streaming and a variety of betting options just add to the appeal.

On the flip side, TAB brings something different to the table with its retail outlets. There's something to be said for the in-person betting experience they offer. While TAB might not have all the community-focused features of SportsBet, their detailed betting guides and articles are a big plus, especially for traditional punters.

In the end, choosing between SportsBet and TAB really boils down to what you're looking for in your betting journey. Whether it's the interactive and info-rich platform of SportsBet or the unique combination of online and in-person betting experiences from TAB, both are solid options in their own right!

Notable Feature:Yes/No:Yes/No:
Group Betting☑️(Bet with mates)
Stats & Form☑️☑️
News & Odds Hub☑️(SportsBet huddle)☑️(Betting guides & how-to articles)
Follow Bets/Tips☑️
Tipping Competitions☑️
Live Streaming☑️(Racing & select sports)☑️(Racing & select sports)
Live Betting☑️☑️
Multi Betting☑️☑️
Bet Calculator☑️(TAB Bet Calculator)
Cash Out Offers☑️☑️
Retail Outlets☑️

SportsBet vs TAB – Live Streaming?

Live Streaming:SportsBet:TAB:
SkySports Radio☑️
Radio TAB☑️
American Football☑️

In comparing live streaming options of SportsBet vs TAB, it's evident, as we can see in the above table, that TAB has an edge in both racing and sports streaming. TAB's comprehensive racing coverage includes Sky Racing 1, Sky Racing 2, Sky Thoroughbred Central, and Sky Sports Radio, offering an immersive experience for racing fans. And in terms of sports streaming, I have found that TAB also covers a wide range here, including basketball, baseball, American football, and hockey, catering to a diverse audience of sports enthusiasts.

As for SportsBet, while offering robust streaming options, particularly in basketball and hockey, I will note that the offering here doesn't quite match the extensive range provided by TAB. However, I still believe that SportsBet stands strong in the market with its quality streaming services, especially in racing with Sky Racing 1 and 2. This positions SportsBet as a viable option for those who focus on specific sports and value a quality streaming experience.

So, while I would say that TAB is the preferable choice for punters seeking extensive coverage across both racing and sports streaming, SportsBet nevertheless remains a competitive platform with a strong offering in live streaming!

SportsBet vs TAB – Live Betting?

SportsBet Live Betting:TAB Live Betting:
American FootballAmerican Football
Aussie RulesAussie Rules
Table TennisGolf
And more...And more...

Both SportsBet and TAB present extensive live betting options, encompassing a range of popular sports such as basketball, tennis, football, and more. The offerings from each platform are comprehensive and cater to a wide audience of sports enthusiasts.

Additionally, I will note here that live betting with both SportsBet and TAB adheres to Australian regulations, requiring punters to place their in-play bets over the phone. This process is well-managed by both bookmakers, ensuring a seamless and compliant betting experience.

And in the broader landscape of the Aussie betting industry, I believe that SportsBet and TAB stand out as two leading platforms for live betting. Their robust offerings, coupled with the ease of placing bets, position them at the forefront of live betting services. For punters looking for reliable and varied live betting options, both SportsBet and TAB are compelling choices, each providing a top-tier live betting experience.

SportsBet vs TAB – Comparing Customer Support

Customer Support:SportsBet:TAB:
Operating Hours6am-12am AEST8.30am - start of last race (AEDT)
Live ChatAvailable via website or appNot Available
Phone Live1800 990 907131 802
Email Support[email protected]Via 'Contact Us' section on website or app

In the SportsBet vs TAB customer support face-off, I believe that SportsBet takes a slight lead with their extended support hours and the convenience of live chat available via both the SportsBet app and website. This accessibility can be a game-changer for punters needing quick assistance, especially outside regular hours.

On the other hand, TAB, while lacking live chat, aligns its support services with racing schedules, a practical approach for TAB racing enthusiasts. The TAB app and website's 'Contact Us' feature, promising same-day responses, shows their commitment to responsive support.

And so, overall, I would say that both SportsBet and TAB offer solid customer support, each tailored to their platform's strengths. Whether it's the broader support options of SportsBet or TAB's focus on key racing times, punters can expect reliable assistance from both bookmakers!

SportsBet vs TAB – The Verdict

In the showdown of SportsBet vs TAB, I believe that both platforms demonstrate why they're at the top in the Australian betting market. SportsBet stands out with its SportsBet app, known for ease of use and a wide range of betting markets. This makes it an excellent choice for punters who value a dynamic, interactive betting experience.

On the other hand, TAB shines with its comprehensive live streaming services and the availability of retail outlets. These features cater well to those who appreciate a more varied betting journey, combining online convenience with physical betting options. 

Ultimately though, your choice between SportsBet and TAB depends on your personal betting preferences and style. What might be a hit for some could be a miss for others. Each platform has its unique strengths, and the best fit for you will align with your individual betting needs and interests. So, weigh your options, consider what matters most in your betting adventures, and choose the one that suits you best. Happy punting!


Is TAB better than SportsBet?

The question of whether TAB is better than SportsBet is subjective and depends on individual preferences. TAB excels with its comprehensive live streaming options and physical retail outlets, while SportsBet is known for its user-friendly app and a wide range of betting markets. Your choice should be based on which features align more closely with your betting style!

Are TAB and Sportsbet the same company?

No, TAB and SportsBet are not the same company. They are separate entities, each operating independently in the Australian betting market. SportsBet is owned by Flutter Entertainment, while TAB is operated by Tabcorp Holdings.

Is SportsBet legal in Australia?

Yes, SportsBet is legal in Australia. It is a licensed and regulated online betting site, operating under strict compliance with Australian betting laws and regulations.

Which online betting site is the best - Sportsbet or TAB?

Determining the best online betting site between SportsBet and TAB depends on what you value most in a betting platform. SportsBet offers a comprehensive app experience and diverse betting options, while TAB provides extensive live streaming and retail betting options. Both are top choices in their own right.

Which online betting site has the best odds - Sportsbet or TAB?

The best odds can vary between SportsBet and TAB depending on the specific event and market. Both platforms strive to offer competitive odds, so it's advisable to compare them for the specific event you're interested in betting on.

Which online betting site has the best app - Sportsbet or TAB?

The SportsBet app is often praised for its user-friendliness and design, making it a strong contender for the best app between the two. However, the TAB app also offers robust features and functionality. Preference for the best app will depend on individual user experience and requirements.

Which online betting site has more payment methods – Sportsbet or TAB?

In terms of the number of payment methods, SportsBet and TAB offer a variety of options, but they differ in specifics. SportsBet includes unique options like PayID and a SportsBet Cash Card, while TAB offers convenience through TAB Retail Outlets. The choice of which has more suitable payment methods will depend on individual banking preferences.